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  1. Most or alot of golf shops have free fitting with the purchase of clubs...just have to talk to different shops to see what they offer.
  2. Are you playing your ball to far forward?
  3. Sounds like you made some good about some good books to go with it. I've really enjoyed some good reads like "A Course Called Ireland" by Tom Coyne. Mark Frost has some good ones like "The Greatest Game Ever Played" , "The Match", "The Grand Slam, Bobby Jones Story"... Theres also alot of good Biographies out there. Just a thought...
  4. Good Luck to ya!!!
  5. Interlocked too is more comfortable for me...
  6. One thing I suggest is reading about the game...Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, books, etc...that will help you understand the game and also what kind of equipment is out there. I also suggest visiting with a local golf honest about what you are trying to accomplish and your ability...I found a great shop in my area that is fantastic...they are up front and personal with their's never to late to play this great game...good luck in your golf game!!!
  7. I can say I'm blessed with a golfer wife...we are both members of a local club and really enjoy the times we get to play together. She's still learning the game, which is really fun to see her rapidly improving and enjoying herself. I still enjoy the times I get to golf with my buddies, but I can't be more grateful to have a great golfing partner as my wife. I am happy for ya!!!
  8. Totally agree...
  9. Always feels good to get new equipment...
  10. As they say, "Drive for show, putt for dough!" There is truth to that...I too believe the short game will most always win...
  11. I've had my Callaway's for a couple years the others suggest, keep them clean and change out the spikes when needed, then they should last you awhile.
  12. I have an OGIO and love it...I have never had an Izzo or Titliest though, but have had other stand bags and by far the OGIO has been the best...I really like the zipperless ball pocket and 3 ball silo on the has lots of pockets and room to go with it...I also like the club organizer design. So, if you do go with the OGIO, you probably won't go wrong.
  13. Always wanted to put a par 3 in my back yard...nice man.
  14. I just have to vent here...I just got back from playing at the golf club that I belong is also a public coarse. I can't believe that someone, who must have been playing in front of my golfing party, was taking the flagsticks on 4 of the greens and pushing the ends into the greens leaving 3 to 5 deep holes in each of the 4 greens. How inconsiderate could some S.O.B. be to do this. Anyone else have any similar experience on their home coarse?
  15. I've played a number of years with a Taylor Made R580 XD and loved it...I still have it. Recently, i decided to get a new driver and also tried the new TM my suprise I didn't like it as well as I thought I would. I ended up trying and purchasing the '09 Cleveland Launcher...It is a little more than you've said you wanted to spend, but it's worth trying out on a launch monitor...I actually prefered the Launcher and Callaway's Diablo and FT aboved the Burner, considering I am a Taylor Made fan...If I was you, I'd get on a launch monitor and try out plenty of drivers...have fun.