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  1. Mizuno Help

    I bought a new set of MP64s a couple of years ago when money was burning a hole, but never understood why I didn't just stay with the MP14s that i had been playing, so went back to them this season and suspect I will stay with them for foreseeable future. My only problem is the loss of the set's pitching wedge...somewhere on the course. Mizuno irons are a joy to play with, but if your only interest is score or you haven't time to practice and play, then you might do better with what's euphemistically known as "forgiving" irons.
  2. Typical Canadian Forum

    I'm getting old and don't mind stopping come December. Still, it was seven degrees here yesterday, sunny and with light winds, and as i walked the back nine, i saw a threesome heading up the third hole. There were patches of snow on the fairways, but lots of grass and i felt i should have carried an iron and a couple of balls. Oh, well, there's snow in tonight's forecast...and i can wait a little while yet for the season to open.
  3. Typical Canadian Forum

    winter has been so open here in Digby that a few diehards have golfed almost every day. The odd snowfall doesn't stop them; that's why coloured balls were invented. (Note the Canadian spelling, eh?) Courses began opening in early March last year, and while i hope that happens again in a little over a month, can't count on Nature being so nurturing for golf ambitions. Moosehead is available here, of course, but I prefer Keith's.
  4. Do you play it down?

    I play frequently with a fellow, now in his 80s, who always moves his ball on the fairway. He was playing on a lush Florida course a couple of years ago, one he agreed had perfect fairways. Asked then why he was still moving his ball on the fairway, he replied: "Well, if it's perfect, i can't be improving my lie, can I?" Some people will always play by their own rules, and there's room for all in casual play. Still, playing with him makes me determined to play 'em all down