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  1. and 3balls and rockbottom warranty the clubs through themselves since taylormade wont? the clubs I saw on ebay said there were some cosmetic issues so taylormade wouldnt warranty them. Also ran into a couple websites that were talking about forged taylormade r9's? I assumed these were not ligit at all and moved on.
  2. Saw some good deals on some r9 irons through this website on ebay. anyone have experience with this company? Are their clubs the real deal or knockoffs? What site out there has the best deals on genuine equipment?
  3. To the average golfer, what does offest on irons or drivers actually accomplish in their swing mechanics and ball striking ability?
  4. Great to know since I have a black dot 2 iron that I could send back and get to match the rest of the set appropriately! Given that once I do this, I will have the full set 2-SW I think I could probably get a good bit more than the regular 3-PW set. BEtter luck selling them individually or as a full set?
  5. What does the orange dot mean compared to the black dots? or any othe color? my father has an old set that he no longer uses and I am trying to get a price on what they could potentially sell for and learn a little more about them. any additional info is much appreciated!
  6. Does shotzoom do skydriod or whatever its called or do one on the andriod platform?
  7. Guess im the only one that will sing praises for the futura but I have one, have had one for years, and absolutely love it. Mine is the one with the three small holes going back and the semi-circular detached weight. It came out right before the phantoms did I believe. It is by far my favorite putter and I have no problem looking at it at address. Do I like the look of a traditional putter better? Yes, the studio series I think is one of the best ive ever seen! Does the added stuff on the back help my putts? Yes!! Am I more consistent with the futura? Double yes, so there it is, Ill take the club that might not look QUITE as good, but helps me to shoot better!
  8. I definitely plan on getting fitted! One of my issues, that i guess ill never know for myself is whether the extra length that comes stock on the tour burners is one of the reasons why I dont like it quite as much. It doesnt make much sense to buy the set you dont hit as well then get them fitted only to find out you still dont hit them as well. Guess the r9's are it! Now just have to sell my other set :)
  9. Can you describe briefly for me what flipping is? This sounds like it could be some of the situation as taping shows im connecting with the ball in the right spot.
  10. My father has an old set of copper eye 2's orange dot. He refuses to sell them however, He picked up my last set of irons when I was through with them so how I hopefully might have a better chance. I would keep them just cant hit them well. Beautiful clubs though
  11. This makes a lot of sense to me as the mental block mentioned could be that I am not consistently holding the club faces at the same angle. My decel issue is certainly one I dont WANT to happen it just seems to creep in as confidence leaves. Im consistently working on that in hopes of it improving my all around short game. Thanks for the advice!!! I am considering some new wedges (not thinking this will solve the problem of course) but to spread out the difference a little bit. I feel like since the biggest gap even if I am hitting it well would be between the PW and 52, that perhaps a 50 degree would be good, then moving to a 56 then keep the 60 or possibly looking into a 62. This might help to show a more pronounced difference once Im able to work the kinks out. Any other pointers are much appreciated!!
  12. Haha, I know they are not supposed to but for some reason, anytime I hit my wedges between 50 and 60 degrees, there is absolutely NO difference. I hit my pitching wedge usually from 100-110 out depending on the day, then I have nothing from 100 down to say 60 yards where my 52,56, and 60 all come into play. Why does this happen? Any pointers? ive started just half swinging my PW and then that de-celleration starts to creep into the rest of my shots and ruins me for the day.
  13. My course is right near a small lake. People are required to have a special badge to walk their dog at this lake and must live in the community around it, so, when people are turned down, they as of late have decided to walk across the street and take there dogs for walks on the private club course. Not only are they not allowed to be there, they are letting their dogs handle business IN PLAY. Club emplyees have tried to crack down a bit but to no avail so far, people just keep coming. Its terrible. To answer the question for the thread tho, where I tend to hit my ball off the tee on some days allows me to find at least a dozen balls hidden under small leaves and covered by mulch. Its funny that some of the best balls in golf are the ones you find that arent even hidden. Player just didnt feel like going to get it!! I thank those people graciously.
  14. thats good to hear. Ive heard some horror stories around about TM's customer service on some other issues so Im glad they handled you in a speedy fashion. I know when my shaft broke and I sent it back to titleist it certainly took longer than two weeks. However, they gave me the newest version of the v2 and didnt charge so that was nice!
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