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  1. Best equipment purchase... EVER!?

    titleist 904f,smooth, nuff said.
  2. If you are thinking about cutting the shafts down, beware, because it will make the shafts stiffer.
  3. Golf Shoe Survey

    Nike SP-6 Solid I geuss, not a whole lot to say about them.
  4. I hope the put this somewhere that everyone can read this scholars brilliant thoughts and that way no *******s will buy these stupid braclets! youve gotta be kidding me dude calm down
  5. It says on the website to wear it on the sore side. Also I don't know if these work, but they look awesome! Just so you guys know you can get Trion:Z bracelets for free at the GolfWrx Trion:Z Contest if you post a picture of a player in the current weeks field of any tour wearing one.
  6. My brother gave me a trion:z necklace for xmas. I have worn it for the last few weeks. To be honest I don't know if its working to well, but it looks BA. I won a braclet and it should be coming any day, ill check in soon.
  7. Titleist ZB Irons

    Haha, I'd give them to ya if I could, but a couple of problems. One, I'm lefty so I donno how thatd work out and also, I don't own them...yet. Not sure when they come out. BTW, Rambler, are you the same guy who won the trion z over at WRX? Im Hailtothethief.
  8. Got this from over at golfwrx. I think they look awesome!
  9. Sharpie line on the seam?

    im pretty sure this has been mentioned but i think the best way to get a sharpie line is to just use a Gatorade ring. I own a line m up too though and it works good, but for like 5 bucks more.
  10. Barry who?

    ^wow amen thank you.
  11. New Driver

    Yeah it's a 10.5 my dad ordered it online and i thought it was 9.5 but it was 10.5, back when he ordered it(last year) i swung 95 and i hit a fade. I have changed, what dirvers do you reccomend.
  12. What kind of car do you drive?

    its actually pretty nice. 2007 model. http://img2.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/908d6f7ba0.jpg
  13. Barry who?

    I don't usually defend Barry but this thread is ridiculous. What cold hard facts do you have to prove that he took steroids. If you say that he did them back when they didn't test for them, well you know what even is he did back then, it wasn't against the rules. and i don't think you guys realize how good of a hitter he really is. just because you have big muscle doesn't make you be able to hit a 98 MPH fastball, or hit a wicked curveball. If any of you took steroids I still doubt you could hit one homer in the majors. Sure he's a jackass but it's not the people hall of fame, it's the baseball hall of fame. I am not a barry fan trust me, but people who say things like "what a cheater" and "i hate that guy" are just ignorant. have you ever heard of anything called the constitution, "innocent until proven guilty", whatever happened to that.
  14. Whats up gentlemen, Here's the deal, my driver now is a 10.5 with a regular shaft. I find that I am hitting the ball way too high, and hitting a big draw. My friends say that they see way too much shaft bend, and they are probably right considering i swing 110 with a driver. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas on a new driver, I'm thinking TP or Tour edition of something because I prefer an open face at adress. Hoping not to spend too much dough either, im broke as hell, but drop a reply, love to hear your ideas.
  15. I didn't personally, but a family member did and i was there. It is sweeeet. Definitely do it they do a tremendous job.