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  1. haha, yea your probably right I dont get as sweaty as a game of basketball but I sweat alot golfing, sometimes I get headaches after a round from the heat. Pro's do have a caddie and dont have to carry their clubs so thats an advantage.
  2. Well the big difference here is we are talking about a sport, not a office job or whatever. Pro tennis players play tennis as their daily job but wear shorts, basketball same. I play many sports and on the golf course I get just as hot and sweaty as playing other sports.
  3. They allow the pro women to wear shorts because it will draw more viewers, I doubt that is the reason haha. I think that would be the opposite of professionalism and go into sexist or whatever
  4. yea Im pretty sure the PGA tour for men is the only tournaments where no shorts is a rule, and I think European tour. AM's are allowed to wear shorts
  5. well yes I like to look at womens legs over men but thats not a logical reason.
  6. So do you think male pro golfers should be banned from wearing shorts during competition? I can't think of one logical reason for shorts to be banned for men in competition. We know pro girls can wear them. What are your thoughts?
  7. if you wear shorts that are the same moisture wicking material, like nike, UA etc they will keep you more cool outside than pants of the same material. If this wasnt the case then golfers would be wearing long sleeve shirts instead of short sleeve to keep cooler. Only thing pants do is protect your legs from getting sun burnt btw - Why can't pro's wear shorts during competition? Basketball you wear shorts, tennis, baseball you dont because you have to slide on ground and would ruff up your legs. There isnt really any physical reason for pro's to have to wear pants
  8. pants are too hot for me when its hot outside, even the expensive breathable ones. Its like wearing a long sleeve shirt and saying its cooler than a short sleeved shirt
  9. I agree we need to keep up the pace of play but if we played at the pace the pros do, we would never make good time. I get they are playing for money and we arent though. The pro's are some of the slowest players Ive seen because they take their time on each shot selecting clubs, checking wind, yardages, checking greens etc
  10. it also can be easier to control than the flat face of a 9 or 8 degree driver, they dont really need the extra 10 yards when they hit it so far already, accuracy can be better. Some of my best drivers have been 10.5 degrees
  11. One time I hit my drive right down the middle of this tight fairway, my playing partner duffs his shot like 3 times to catch up to mine. Im standing over my ball about to hit when he says "hurry up, we have these guys catching up". That PO'd me, he probably took 3 times as much time as me and tells me to hurry, lol, needless to say I missed the green
  12. Ive been hit from behind by someone going about 40 mph while I was at a dead stop, had my license for only 3 weeks when this happened, not cool. We were fine too but the next day you guys will have a little whiplash that will last a bit.
  13. jeez guys, lay off the guy. Theses are Loudmouth pants, all their designs are bold like this. I actually would want a pair of Loudmouth pants for occasions, John Daly wears these kind of pants to every tournament. You ever see the Orange outfit Rickie wears, In golf its fun to wear stuff like this- but alot more fun if you are good,lol
  14. I think its good that negative rep isnt on the forum here anymore. Ive seen it many places and the only way it can be used properly is when there is a list of rules posted that would fall under negative point worthy instead of difference of opinion and what not (which seems to be the majority of the negative)
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