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  1. Thanks for the tips. Will try it out on the range this afternoon ( If the weather in Wisconsin lets me ;)! )......
  2. Think you are right. And I think I have a hard time closing my clubface in my downswing. The clubface of the superfast 2.0 tp is quite open normally I think. Maybe I need to slow down my swing and hit it 20 yards less......
  3. I know that I need to swing in to out at a draw...but for some reason drawing a driver is hard for me...And I think I am not the only one with a low handicap that has a problem like that. If I could do every type of shot I would be a scratch player or better than that;)!
  4. Ever tried to line up straight and see what the ball is doing then? And if you want to get it straighter...try to close your clubface en turn your body a little bit more and not work with your arms...maybe that helps?
  5. I know it's a fade, and it's not that I can't live with it but I can't change it to a draw or a straighter ballflight. I can do that with my irons but for some reason it won't work with my driver. I had a couple of drivers and I couldn't do it with any of them. So maybe I have to deal with and just play the driver the way I am playing it right now but I was just asking if someone has any experience with grip the driver shorter over a longer period of time before I start trying it.
  6. A big slice is a big word maybe. I am slicing it sometimes. But I don't like the fade in my driver shot...I prefer a straight ballflight. I am using a x stiff shaft now I think its a 9.5 degree matrix oz hd6 shaft in the burner superfast 2.0 TP. I love the driver but getting consistent is hard for me. I think you are right about getting the right swing plane but I don't want to change that much in my swing because 3wood, irons and wedges are really good!
  7. Hi, I am switching things in my driver swing for about a year now because i don't have a constant flight. It varies from a straight flight to a big slice. most of the time it's a fade! I hit between 305 and 320 so length is no problem. To get a straighter ballflight does gripping my driver a bit shorter help?
  8. I hope Tiger gets back in form. Because everyone is saying I beated Tiger but Tiger isn't on his best right now. So when Tiger is on his best and you can beat him...then I think Tigers golflife is over, and I think that is what he looking for at this moment. Just get back in form, when people are playing better at that moment he will quit golf I think... what do you guys think?
  9. Milwaukee area.... Now it is snowing again so I hope I will be playing in like 4 months... is that reality?
  10. thanks for all the quick reactions. If you have to choose another ball instead of the Titleist Pro V's which one do you get?
  11. Snow is melting right here in Wisconsin.... I am from the Netherlands does anyone know when the ranges are opening? as soon as the snow is all gone or what?
  12. My 2011 Goals: - Getting my HCP under 2.0... - Read the greens better ( it's terrible, some has tips? ) - Join a club in the USA ( I am a Dutch Citizen ) - Playing the Wisconsin Matchplay champ and win it? maybe to much dreaming.... Let's go for it!!!
  13. I was at Golfsmith this morning and I asked the guy what the big difference was between the new and the old ones. Why pay 20 bucks more at this moment if there is not a significant difference? The guy told me that they just wanted to make the ball more populair and that they didn't make major changes... As you can image I don't believe that crap! What's the real difference? I like the old ones but why step over to the new ones for more money? Hopefully someone can help me! ( it maybe bad English, I am from the Netherlands so I'm doing the best I can. Hope it's not botherin
  14. I am from the Netherlands and I am living for like 2 months in Wisconsin now. Back in the Netherlands I watched the European tour in the afternoon and in the evening the PGA tour. The coverage of the European tour is much better I think, and it's all about the courses that they play that makes it that interesting. As a dutchmen I found a lot of the tournaments on the PGA Tour a bit of the same...except of the WGC en the majors. The European Tour plays in a different country every week with different cultures and real different courses! that makes the european tour so special at this moment.
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