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  1. OK so turns out it's not a TP just a regular Superquad. I played 9 yesterday... it was windy and 42 degrees. I really only hit one beautiful drive... it's going to take some getting used to. I couldn't turn my old driver over fast enough so I played it pretty far up in my stance. I obviously set up the same with the R7 which resulted in a hook. When I tried holding back my wrists a little bit I held them back too much and pushed it. I'm sure just moving the ball back in my stance while maintaining the same swing as before will be the key here. Can anyone lend some advice on using the we
  2. OK I bought an R7 Superquad at a golf expo this past weekend (10.5, and reg shaft) for $250.... I don't know if it's the TP or not... I just realized there's a difference between the TP and just the regular Superquad. Can anyone shed some light on that? Also I'm not sure how to properly use the weighting system. I'm going to play 9 now, I'll report back with my thoughts on the club in general in a few hours. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Wow... I didn't think there would be any kind of simulators or other stuff at this thing... I imagined a large amount of local shops/pros trying to sell off the last of their '07 stock. Just boxes of clubs and quickly set up displays.
  4. I'm getting a new driver at a local golf expo next weekend. I'm hoping on a Taylor Made but who knows what will be there. My main question is I don't know what degree loft and shaft is best suited for my game. I'm about an 18 handicap and I'm a relatively short hitter. A great drive is about 260 and a great 6 iron is about 155. Thanks in advance for any input!
  5. I define a sport as anything that involves competition (i.e. there is a winner and a loser) and demands physical skill. By this rationale, chess and poker are NOT sports, but golf is. The one "activity" that I'm on the fence about is auto racing. I mean, is it physical skill? Hand eye coordination? Is it a brain related skill to be good at driving a car? I can't decide.
  6. My friends and I sometimes go out at 7:00 and play 4 hole tournaments in which you can add the "hand wedge" to your bag. You have the option to throw the ball, overhand or underhand, from anywhere you want instead of hitting it with a club. It's very fun. Basically chipping isn't needed, and sand traps are completely useless. The real fun thing that we found is that there's a thin line between what you should actually putt and what you should try to roll in with your hand. About 6 feet seems to be the threshold where putting the ball makes more sense. It's surprisingly hard to roll a bal
  7. I always talk to myself when I'm playing alone. I play much better, but I'm not sure if it's the talking or the fact that I don't have any partners. I feel like an idiot though.
  8. Do you join a group if it's in the interest of speeding up play? For instance, there's a deuce behind you and a deuce in front... would you join up in that scenario to speed up play? I HATE infringing on someone else's group, like you I assume, but I've never refused to join a group if there was another group directly behind me.
  9. I really wish my friends were better at golf so we could play some of these. I'm an 18, and my friends don't keep handicaps, but my 3 best golfing partners are probably 24-27ish. It makes it tough to play these games, even if money isn't involved.
  10. I love to play as a single but I would never get a tee time by myself. The course won't take your tee time because they risk having to send you out by yourself, which means an entire "group" is taking up a spot on the course with only one greens fee being paid. Not sticking you into another existing twosome or threesome is ridiculous though, that makes no sense. On a side note, I actually won't play with someone if I go up to play by myself. I don't like to intrude on other people's groups. If two of my friends and I are out there, we're very lax about etiquette. Now all of a sudden I ha
  11. ILLZ

    Bad Breaks

    First hole at the Town of Colonie, I wiped my drive right under some trees. I get up to the ball and the lie isn't too bad, there's an opening that I can punch it out of back into the fairway. I hit a 3 iron off my back foot with my stance a little too open and it hits a tree and ricochets backwards and slips under the net into the driving range. Hello triple bogey, so nice to see you!
  12. A friend of mine who doesn't really golf hit his ball THROUGH his own legs on the first tee once. That was quite funny.
  13. What's the big deal with having an official USGA handicap? The only thing you'd need it for would be to enter sanctioned events. If you're looking to gamble with someone based on their handicap and you hold back because they don't have a USGA 'cap, that's just stupid because who's to say this stranger with a USGA card that says 7 actually scores himself correctly? I enter my scores on the internet in any of various handicap calculators and it spits out my handicap. I know it's correct and legitimate because I know and abide by the rules of golf. To hell with a USGA card.
  14. This is obviously not out of the ordinary by any means, for any golfer. I think it happened mainly because I was so emotionally deflated from the front 9. I parred 1 and 2, bogeyed 3, and parred 4, Walking to the 5th tee I'm thinking about how it's set up to be a great round. Parred the 5th, bogeyed 6, parred 7. Now I KNOW it's an outstanding round. Bogey on 8. So I'm standing on 9 tee knowing I need a par for 39. Play it safe and hit hybrid off the tee, in the right rough about 165 out. I hit a 5 iron just off the green. Played a nice little bump and run to about 5 feet and drained
  15. Yesterday I went out and put down a 39 on the front... my best 9 hole score by 2 (previously I've shot a 41 and a bunch of 42's). I was elated, I told every starter and ranger as we made the turn. I could smell 85. Then on the back it fell apart and I turned in a 52 for a 91! Ridiculous. 12 strokes difference?
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