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  1. Baseball. Great finish to the 2011 MLB season.

    WOW!! Amazing game!! thought it was over a few times. Can't wait for game 7 tonight.
  2. Baseball. Great finish to the 2011 MLB season.

    Back to Back home runs right there by Texas in the 7th inning of game 6 was pretty cool.
  3. What kind of car do you drive?

    99 infiniti G20
  4. Is there a "right way" to swing?

    When I forget about everything and just go use my old self made swing, I use to be able to usually hit my wedges through my 7 about where I want them to go. My 6-driver all sliced right. But at least I was hitting the ball in the right direction. My natural original swing hit the ball with my left arm and I was told I never "fired through" which got me a ton of easy power. The different swings I've been shown all do similar things with the body, but all at different times. Some had the body shifting/turning before impact like in this video and some had the body still using the hands for power and letting the follow through shift the weight. The grips, release, and hand of control were all different. Only two swings of the 4-5 had me firing through powering the ball with my right hand with sort of a sweeping motion. One guy referred to it as swinging a big knife through the ground and slicing some grass in the direction you want the ball to go. Also talked about as pushing the ball with your right hand. Both somewhat using the ball on my right hand below my index finger as the power point in the right hand. I know something screwing me up is the angle of my club head. I just don't want to go to a fitter without having any idea of what my swing I want to stick with should look like. But, I know I need the angle adjusted. I appreciate you veteran golfers taking the time to read this stuff and respond, as I'm sure it seems pretty stupid and novice to the majority of the people here. It's the only place I have to ask a good golfer these types of questions. Here's a couple of other questions that might fit in there: Do you swing the same with your high and low number irons, as well as your driver? Do you set up with the ball in the same place every time, or different places. Meaning the high # irons have the ball further towards your back foot and the lower the # on the iron, the ball moves forward. I know you are supposed to have it on your front heel with the driver, but one swing coach told me to have the ball right in the middle all of the time. thanks again
  5. This may be a stupid question, but I'm pretty new to golf and have seen or been taught/shown 4-5 different ways to swing a golf club in the past 3 months. Now I'm pretty mixed up. I've tried 4-5 different grips, different release points, and different ways to stand. Is there a "right way" to do each of those? Or do people just find a way that works for them and keep trying to get consistent? I'm right handed Stances: 1: feet square. 2: back foot slightly slanted in to stop from over rotating 3: Back foot square and front foot out at a 45 degree angle Grips: 1: Neutral grip 2: hands flat on the club, like I was clapping and the thumbs straight in the middle 3: left hand in the neutral position while the right hand is over to the right about 45 degrees 4: interlocked 5: overlap 6: double overlap ?? 7: baseball 8: hammer grip Back swing: 1: straight back and up then hinge, where the the club is pointing straight forwards and between the head and shoulder 2: going back 3/4 of the way where the club head is sort of straight up, but still turning the body behind 3: going back and bring the club all of the way around and having the head sort of over but off the right shoulder Down swing: 1: drop the hands down to hip level and release kind of pushing the ball with the right hand 2: same thing but pulling through with the left 3: not dropping, but rolling the hands over early and throwing the right heel over while keeping the hands near my right pocket. Keeping the club head square from a foot or so behind me to a foot in front of me. Follow through: 1: Keeping the club head square and following straight towards where you want the ball to go. 2: rolling the hands over and following straight towards where you want the ball to go. 3: continuing the same turn and rotation and bringing the hands around Something else for any of these? Recommendations? I know it's what ever works best or feels the best or whats best for my body....but what's the norm? the right swing that most average teachers throw at brand new students? Ideas? thoughts? thanks!
  6. I've got one local shop, but I think the guys their are morons and don't trust them as far as I can throw them. I was wondering if there was a way to tell how much I need my club angle adjusted so I can just go in and tell the guy what I want. I know they need to have the end of the club angled up through looking at the dirt line across the face of the club, just not sure how much. thanks
  7. Struggled badly the first few times out at the range, but today, after watching tape 2 for the 3rd time, I'm finally understanding the swing a bit more. Definitely not doing things perfect, but I hit some really nice balls today. After understanding things a bit more, it feels way more natural, as opposed to how forced it was feeling the first two times out. Heading out to give it a try on the course on Thursday. Hitting my 5 and 7 only out there today and the majority of my shots went straight. Maybe not as straight where I aimed, but there was no slice or draw to the shots. I usually have a tough time slicing the 5, but there was really no slice to any of my shots. Hit a nice 200 yard 5 iron shot today that really had me smiling. I'm definitely sticking to this and giving it a go. Hopefully it will just keep getting better. On a side note, that thread with 137 reviews just repeats the same 10-15 reviews over and over.
  8. Watched the first two tapes out of four and have to say it's totally different from just about everything I've been taught. I like it though and am going to run with it and see what happens.
  9. thanks! Edit: thanks to both of you! Sounds like I'm going to have to pull the VCR out of the guest room.
  10. My dad picked it up at a garage sale for me and well, my swing is a jumbled mess as it is right now with two different golf instructors, youtube vids, my own thoughts on my swing, CJ Goecks 10 tips, and the golf Master Key stuff all stuffed in my head. Is this even worth looking at?