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  1. Hey everyone, Glad to be here to join the group...I am a former scratch golfer who competed in school and numerous minor tournaments, etc...I'm 30 years old now and, since I started school for my masters, I backed away and didn't play golf for over 2 years. I used to average around 68, but now I'm at a 6-7 hcp, working my way down... I got the itch again and I believe I'm going to work back towards the tournament scene after a lot of practice the next few months...I have only been back about a month, and I played 3 times and hit probably a couple thousand range balls. I've always hit 2 iron to be conservative off the tee on tighter holes or for better placement, etc, but I wanted to ask what you all thought about getting into the hybrids possibly? Any sacrifice or significant change in distance or accuracy in comparison to long irons? My driver swing speed is 123-125 still, just trying to find the right shafts/club options with the new stuff they've come out with over the last 2-3 years. Also, I'm still using a Wilson 8802 blade putter...biggest loss was in short game touch (as usual) but I'm open to trying some new putters if anyone has any good suggestions. My clubs are nike blade irons (the original forged from a few years back) with s400 shafts, Callaway X Driver with Mugen (blue/gray) shaft, nike black oxide 56 and 60, and a callaway old school 3+ wood from wayyy back 10-12 years ago...definitely open to some new ideas with shafts/clubs in all departments...been playing bridgestone 330 golf balls, and those are pretty nice...but I'm here to get some advice/direction on the new clubs out there and what might be a good fit for me. Looking forward to hearing from all of you...I just moved to Louisiana for work (from my hometown, which is just over an hour from myrtle beach or charleston, SC...but I'd love to work my way back into possibly playing golf for a part-time, maybe one day full-time living. Thanks again for your input... -Shawn Bilton
  2. hey guys, I love playing captain's choice tournaments with friends or future friends...if you're looking for another man on your team, or want to make a team let me know...if you even hear about a tournament going on in the midlands/lowcountry/grand strand/etc, please let me know at: shawnbilton@yahoo.com thanks so much! :) facebook.com/shawnbilton
  3. irons question

    hey guys...I've been playing the same irons for the last 10 years, and I'm a 7 hcp now...I always have to swing them really slower than what I can normally swing to keep them accurate...they are Golden Bear blades (from the 70's?) and I love the look...I wanted to get fitted for the first time ever because I want to see if equipment and fitting could help me get to scratch, so I went to golf headquarters and found out everything is pretty standard (I'm 5'10) from what he told me, except my swing speed with the driver was consistently between 121-126. He suggested I get irons with a project x 6.0 or 6.5 shaft, depending on which I liked...I can't afford a $700+ set of irons, so I wanted to see if it would be possible to get my old irons re-shafted with those shafts and see if that would do the trick...here's my question to you guys: is this a good idea to reshaft my old blades with the project x? any other advice on clubs? I've always played the same clubs (Callaway GBB 6.5 driver - old school :), these golden bear blades with regular shaft flex, wilson 8802, cleveland 56 degree sw...thanks so much and please respond asap...would like to decide soon before a tournament coming up...thanks again! - Shawn