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  1. I'm just wondering if there is any quick tips or fixes for my driver launching and flying maybe 2 feet off the ground. I've tried numerous things just curious if any of y'all have some tips. Thanks.
  2. I was looking at the Taylormade ATV, don't really have a place to hit them beside Dick's. The turf just doesn't cut it, never really have demo days or anything around me.
  3. PW is 45 and AW is 50. I basically stopped using them completely except for the 56 out of the sand. Anything under 100 is a bump and run. Whenever I would use them for full shots I would always just dig them in and hit it fat. Which I know is mostly me but, maybe it's me just wanted some new "better" wedges.
  4. 47 and 44. Took me to 14 to get the driver going. But pleased with the outing.
  5. I'm curious about the difference/pros and cons of using a wedge that matches the iron set vs a stand alone wedge. I currently have some an older Taylormade Z Spin 56 and 60. Looking for getting some new wedges, probably 54 and 58 since my game has improved a lot since taking some lessons.
  6. My 3 iron, always seem you make great shots with it wether I'm in the fairway or hacking out the rough. Inside 100 yards I'll use it to run it up on the green.
  7. Haven't played since last 4th of July. Shot a 102 in 15-20 mph gusts.
  8. Since getting a few lessons and getting some new equipment over the last year and a half... Driver - 250 3W - 220 3H - 210 4 - 200 5 - 185 6 - 170 7 - 155 8 - 140 9 - 125 PW - 115 AW - 105 Pretty much never hit my 56 or 60 full, if I'm under 100 yards out i'm punching with a 7 or a 9.
  9. 92, 46 front and back. +20, best score so far in my short golfing "career"
  10. Sooo aggravated! It has literally been raining daily for about 3 weeks now is southeast Louisiana. This is ridiculous! I'm tired of going to the range all the time because there courses all look like kiddie pools....feel better now
  11. Just curious but a buddy of mine told be about a "cheat" where you put chapstick on the face of your drive and it will pretty much cut out your slice all together and actually add some distance due the damn near no spin at all? Anybody ever heard of this?
  12. I was going to compare shaft lengths, the shaft is measured from the hozel to the end of the grip right?
  13. Ok, i'm pretty new to golf but i was still under the impression that the newer more advanced drivers the have the adjustable heads are pretty certain to help your drive. I currently have a R9 460. 6 out of 10 drive are always pull hooks that vary is severity, no matter the head position. A buddy of mine has an old Burner R420 and at the range the other day i used in a good bit and realized that i hit 8 of 10 or so drive go completely straight and a good bit farther ( as far as my eyes can tell based on the ranges yardage markers.) Is there a particular reason behind this. Or do some people hit
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