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  1. Received mine in the mail yesterday. Thank you GolfDotz. Will post picks later.
  2. I first want to thank you for the great idea. I would choose the flames since, I am a Fireman/EMT. I recently started playing golf with some guys from the Fire Department, and these flames would set by balls apart... LOL
  3. Thank you everyone ... guess I will use the full site until issues are addressed.
  4. Tap talk not connecting to server it says to contact administrator. Any idea's? Using android.
  5. Understandable ... I guess it was mild in comparison to other competitive events. I am fairly new to golf and have not seen many players on TV get to upset during a match.
  6. I think if the camera is following you during a PGA event, you should at least act like a professional. Jason Day throwing,dropping, and hitting club's on the ground should not be viewed as ok This during the first round at Colonel. Anyone else have an opinion on this behavior in the PGA?
  7. I am an Engineer / EMT, @ my local fire department. I work 24 hours then off 48 hours and live in South Carolina so I am learning to play this lovely sport.
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