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  1. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I hope if the Donald wins at match play (you think a negotiator like him will not get a good spot?) Tiger doesn't start claiming he really won on a stroke play basis.
  2. In course OOB

    It seems to me that the need for internal OOB is the reflection of a severe course architecture failure. Do highly regarded courses designed by highly regarded designers have many examples of in-course OOB?
  3. "Moving the needle" and Rory vs. Rickie vs. Tiger

    We do not need tv ratings, just look at the number of messages here on the Hero thread compared to all of the playoff threads and other tourney threads.
  4. 2016 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    Rush to judgment much? It is his first event in over a year and you are critiquing and drawing conclusions from his finish? And bringing in psychological issues from 7 years ago? IMO anyone who was hoping for more than 4 decent rounds with no physical setbacks was being a little delusional. The fact that he had that splendid stretch along the way was gravy, not a basis for over-inflating expectations and making unfavorable comparisons to his prime.
  5. 2016 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    You live in Florida? Lots of my fellow ex-NYers there. It would be cheaper to have you clipped than to buy you a DVR.
  6. 2016 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    For the record, this thread already has more pages than all of the playoff events. Combined. I guess maybe Tiger still moves the needle.
  7. 2016 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    Hard to imagine anyone not getting a real thrill when he drained the par putt on 16. I don't know if he is "back" but this is great stuff.
  8. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    But did it really improve, or does it just look like it because you do not have a guy head and shoulders better than the field, as in Tiger's prime?
  9. SimpleGolfRules.com - Thoughts?

    So for this minuscule number of people, of whom you apparently are one, (and possibly the only one, as I have never heard of anyone who took up golf but then was scared off by the rules) we are supposed to change the rules for the millions for people who already play the game? Why in the world would we do that? Contrary to your personal experience the rules are not any kind of impediment to someone wanting to take up the game. Most people taking up the game do not find it difficult to learn the small set of rules that cover 99% of the situations. And those who do end up becoming more serious can easily fill in the other 0.75% of the rules needed in more unusual situations. And the last 0.25% of the rules is why we have rules mavens and rules committees, and USGA and R&A Decisions. It is not rocket science and golfers have been dealing with it for, literally, centuries. It is not broke and the attempts to "fix" it are wildly misplaced energy, IMO.
  10. SimpleGolfRules.com - Thoughts?

    Why we would want to change the rules for the benefit of people who do not and never will play by the rules is beyond me. If someone is serious about playing by the rules they can do so quite easily in 99+% of the situations that arise with the rules as they are, with just a modicum of effort. And the ones who are not serious about playing by the rules will be just as un-serious about it no matter how the rules are changed.
  11. Geezerbill's Friend's Preshot Alignment

    Based on what? You haven't indicated any rule you think he is breaking. Doing something weird isn't against the rules just because it is weird. You have to cite an actual rule he is violating, and as the other posts have said, there is no such rule.
  12. Tiger spotted testing TM Clubs

    I don't think he is going to care, at this point, about the marketing aspect of it. He is going to want to pick the clubs that he likes the best and give him the confidence he needs when he competes. I think Tiger's comeback is all about the titles and not about the money at all. Because he likes them better?
  13. I think he means no it is not plausible, and yes he is certain that it is not plausible.
  14. McIlroy, Westwood want change to Ryder Cup selection

    I don't think it has anything to do with winning or not winning the cup. I think it has to do with the Eurotour trying to strongarm the best Europeans into playing more of their events.
  15. McIlroy, Westwood want change to Ryder Cup selection

    Your premise is wrong, it has NEVER been tour v tour. It was US V. Britain until Jack (and others, I'm sure) convinced TPTB that it should expand to Europe. But no one has ever suggested that, for example, Gary Player should have been playing for the US because he played on the US tour. If it was tour v. tour, where a guy was born or came from wouldn't matter. So yes, you are missing something. The Euro tour is trying to make this into something it never was in order to strong arm top players into playing their tour instead of the premier tour. Does the European tour think that if Rory and Lee are not members of the Eurotour but are members of the PGATour they should be playing for the US in the Ryder Cup? I seriously doubt it and were that to be suggested I have little doubt they would cry foul.

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