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  1. It is just a guess, but possibly because he was playing golf.
  2. I hope someone does a study comparing the number of golf shots per hour that each network shows in their respective coverage.
  3. Except he was so good that sometimes when he was doing this he accidentally blew the field away on some Sundays.
  4. The really amazing thing is that when he wasn't blowing out the field he did what it took to win. Whether it was hanging on to win or responding to a serious challenge. Like the 2000 Mercedes, when he and Els were tied going to 18 and Ernie eagled 18. Tiger matched that, then matched Ernie's birdie on the first playoff hole before sinking a 40 foot birdie putt to win.
  5. Just to clarify, I meant 3 or 4 majors in a row in the sense of consecutive wins in majors played. Like Tiger's 6 consecutive wins in 99/00 or his 7 consecutive in 06/07 were consecutive wins in events played. As to Hogan, I've made the argument that the Tiger v. Jack debate unfairly excluded Hogan. I still put it as Tiger, Jack, Ben on the basis of strength of competition. Hogan had to only beat a handful of players to win an event as compared to Jack and even (way) more so with Tiger.
  6. You probably already know this, but I just watched the 2001 Masters, and the announcers mentioned something I don't think I had been previously aware of. Hogan was going for 4 majors in a row at the 1954 Masters. And he came d@mned close, losing in an 18 hole playoff to Snead, 70-71.
  7. Why would this be treated any differently than an an injury or illness? So the answer to how they will be compensated is they won't. Who would you think is responsible for compensating them?
  8. First of all, that is a pretty irresponsible thing to say when you don't know the facts. Saying "I might be wrong" doesn't give you license to libel someone. Secondly, if it WERE true, and I looked and the only arrest of a son I could find said nothing about Gary letting his son stay in jail, it would be good parenting. Shielding your kids from the consequences of their actions is one of the best ways to ruin your kid. (of course in this case the 'kid' was 56 years old) I DID find this: https://www.golfchannel.com/news/wayne-player-spent-five-nights-hell-after-arrest-explains-his-side which, if this is the incident you were thinking of, shows that his 5 days in jail had to do with the holiday weekend and the resulting delay in processing and had nothing to do with Gary, who could not have bailed him out even if he wanted to.
  9. I'm not sure if you really just don't get it or are just being disingenuous, at this point. You have called for tighter fairways and longer rough and maybe bunkers in the landing zone of big hitters. No, that DOESN'T affect every player on the course. It only affects guys that hit it that far. Hitting it far and accurate has almost always been a Hallmark of great players. One of the things that made Bobby Jones great was the way he could dominate the par 5s. Same with Arnie. Same with Jack. If the fairway is 30 yards wide at the 280 mark, it should be (at least) 30 yards wide at the 320 mark. And if so, it is ALREADY harder for the guy who hits it 320 to hit the fairway because of simple geometry. But you're not content with that, you want to slim that fairway down to 20 or 25 yards at the 320 mark and make it even harder. As if there is something wrong with hitting it far. There really are 2 different aspects to this whole discussion. One is the problem of increasing distances making classic courses obsolete for top level play if they don't have or can't acquire extra land to lengthen the course. I'm not sure that problem is solvable without equipment restrictions. But there's another, insidious in my opinion, aspect where folks want to use this general distance problem to change the competitive balance of the game and effectively, punish one particular skill - hitting the ball long. And considering that the long guys don't, on average, gain more strokes off the tee than other players gain by the strengths of THEIR games, I see no justification for interfering with the competitive balance of the game by punishing one particular skill.
  10. Eberts, the restaurant at Green Valley Ranch Golf Course is open for outdoor terrace seatings. Went there for dinner last night - first time eating out since this all started.
  11. But you didn't just ask for tight fairways and heavy rough. You asked for tighter fairways and heavier rough for some guys (the bombers) than other guys (the hunters), based on distance. The speed of the green is the same for everyone, so your attempted analogy in inapt.
  12. Exactly, and relies on a far higher proportion of volunteers that the US Open itself.
  13. I had completely forgotten that in his first tour win in Las Vegas he didn't wear a red shirt on the final day. But he did for his second win at Disney. It is also funny hearing things like, "Davis [Love] has 143 yards to the pin. That will take a hard 9 iron". Which nowadays would be a 3/4 sand wedge.
  14. I've been using some of this downtime to watch the pgatour summaries of Tiger's 82 wins, in order. Damn he was good!!
  15. Why specifically bombers? What about holding great putters in check? Or great sand players in check? Strokes gained off the tee for the top guys is not wildly out of whack with strokes gained putting for the top guys. For 2019, the top 10 in putting gained an average of .725 strokes and the top ten in driving gained .724. Virtually identical. So why intervene to diminish driving but leave putting alone? Would it be fair to make the good putters putt from 2 ft. further away than where their ball was? Absurd. Yet that is pretty much equivalent to what those who want to target "bombers" propose doing. As I have said repeatedly, it is already harder for a guy hitting it 330 to hit the fairway than it is for a guy hitting it 285, if the fairway is uniform width, due to simple geometry. So I don't get why anyone would think it would be good to make it even harder, with narrowings or bunkers. Or do you somehow think hitting it far is an unfair skill? Like it just happens randomly for some players, unrelated to all the work and practice it took for them to be able to do it? Should a pitcher in baseball get a smaller strike zone because he throws it hard?
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