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  1. https://www.pgatour.com/news/2021/02/28/players-staff-support-tiger-woods-by-wearing-red-on-sunday.html
  2. Well his lifetime exemption would get him in any regular event. But I agree on what I think is your larger point - if he wasn't eligible for an event but the TD has any discretion for exemptions or sponsors exemptions, he'd get in for the asking. There just aren't many events like that.
  3. It is like they don't understand that some tournaments have objective, non-waivable, eligibility requirements.
  4. It was the ankle injury, not even knowing any of the details, which tempered my very modest optimism based on Alex Smith's similar leg injury.
  5. Gee, it is almost exactly like what I said, except you left out the Players and WGCs. I'm not offended by your past posts, but your looseness and carelessness in some of your posts do make me tend to read your posts with a fact-checker eye. Go back and re-read your post #40. You implied that Tiger was being afforded special priveleges and you made a completely wrong statement about him being able to enter anything he wants. When corrected you go off in another direction claiming his exemptions are running out in response to me pointing out he has a lifetime exemption (also contrad
  6. Other than the ones I mentioned, 2 majors, the Players, and the WGCs, which exemptions are running their course? And OF COURSE, "unlike us" implies a privelege, not an earned status.
  7. So, basically you don't know what a lifetime exemption is? OK
  8. You say this as if the ability to play any event is somehow a special privilege for Tiger. The 'rest of us' can get the same deal the same way Tiger got it, by earning a lifetime exemption (winning at least 20 events and playing on tour for at least 15 years). But of course besides that your premise it isn't even correct, since there are a number of events that have specific qualifying conditions. He is good on the British Open (until age 60) and the Masters, but he will become ineligible for the US Open, PGA, and Players in time, and all of the WGCs, based on world ranking. He could, a
  9. Desire is a necessary component of coming back, but not sufficient.
  10. Well his spirits seem to be good, albeit frustrated. I just read that his goal is returning to the tour. In the words of Robert Browning, "Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for?" It would be Hoganesque to come back from this.
  11. I don't know if Smith's fractures were comminuted, nor if he had anything comparable to Tiger's reported ankle issues.
  12. I tried to give you a like but I accidentally gave you a thumbs down. And now I am out, as I'm sure this ot stuff is (rightfully) ticking off @iacas
  13. It is extremely unlikely he could ever play at the pro level. But these injuries seem similar, at least on the surface, to what Alex Smith went through, so I won't say impossible, just almost impossible.
  14. Nope. It was intentional, and in light of your making up definitions of words, entirely expected. And accident and crash are not only not mutually exclusive, virtually all crashes are accidents. We have dictionaries to tell us what words mean and I doubt you can come up with a single one that supports your misdefinition.
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