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  1. It's great that people take advantage of a national crisis to rubbish a national institution.
  2. DeCartes famously once said, "I think, therefore I am". Nowadays many people don't think, so they need selfies and a photographic record of their lives to prove their existence. I don't know about that particular picture, but the scene was very much like what I encountered at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. We could hardly see either of the Da Vinci paintings with our eyes because so many people were taking crappy distorted pictures and selfies with their phones.
  3. No, not even close. There have undoubtedly been instances of individual golfers infringing, But the kind of systematic, organizational conspiracy to cheat that occurred with the Astros? Nothing remotely comparable.
  4. Nice article where a bunch of pros talk about the first time they played with Tiger, with a video cameo of Jack: https://www.pgatour.com/long-form/2020/02/10/first-time-playing-with-tiger-woods-genesis-invitational.html
  5. People are crazy. We went to the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, one of the greatest art museums in the world and could barely see paintings by the more well known artists. Dozens of people were blocking us as they tried to take pictures with their phones. Now if you take a picture of a painting you have to hold your phone exactly parallel to the picture to avoid distortion. And that perfect angle is virtually impossible in a jostling crowd. And for a buck or two they could buy a professionally photographed picture of the painting. And look at the picture with their actual eyes. And these weren't kids, they were grown-ups from all over the world. People seem increasingly focussed on photographing their life rather than just living and experiencing their lives first-hand.
  6. No, but there are definitely too many golf teachers who are trying hard to extend their 15 minutes of fame.
  7. Kind of reminiscent of that situation at Q-school a few years ago.
  8. Considering that the PGATour is about as ruthless a meritocracy as there is, the guy is clearly an idiot for whatever the reason. Virtue signalling doesn't allow you to compile a record that, even with a couple of big injury holes covering years, far exceeds anything any other golfer has ever been able to compile. And I am FAR from being liberal and even further from being a fan of the media as now constituted. I'm an empirical guy and empirically Tiger got where he is the old-fashioned way - he Earned it. And with the Tour Championship, Masters, Zozo, and President's Cup, he has Earned all of the attention he is once again getting.
  9. We understands that it pains you. Yeah, they missed Day. But the US team was missing the #1 player in the world, so that was a wash, at best.
  10. I'm glad this aged badly. Wow, too bad. I don't see the point of eliminating terms of long standing and charm. I'm glad that in the end Tiger inspired them enough to win. Maybe going 3-0 was part of that inspiration. Anyway, a thoroughly entertaining event.
  11. Memories of many others who unwisely ran their mouths at Tiger.
  12. So did Tiger and Ernie get a great deal on gray sweaters and go halfsies on a double order?
  13. How do you 'inspire' someone to make a putt?
  14. You should call 911 and report the guy holding his gun to your head, forcing you to watch this. Imagine, preliminary hoopla being hoopla. Who'd a thunk it.
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