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  1. Considering that the PGATour is about as ruthless a meritocracy as there is, the guy is clearly an idiot for whatever the reason. Virtue signalling doesn't allow you to compile a record that, even with a couple of big injury holes covering years, far exceeds anything any other golfer has ever been able to compile. And I am FAR from being liberal and even further from being a fan of the media as now constituted. I'm an empirical guy and empirically Tiger got where he is the old-fashioned way - he Earned it. And with the Tour Championship, Masters, Zozo, and President's Cup, he has Earned all of the attention he is once again getting.
  2. We understands that it pains you. Yeah, they missed Day. But the US team was missing the #1 player in the world, so that was a wash, at best.
  3. I'm glad this aged badly. Wow, too bad. I don't see the point of eliminating terms of long standing and charm. I'm glad that in the end Tiger inspired them enough to win. Maybe going 3-0 was part of that inspiration. Anyway, a thoroughly entertaining event.
  4. Memories of many others who unwisely ran their mouths at Tiger.
  5. So did Tiger and Ernie get a great deal on gray sweaters and go halfsies on a double order?
  6. How do you 'inspire' someone to make a putt?
  7. You should call 911 and report the guy holding his gun to your head, forcing you to watch this. Imagine, preliminary hoopla being hoopla. Who'd a thunk it.
  8. This doesn't bother me nearly as much as the way the NBA and Hollywood suck up to a country with a million Muslims in 're-education' camps. By comparison this is chump change greed.
  9. So after a significant effort to simplify the rules, you want to create a new rule that is unenforceable outside of the setting of a professionally run tournament and requires exceptions to make it fit the real world. Doesn't sound like a plan I would sign off on.
  10. Personally I despise virtue signalling in all of its guises, and disguises.
  11. I'm Thankful that Tiger is relevant again.
  12. Where did you get the time machine? Can you tell us some results so we can get bets down? Signed, Biff Tannen
  13. Has Kevin Na cleaned up his act or is he one of the likely ones to be on the list. And if the latter, do you think that played any part in Tiger not selecting him?
  14. And it is worth discussing why this is. There really are 2 different components to the increasing strength of field. 1) the first is the increase in the sheer numbers of golfers through globalization, i.e, and expanding pool. There is still a fair amount of room for growth here. As widespread as the growth of golf has been there are still some pretty untapped places with large population, like China and Russia. 2) the second applies to Tiger/Jack comparisons, but will not apply to Tiger/future comparisons. And that is the concentration of the very best global players in the 8-10 most important events (i.e., the majors, the WGCs, and the Players. It is hard for people to grasp the fact that until the very last days of Jack's competitive career neither he nor anyone else ever played in an event where substantially all of the best players in the world played. Whereas now and, presumably for the future, virtually every one of the big events routinely draws all of the best players other than players sidelined by injury.
  15. You're kind of missing the point. Hogan had his best years for majors AFTER the crash and recovery. He didn't win more majors because he didn't get good enough to dominate majors until he was too old to pile up that kind of total number. He didn't win his first major until he was 34, and that late start had nothing to with the crash. As it was, he beat the odds by winning 3 majors in his 40s - tied with Jack for the most other than Old Tom Morris (who had 4). To think that there was any real likelihood that he would have won even more majors after 40 and was only prevented from doing so by the injuries - that didn't stop him from winning 6 of 9 majors - defies logic and precedent, IMO. Coming back from his injuries to do what he did was amazing. But what he accomplished stands on its own and really doesn't need any 'what if' puffery, just as Tiger's career speaks for itself and needs no 'what if' puffery to account for his lost 10 years.
  16. He might have won a few more regular tour events, but it is really hard to claim that he would have won more majors than he actually did, considering he won 6 of the first 9 majors he player AFTER the accident. He was already over age 40 when he won his last major, the last of his 3 in a row. Other than the rare physical specimen Snead, players rarely did much after 40. Hogan stayed competitive in the majors after '53 and finished 2ND in a major 4 times, but it is more likely to have been nerve and age that kept him from winning, IMO, rather than the accident.
  17. Yeah, but that is kind of the point. As time goes by and achievmments change it seems like some people may look at it differently now. And while one can change his vote, I doubt many do it, and it is likely that a lot of voters are long gone. But it was just a thought, no big deal.
  18. That is a good point I hadn't considered. It just seems like the original poll has lost a lot of meaning since it covers such a long time over which there were many ups and downs and twists and turns.
  19. Given the long stretch of time it has been running, I think the original poll numbers have really lost some relevance. Maybe we should start a new poll, and specify that the new poll thread is only for voting but that comments should still be posted in this thread, for continuity. Waddaya think?
  20. This all came up in one of Tiger's rounds at Pebble Beach, I believe in the 2000 US Open, when Tiger hit his next to last ball into the water on 18. I don't remember exactly how it came about, but I remember Stevie telling the story, and how Tiger's reload with, unknowingly, his last ball, was his most nervous moment of caddying for him.
  21. Disagree. Not after years of throwing shade atvTiger, and previously whining about Woods ignoring his offer of advice. The funniest thing is when he talks about things Jack and Arnie did and tries to draw parallels to what he wants to do. As if he is somehow in their category.
  22. What a weenie Greg Norman is. He is actually complaining that Tiger didn't answer his congratulatory note after the Masters. He has an overdeveloped sense of his own importance in the golf world. Just like he got all butt hurt when he offered to give Tiger advice and Tiger ignored him. https://www.golf.com/news/2019/11/04/greg-norman-says-tiger-woods-snubbed-him-after-masters-maybe-he-just-dislikes-me/
  23. After getting back the thing he loves the most, I don't see him easing up. If he can physically play, I think he will play a limited senior schedule focusing on the Senior majors and particularly the senior US Open.
  24. I don't know if this has been brought up here before, but I just watched a YouTube video about Tiger's SixPeat - his six year run of 3 USGA Junior Amateurs followed by his 3 US Amateurs. One of the most interesting things was that they gathered together the 6 guys he beat in those match-play finals to talk about their experience playing him in those finals. There is some repetition in the 40 minute video, but the vintage footage from those finals, and getting insights into what his opponents, all of whom had leads during their match, was very interesting. If you are a Tiger fan and have not seen it, you will enjoy watching it. I'll add, that this run is, IMO, the greatest achievement in amateur golf, Bobby Jones' 5 US Amateur wins notwithstanding. I think an argument can even be made that this was his second most impressive achievement, after the Slam. It is under-rated and under-appreciated, but I think that's because what followed at the pro level has overshadowed it.
  25. Yeah, I thought it might be about his favorite veal dishes.🐂
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