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  1. Easy to hit

    Personally i found them about the same. MP 53's are pretty good too but I liked the lower trajectory of the 63's. Ap2's are probably alittle more forgiving so therefore easier to hit but you cant go wrong with either set.
  2. I used Sharpro's for about a year with no issues and actually like them more than GP. If u have and Golf Headquarters around they carry them. Pretty cheap plus theyll usually replace them for free.
  3. Alright so like most people the new drivers have me foaming at the mouth to get out and buy a new one so im looking for some help. I hit a new R11 today, felt alittle head heavy at first but i warmed up to it. I've looked into the R9 Superdeep and Callaway Ft Tour. Im usually pretty unbaised so im open to any suggestions. Heres my ave. numbers with the R11(9* stiff flex 60 gram blur) Club speed=112 Launch=16* Backspin=3300-3400 Ball Speed=150 Carry 260-265 To me the launch seemed a fit high especially the spin. Not sure if the Superdeep in like a 8.5 or X shaft would be the cure.