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  1. It's been awhile since my last entry, but let me dive back in. After that last round, I wasn't pissed, just frustrated. My first round with new irons was awful. I couldn't hit a solid shot at all and it was probably my worst ball-striking round in 5+ years. Thin, fat, heel, toe, I was all over the place. And all this after an awesome range session witht he new sticks. So I decided to head back to the range before my next round to try again. I started out pretty wild. Lots of skulls and blades. I focused on my head and body movement. I have a tendency to not get set behind
  2. So after an awesome practice session, I teed it up 3 days later with my new irons (still no new driver). I thought for sure I'd have a fantastic round. Quite honestly, it was one of the most disappointing rounds I've ever had. I played at Lansbrook again on a nice day, went through my normal routine and set out to the first tee ready to break in the MBs. Course: Lansbrook ( Course Link ) Tees: Gold (Tips) Yardage: 6,846 Rating: 73.3 Slope: 131 I never have a problem off first tee. If anything I get a little tight and
  3. I finally got my new irons and was excited to get out on the range to hit them a few times before taking to the course. My driver didn't come in on time (dangit), but I figured swingingthe new irons would be enough. I headed to the range for a practice session for the first time since my goal setting. I took my old 6 iron just to compare in a side by side flight at the range. I warmed up with some gap wedges to loosen up and make sure I was swinging alright before I marked up the blades. After about 15 minutes of stretching and 8-10 gap wedges, I decided it was time to hit the new i
  4. After a week or two off from playing due to family matters I teed it up for one last round with my 990s and 983K before my new sticks came in. One last walk with sticks that had seen me go to as low as a 3 handicap before the changing of the guard. I played a course that has always given me fits and hoped to conquer it. Well, I had no such luck. Course: Lansbrook ( Course Link ) Tees: Gold (Tips) Yardage: 6,846 Rating: 73.3 Slope: 131 First hole is a Par 4, 410 yards that doglegs left about 70 degree with water down
  5. Being pretty sold on the irons, I started to focus on the replacement to my 983K. I was pretty long with the 983K but had not gotten fit for the shaft (though I did dem0 3 different shafts over a month to help me decide) and wanted to make sure I had the best equipment I could. The first fitting I went to was outdoor, but no launch monitor by the same guy who did my iron fitting. Through the process he put me in the D3 head, 8.5 degree and we started on the A1 setting. Started with the PX shaft, but I wasn't a huge fan of it. We then went to the RIP 60 and I really liked the feel of that
  6. That first round trying to get back into the game didn't go well. I suppose I should also mention that my wife was about to have our first kid, so getting to the range to practice was virtually impossible. And in fact, my son was born 2 days after that last round, so it took me awhile to get back out onto the course. I would hit the range for 20-30 minute quick sessions and to demo some new clubs. I wanted to get new irons. Though I loved my 990s, I always wanted a set of blades and knew that I was good enough to hit them, at least I was. I started to demo a few different setups a
  7. So I promised some actual golf details, and they'll be in this post. This round took place in early February 2011 on a rainy, wet, somewhat cold day. This was before I put any specific goals in place other than just wanting to get out and play more. This would be the first round with the GolfShot GPS to track stats and such. I played alongside my dad and brother. I'm a little foggy on some details since it was 2 months ago, but will do my best to fill in the gaps where I can. Course: Westchase Golf Club ( Course Link here ) Course Rating/Slope: 71.8/13
  8. I got fit this year for the first time and it's produced great results. My scores are coming around, but the ability to consistently make proper contact is awesome. Mine are 2 degrees upright and its made a world of difference.
  9. I had always tracked stats when I played golf. Score (obviously), fairways hit, greens hit, and putts were the norm. I usually kept them on the scorecard but generally paid very little attention to them in my practice sessions or future rounds. I decided that keeping this information and actually using it would be a good way to see where I was losing shots and how I could fix any issues I was having. So after my previous few rounds (detailed in last post) in the mid 90's, I decided it was time to work on my game or just come to grips with the fact I'm a bad golfer. For my brithday,
  10. As the calendar flipped to 2011, I got a sudden urge to get out and play more. Now, I live in Florida so outside of rain I'm never really restricted by weather. Of course, the flipside is that 50 degree weather to us (me) seems frigid. So with the new year upon us and cold weather (for Florida) here, I tried to get out and play a few rounds with my brother and dad. I try and get to the course at least an hour early and often try for 90 minutes. I'll meet up with my playing partners, go pay, grab a medium bucket of balls and head to the range. My routine was typically the same at th
  11. Figured I might as well let people know what I was swinging as I attempted to master the game of golf. In high school, I started with a set of hand me down irons (Lee Trevino blades) with clubfaces about as big as a nickel (it seemed that way). My woods were "custom made" in the sense that they were Callaway knockoffs called "The Bomber Stealth". You read that right, not the Stealth Bomber, but the Bomber Stealth. Embarrassing for a kid in a private school when everyone else on the golf team had Titleist and Callaway equipment. My frst putter was an old generic mallet that was about as sm
  12. I was never the most accurate player, either off the tee or with irons. My first 3-4 years of golf (age 16-19) I couldn't hit anything higher than a 5 wood. Literally. Snap hooks, huge push slice, tops, and anything in between resulted from trying to hit a 3 wood or driver. So I settled for 5 wood off the tee which meant I was generally hitting longer irons into the green than most people. It was a good news/bad news situation. I missed more greens, but got a ton of work on my short game, and that's where I excelled. My teammates in high school, and anyone I played with thereafter knew
  13. Here's how this whole project started. A group of buddies and I were playing at Lexington Oaks and they wanted to play from the whites. I had typically played the tips as that's what we played in high school matches. I wanted to play the back tees for a fair comparison of my game to my "glory days" but the other guys wanted the whites, so I relented. First hole was 385 from tips, 325 from the whites. I hit 4 iron, sand wedge, two putts and wham, a par. I shot 38 on the front and minus a ridiculous triple on a par 3 (110 yards where I chunked 3 straight shots) I played well, or so I thoug
  14. ( I am stealing this idea from TourSpoon who has an excellent run through his goal of becoming a low, single digit handicapper. I liked his idea and even though this is more of a personal journey, I figured why not share it with a bunch of strangers. This first post is light on golf details, but they'll be coming. Hope you enjoy ) I wasn't a child prodigy when it came to golf. In fact, if you take out any versions of putt putt and mini golf, I'm not sure I touched a club before the age of 8. When I was growing up, golf was indeed for of a game for the rich folk. Not tha
  15. Congrats on the lowest index ever for you! Way to rebound after a rough start and keep plugging away. Impressive 76 with 2 fairways, but sounds like your iron game was pretty solid. Keep up the good work. What's your bag set up these days? Mine's posted pretty recently in the WITB thread.
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