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  1. I agree this is very frustrating turning a round which should usually be around 4-5 into a 6er and just because one group dosent know which tees to play from or are too embarrased to play a lower tee than the group they are with. Marshalls have the authority to tell a group to move ahead a hole if they are slowing play in this case they should have done so.
  2. From experience most of us golfers are calm and go out to enjoy a nice day, so I would rush your swing to much just take it nice and slow till you feel the confidence to go for those shots that could put you in trouble. And first of all enjoy yourself, dont let a few bad shots ruin your round! Cheers
  3. Hello, Good to hear that your getting back into the game after such a lengthy drought. Be sure to hit the range first!
  4. Snow never stops the troopers! Grab some orange balls and insulated golf gloves you'll be good to go!