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  1. I agree the Sun Mountain Four 5 carry bag is probably one of your best options I hear a ton a good reviews from golfing buddies on this one. But another option you could always look at Swift X carry bag or Nike Performance carry both look pretty good.
  2. Nice hope you enjoy them. I just added a few to my purchase from ************** cant't wait to test them out.
  3. I agree a player like that can only come out of consistency and have the attitude to match. Winning a major definitely gives you that extra bit of glory but it still needs to be followed up with good playing.
  4. I don't think it comes out until tomorrow but I'm sure there will be a ton of people who are fans of it. Ping always has great drivers buuuuut If your looking at the R11 I would say that's the way to go.
  5. I think you should go for whatever bag you like best that will suit your playing. Personally I don't think it really matter what the brand is. Yes, sometimes it does look a bit cleaner to have all the same brand but let's get real not that many people do that.
  6. 5 majors is an incredible milestone all at the age of 22. I was really happy to see her defend her win at the British Open. I'm sure she's not done winning yet though. It will be fun to watch what records she breaks in her career.
  7. It will be interesting to see who will be his next caddie and if it does make any difference. I agree though maybe a change like this to his inner circle may help. He's tried just about everything else.
  8. I generally replace min once a year my personal favorite are Nike's and Footjoys. But recently I went out on a limb and bought the Ecco New classics and I must say me feet haven't been happier. I hope I don't have to replace them anytime soon.
  9. Best quote of the day from Jason Sobel on twitter about this "John Daly's score sounds like auction: "Do I hear 11? Yes! 13? To the man in the loud pants! 18? Anyone? Going once, twice.. sold for 13!""
  10. I can see how they can make the connection but I think you can make a connection to any activity where there are addictive tendencies. Like allin said with computer games. Maybe it's a good thing like the article said people kick a worse addiction for golf, come on golf isn't that bad to be addicted to.
  11. I don't necessarily see him winning this season but I also don't see him sitting out for it either.
  12. agreed so far McIlroy is looking really good surprising since his group had such a tough start water hazards and all
  13. Definitely looks like the 18th is going to be one of the hardest I mean just look at that 523 yards par 4 that's long and narrow. It's absolutely going to be a tough one.
  14. 10 years those must be some fantastic wedges. Ya I have a pair of wedges that look awful and rusted but work like a charm. The grooves are still useable or I guess until the new groove rules come into play for all golfers, so about 20 years.
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