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  1. How many of us get rushed and JUST make our tee time, have no time to hit the range and have only a few min's to swing the club before you tee off. You step up and shank it!!! Do you or anyone in your group ever say "Ahh just take a breakfast ball" And do you take it?
  2. Played this course Saturday with my brother. Was teamed up with another 2some, we had a tee time at 1:20 but they got us out at 12:20 what time did we finish the FRONT NINE? @ 3:30! It took 3 hours and 10 min to play 9 holes. We paid for 18 but left after 9. This course has their tee times set up every 9 min. and it was SO OVER CROWDED. Guys I were playing with said on the weekend during the summer a 7-8 hour round is not uncommon!!! The staff and customer service was great, but they need to space there tee times farther apart. Word to the wise, you play this course get ready to wait cause it will take you forever. E
  3. You can bet on that, going to try to get out more during the week as well.
  4. When you watch Freddie it seams like hes just taking a stroll in the park, he seams as ease with everything. Just walking along, arms rocking back and forth always has a smile. And that swing of his is AMAZING. And keep in mind he's had back surgery and was out for a bit.
  5. Man I am amazed how long these are...yea I know what you mean about the offset but I got used to that fast. I just cant wait to play a round with them! C'mon spring!!!
  6. I got the clubs to little to late cause it was 70 degrees here last Friday, then on Tuesday we got 6 inch of snow. I've been hitting the TM Burner for the past year and I LOVE IT! Best Drivers I have hit in years. I went to Dick's and hit an 8 iron of the 2.0s, I got an extra 12-17 yard carry, and they were right down the line. Had to get them. Happy hitting. E
  7. I just got the clubs, ordered from Golfsmith! Got a great deal and its KILLING me that I can't play them yet. But I will be sure to let you know what I shot and the distance I got when I do. I used Mizuno MX-23 had for 6 years was time for an upgrade they were GREAT clubs still are why im not letting them go.
  8. Hello there, Was told of this site from a friend of mine and thought I would check it out. Looking forward to reading the forum and using the site. Take care, Erick
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