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  1. Currently getting a masters degree in mechanical engineering at the State University of New York in Stony Brook, and am interning (thankfully it is paid!) as an industrial design engineer at a local manufacturing company. Anyone have an idea of how I can get into the R&D; departments of any of the major golf club manufacturers?
  2. This is the damn truth. All you people who can't stand this should buy a GPS unit just for the sake of showing people how far they really hit. I think 95% of the time they will stick their foot in their mouth
  3. haha! Couldn't have said it better myself. The production quality of that show is complete garbage. I could've created a better show with my Canon point-and-shoot camera.
  4. Even though a fat shot on a mat will still go far, it is still easy for me to tell how the shot I hit on a mat would transpire onto grass. I guess i'm just used to it.
  5. the longer you wait the harder it'll get. Just like anything else in life! You should just tell him at work.
  6. That's what i usually do, but apparently I'm not following through on that. anyway, based on some advice in here and from www.swingacademy.com , I really tried concentrating on the shoulder turn and reverse pivot situation today on 9 holes. Feels good. Shot a 45 Someone on swing academy said i was too upright and to focus on alignment with my feet. So, i gave myself a little extra lean, about ~10 degrees it felt like, and it made a big difference. Felt great. Felt easier to get my shoulder turn with focusing on not reverse pivoting. I can definitely work with this and hopefully i'll
  7. ohhhh, that makes sense now. Very interesting. Does anyone else think the same thing?
  8. I know what you're saying about the false shoulder turn. I can see it as well. I've been working on keeping flex in my knee since i went to that golf school because i used to straighten it out almost all the way. Overall i've been good in keeping flex. But i need to get keep moving my shoulders properly. What can i do to work on that? Also, speaking of your 18 handicap, as long as you're somewhere near me, i'm ok with that. Advice from someone over 25 and most of it goes in one eye and out the other. Any sub 10 HI players have anything to add?
  9. I'm sorry, but i'm going to have to disagree with my spine angle being to tilted at address.
  10. Hey all. Just wanted to post these up to see what some of you think i can work on. I'm 6'2", 200lbs and i started playing 3 years ago. Took lessons at a local range within my 1st year and went to a 3 day golf clinic last August. I hit my driver any where from 230-250. As of now my ball flight with my driver and longer irons is a slight left to right if you couldn't tell already with the videos. I've been working on keeping some flex in my right leg on the back swing (i used to straighten it almost all the way), which in turn has restricted how far i can take back the club (I know, it
  11. For me, It depends on two things: 1)How hard/soft the greens are that day 2)How much green i have in between me and the pin. I didn't vote either
  12. I believe a reverse pivot/straightening of the back leg can cause you to hit fat or thin shots as well. That ties into your spine angle changing throughout your swing.
  13. I don't think gravity plays a role because it is a conservative (non-impulsive) force and does not affect whether momentum is conserved in a system.
  14. Ok, lets see if i know anything here and correct me if i'm mistaken (starting junior year ME:)): if anything, you would want the club head to be as far away from the instantaneous center of rotation (which I'm picturing to be somewhere near your shoulders based on the intersection of the lines of action perpendicular to the club head's tangential velocity and your hands tangential velocity at impact) at impact for the greatest club head speed possible. Tangential velocity = angular velocity * radius Hence the reason why longer clubs (longer radius) have the potential to generate more clu
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