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  1. Shot a 79 in a tournament today :) Very good score for me, first time under 80 in a tournament.
  2. Snagged our number 2 spot with a solid 76 today. The only unfortunate part was that that 76 ended with a double on 17 and a bogey on 18. OUCH!
  3. 42 at a tough golf course after starting cold with a double and a triple. I overslept and woke up at 10:45 to my buddy calling me on my phone to ask if i had left yet. BAD TIMES! After running out the door with clothes in hand and changing while driving (don't ask) and eating a piece of bread (breakfast of champions), all while driving dangerously fast I arrived at the course just in time to hustle up to the first tee. Starting stiff doesn't help and a poor drive set me up for a bad triple on the first, followed by an equally bad double on the second. At this point I was pretty steam
  4. Uhhhh usually for me it's the days that I start shanking the ball ;) Or the days that I can't putt. Or the days that I hit no fairways. Or the days my irons decide they will only hit 30 yard hooks. Or the days I never get up and down. Or the days...... You get the idea :)
  5. I ride a bike 20 miles or so a day, then lift some small weights and stretch. I also do 200 pushups, crunches, and reverse crunches every night before bed.
  6. I finally stopped fighting it and just started letting myself putt naturally. Arc all the way. I didn't miss inside of 7 feet yesterday so I must be doing SOMETHING right.
  7. I finally broke 80 for the first time! Woo Woo! 77 today. Was 2 under through 4 and just coasted from there. 32 putts, 12 GIRs
  8. -By April 14th, choose ONE putter and stick with it for the rest of the year. (Currently a battle between SIX(!!!) putters) -Don't hit range balls more than once a week. Practice PUTTING. -Keep hitting the ball well, but stop sucking it up with the flatstick. I am just so unbelievably frustrated with the putter(s) right now. I have had three 9-hole rounds so far (out of 4) with at least 6 GIRS, and I haven't broken par yet.
  9. Mhinderaker

    Free Golf.

    I work at a salt lake city owned golf course and get free golf at every city owned course (which is 7 different ones).
  10. Last time I had my SS measured was back in september and I was at 108 average. I also live at elevation which is definitely a big difference. I can carry the ball about 240-250 when on vacation in say South Carolina, but here in Utah, I can definitely get an extra 20-30 yards out of it.
  11. It was 40 here today........ annnnnnd i was stuck inside doing a math project. :'(
  12. Personally I spend a lot more of time on Golfwrx. This is probably because I have become an equipment-obsessed golfer. Oh well.
  13. Thanks Everardo, I'll see if I can make it down some time soon. Uintah is a great store and I love to support the locals instead of big boxers if I can.
  14. Hey guys I would really appreciate some help on this: I have been looking at picking up a 3-wood for a little more loft and control on my drives for tighter driving holes. My question is this: What shaft do you think would best suit my needs? I have a SS of about 105 miles an hour when I relax and don't go at it too hard, with a medium-quick tempo but I also tend to hit the ball pretty low. I have been looking at something like a Purple Ice 75-S, but if someone could give me a recommendation for a higher-launching not too boardy shaft at a reasonable price (less than 80$ preferably),
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