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  1. I went to Aberdeen yesterday with the same guy that I got the Ping Anser putter from because he was looking for a new one. We went into Roberts Golf and as we were checking out the putters I noticed that they had a Ping Sydney. I checked out some others with the intention of checking it out before leaving. He picked it up and asked if I saw it. I said yeah, then he asked if I saw the price tag, I said no. When he lifted up the tag with $85 on it I got it from him and checked it out. He told me that the putter was leaving that shop that day because if I didn't buy it that he would. I bo
  2. I've been fighting the out to in swing path since I first heard about it. What you're saying makes sense, I wasn't thinking about the swing path when I thought about ball position. I'll read up on the ball flight laws when I get back from my round.
  3. I have been playing for just over a year and it wasn't until about a month ago that the two knuckle deal finally sunk in. I have heard that you should see two knuckles when you set up and after checking a couple times I pretty much forgot about this part of the set up. I used to have a big slice issue with the driver. I tried rolling the wrists, going strong with the grip on my right hand and snapping the hips. I got the driver down to a strong fade and an occasional straight ball but I still wasn't too happy. I got fairly accurate with my irons by closing the face at setup - big time, meaning
  4. My clubs don't move when I toss them in the bed because it has Herculiner in it and that stuff grips like sandpaper. Most of the time I just stand them up, leaning against the front of the passenger seat though. That's how I carry them in my car too because Camaros don't have much of a trunk. If you're worried about movement then set the bag against the tailgate and wrap a bungie around the bag and hook onto both rear tie down points.
  5. I am a good example of what you're saying there. I'm not a skilled player (been playing less than a year) and I bought a barely used 14º Callaway FT-hybrid and I can't hit it any further than my 9 iron and that's when I do get it to fly. My Taylormade Burner Rescue 19º hybrid is another story though, I've been known to knock one over 200 yards with that thing and hit it good most of the time.
  6. I have the Ergonomix 10-way bag from Walmart. It was $40, it's really light and the legs spread wide. It has a water bottle pocket, a smallish front pocket, medium side pocket, large side pocket and a little valuables pocket on the side.
  7. I went to the range earlier since the sun came out for a while before dark. I like the club but I don't think it's any better than the Callaway going by how far I hit with it. One plus side is that it doesn't sound like slamming a porcelain mug on concrete when you contact the ball like the Callaway. It took me a few balls to start hitting either club decent because I was starting the wrist turn too late and slicing but when I remembered to turn my hands earlier in the swing I was back to hitting them fairly straight. Some day I'll have to go get fitted to make sure my clubs are ri
  8. I have read where a lot of people that own a Titleist 983E will take that driver to the grave so I had to have one. I found one in mint condition with a Fujikura Speeder stiff flex shaft on it for $45 so I couldn't turn it down. So what do y'all think of this club? It's raining today so I can't hit the range with it yet. I normally play a Callaway Hyper X and hit a personal best drive of 275 yards with it but if I can gain a little more consistency with the Titleist and only knock the ball 230 yards on every drive then I'll be happy with it.
  9. My personal best drive of 275 yards was with a Top Flite XL distance. Second best with the same ball was 270 yards. They're some of the cheapest but those buggers will go when you catch the sweet spot just right.
  10. Ping CRAZ-E. I really like it. I can't putt worth a crap with blade putters. I had a Target Line putter but I broke the head off of it when I dropped it on the ground beside me so I could chip. A friend traded me a Ping Anser for my Callaway Diablo Big Bertha 3 wood that I can't hit very well (gave $45 for it). Then about a week later I jokingly suggested to a guy in the pro shop that I had a putter that I would trade him for the CRAZ-E he had and when he told me to show him what I had I was surprised that he was willing to trade. He looked at the Anser and told me that he would take $20 p
  11. That's how I feel about it. I've been hanging around 100 lately (97-104) and If I played strictly by the rules then I would be around 110-115. Since I'm not playing in a tournament or for money then you can bet I'll take two off the tee, drop where the ball went into the water and break out the foot wedge when I'm behind a tree without taking a penalty. I'm still learning so every round is just practice for me. When I start seeing 80's (in other words getting a little more consistent) then I'll start following all the rules and see those 80's jump back into the 90's. That will be fine though b
  12. http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/?l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-203211/pgid-158908#l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-158907/pgid-158908 Nike Pro Combat compression shorts are awesome on a hot day. When you sweat a little and have any air hit your legs (walking will do it) then it feels like you have an air conditioner in your pants. Also it doesn't matter how much you move around, these things don't budge on your legs so no bunching up while you're moving about is a bonus.
  13. I haven't even tried on any golf shoes for the same reason, I have wide flat feet. The golf shoes I've seen look too narrow where the arch is on a normal foot just like running shoes.
  14. Or you could just hold alt and press 167 on the number pad.
  15. Used is the only way to go. That's why I love Play it Again Sports. Would you rather spend $110 on a new 56º wedge or $20 on one that looks like it hasn't seen more than one round? That seems like a no-brainer to me.
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