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  1. 86. ...but it felt more like a 96 because I just couldn't get the driver working... On the positive side, I played quickly, finished in about 2:15, and I don't think anyone notice me show up late to work.
  2. It really is a short (not much over 6200 yards), walker-friendly course. ...and this is Oklahoma, so it's flat - that helps too. But I think Buckeye nailed it - there's no lollygagging going on here. It's literally, tee-off on 1, walk to the ball, hit the ball, walk to the ball, hit the ball... I've played it a lot and the decisions about clubs/yardage are easy.
  3. 18, walking, not rushing = 2:15. (But not pulling pins either.) That said, my course is set up for walking (only one long walk from green to tee --- the clubhouse and practice area intervene between 9 and 10). If I hurry, I can get just under 2:00.
  4. 87. Worst round in... six months. :( And the weather was perfect - no excuses except lousy play on my part.
  5. Damn. I thought you were talking about Aussie Rules Football . Carn the Crow !
  6. ....I find them creepy - in an over-obsessed-stalker sort of way.
  7. If I Win I'll choose the DTX Midsize Red grips to start my 2015 golf season with a PURE advantage! 1. Henrik Stenson -10 2. Victor Dubuisson -11 3. Zach Johnson -12
  8. After about ten days of unseasonal snow, my e5's arrived just before a conference took me out of town for a week. You know how some golf balls just look good in your hand? That's how the e5s were. Well, at least as long as I kept their new chunky e5 logo pointed away from me. Still, I couldn't wait to get out and try them on the course. Flash-forward to this week, Spring Break, and I took a sleeve of e5s out for a comparison with the ProV1s that I most often play. I'm about a 12 handicap*. I have inconsistent ball-striking, and all the flaws we're trying to get rid of (I'm an over-the-top-slicer-sweeper). ProV1s have a wonderful way of exaggerating most of these flaws - if you ever want to see a series of line-drive slices, come play with me. The main point: it had been almost a month since my last round, and I was really excited to get out and play ... and to try out the the e5. I showed up at the course before sunrise, and was stoked to see that Tyler was the attendant -- he knows I play quickly and I knew he'd let me out before the tee-times started at sunrise. "Head out as soon as you can see." I followed my usual routine - turn on the GPS, no warm-up, just go to the tee, one practice swing, and ...CRACK! Split the middle - 234. But that was the ProV1. ...CRACK (just ever so slightly more thud-like than the ProV1)! yanked left, flirting with OB, but I found it next to a tree with a clear shot to the fairway, 238 from the tee box. From there, I went on playing two balls per hole -- I teed off with the e5 first every time, and I tried to hit the same shot (not a corrected shot) when I teed off with the ProV1. On the 3rd, the balls ended up 5 feet from each other (ProV1 further) - on most holes though, the e5 was closer to the hole. TEE SHOTS: The e5 lived up to its advertising. The ball flight was notably higher than the ProV1, and although I missed a number of fairways, I wasn't missing with BIG slices (like I do with the ProV1). IRONS: I only hit about six or seven shots really well. Most of them were with the ProV1. On the other hand, I didn't hit any donkeys with the e5. Was this the balls? No - just my inconsistent swing. That said, the e5 felt great the few times I hit it solid, and there were two times I hit the green with both balls, same club, about the same distance out, and both balls ended up about the same distance from where they hit the green. PUTTS: Can't tell you much except that I missed every single putt outside of 4 feet. Honestly, I thought the balls were really similar. The ProV1 has a familiar 'click' that just sounds right to me. The e5 doesn't sound bad - just a bit more... 'thuddy'. OVERALL: The e5 was good. I want to spend a bit more time with it before I write my review (which will be a slight expansion on this), but I really liked it. Of course, I also like the 330RX and the 330S... The ProV1? Good ball, but I mostly play it because my relatives keep on gifting me boxes of them. When I buy balls on my own, I've tended towards Bridgestone and Srixon balls. It's likely that I'll buy some e5s in the future. *Full disclosure on my handicap: my card says I'm a 9.3, but that card is a lying piece of pulverized wood. I'm convinced my course's rating is harder than it should be since the course is really not penal at all. For example, we've got next to no rough on the entire course, only eight bunkers, and lighting keeps on targeting the most strategically placed trees... Oh, and my three lowest rounds are within the next 5 to come off the card. Point is, I'm not a single digit. ...or, technically, I am but I don't have the game of a single-digit player! ;)
  9. 1) Handicap: in the single digits. 2) Driving: 6+ fairways per round. 3) Swing: get closer to an in-to-out swing path. 4) Clubs: get fit for clubs. 5) Rounds: more than 50 rounds for the year.
  10. Not at all. By the end of 18, I'm not sure I remember the shots on some holes from the front nine.
  11. Thanks for posting - this has been fun to read. I hope you'll discuss the 'competition' experience too. One of the (many!) problems I have with the game is that I keep forgetting what I *should* know -- especially when I'm eager to perform better. (Put another way, repeated mistakes frustrate me because it seems like I have only myself to blame...)
  12. 44 + 42 = 86. No birdies. 34F at tee-off. No one else on the course. 10-15 mph winds. Clear. ...beautiful. Full round walking (not rushing) in 2:16. Too many bogeys, but man did I have fun!
  13. Your friend is right - look at the politics and policies about this. It is going out of fashion!
  14. Anyone who objects to using golf as a verb cannot call himself (or herself) a golfer since golfer is formed by adding - er to the verb golf. Adding - er to a verb should give us a meaning like "one who verbs " (whatever the meaning of the verb is). Worker -- one who works, walker -- one who walks, talker -- one who talks, golfer -- one who.... I'm always amused by people who object to golf as a verb. ...that said, they are usually much more affluent than I am, so the objection probably works as some sort of socio-economic status indicator / social-ladder-climbing diagnostic.
  15. 85. ...set my personal speed record for playing 18 too... 1:46. Walking. (OK, I jogged down the fairway on a few holes.) Nearly perfect day. Cold enough to keep the crowds away (below 40F) but sunny and not too much wind. I could have played better though. Should have been 2-3 shots lower based on putting, I hit three trees (sorry trees), and two penalties.
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