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  1. Birdied 7 and 12, and 7 is new. Completely lucky to chip in on both of them. Thinned the shot on 7, hit the flagstick, and it dropped in. 🙂 Just lucky to have it roll in on 12.
  2. Late to post, but... I managed a par on the 18th on Sunday. Not a birdie, but now I've birdied or parred every hole on the course! 🙂 👍
  3. Six birdie putts, no birdies. 😞 ...but it was a fun round nonetheless!
  4. Roblar


    We got an "Avocado Green" mattress about two years ago. We liked the lack of chemicals and waste, and it was supposed to be good for 25 years. If you like a firm mattress, it's probably good. My wife likes it, but I think it's terrible. It was folded and rolled when shipped, and there is still a slight but noticeable give where the fold was. But, mostly, I just find it less than comfortable. 23 years to go, unless some of you can put in some great reviews that convince my wife to try another mattress! 🙂 (Actually, I may be able to convince her to put it in a spare bedroom so we can try a dif
  5. Yep. Back to normal as of a few months ago. The clubhouse requires a mask & there is tape on the floor to keep people distanced inside. The carts get sprayed down with gloop. Otherwise, it's golf as usual.
  6. Apologies in advance: this is an "I have no clue about this (the rules or rationale behind them), but it's the internet, so I'll type something anyway." post. Would the following analogy work for you? If you're taking a class, and the teacher says you can bring an index card with all the notes you want on it, you could prep, study, prioritize, and jot down what you think will help. In the test, you might still get a question that you didn't anticipate or prepare for. You don't get to go back to the books or google to solve it. ...you only have the prep-work you did and your
  7. Bad round overall, but I got a birdie on 10. My best on 18 is still bogey, but... maybe I can fix that next week!
  8. Really? ...I thought it was 5 minutes. <googles, reads, sighs> Shoot. I've learned something...
  9. He's usually in the mid to high 70s. 🙂 (Better than I am!) I feel like, if you tee off before 8:00, you should be a quick player. At least at my home-course, the early morning regulars are all fairly quick (or, at least, not slow). I would go nuts if I had to wait on slow groups with a pre-8am tee-time! Yes. Yes it is. ...for me and for my home course anyway! For me, the courses really clear out during winter. From late Nov to late Feb, it can be cold and windy. I don't mind playing in the 30s as long as it's not too windy. And I love being able to walk to t
  10. Yes. Trying to be realistic - probably a bit more than 4 min looking for each ball. Very frustrating because it seemed like we should have found them, but they hit trees & could have gone any direction. ...And no one was immediately behind us. With a group behind us, I'm sure we would have glanced, dropped, and moved on. But with no one behind us, we spent an extra minute hoping to save a stroke...
  11. I was reflecting on this thread today. Two factors that contribute to slow play within a group: Lost balls A drawn-out, complicated, pre-shot routine I hit trees twice and lost sight of where my ball went twice today. My partner had the same thing happen to him too. In three of the fours cases, the ball actually bounced through, farther than we though possible at first. In one case, we never found the ball. We lost 15+ minutes just to looking for lost shots. My playing partner has a long pre-shot routine. I think we lost about 20 minutes over the course of the round to
  12. 84. 40+44. Back nine got me again. Very consistent front nine. Failed to take advantage of a strong south wind on 16 again. 😞 I hit 4 edges with my putts too. I could easily have been 2-3 shots better - was a decent round for me.
  13. No birdies, but got hole #6, a long par-4, down to a par. (A strong south wind helped make the hole much more accessible...)
  14. Patience. Golf helps me work on my flaws and weaknesses. My patience, like my swing, still needs work. As we head into warmer weather, I know I'll get the chance to work on it. 3 hours feels like a long round to me right now. I'm going to miss temps in the 30s and 40s that keep most people away! I walk, and my game is like this: Walk to the ball; hit the ball. Walk to the ball; hit the ball. ...when I have to stop and wait on someone, it breaks my rhythm and drives me nuts. (Patience!) Especially when people have long, complicated pre-shot routines (Patience!!), or they walk
  15. 87. 40+47. Back 9 ate me up. Actually, it was really just 16 (carded a 9) that was terrible: tee shot into trees, had to hit it low... hit it too low into the edge of the cart path, ricocheted into water. Next shot... into the fairway. ...and then sliced into water. 😭 Consistency is still a ways away... Had a birdie on a short par-4 on the front 9. Hit a few good shots here and there. Average putting (for me - would be lousy for others!).
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