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  1. Love my TA'5 Gunmetal's, but time's running out for them. Looks like I have Callaway's in my future. I just rented X-20's at a club, and OMG, I wanted to steal them.
  2. Oakley 50% of the time on the track, Bolle's 20%, and Costa Del Mar's 20%...forget them in the car...10%. Oakley's are like budda', but the Costa's are best on the eye's hands down. Bolle's are great in overcast conditions.
  3. I gots me a woode last year, nice organization in the bag. Me like-e. Woode jokes, notwithstanding, of course.
  4. Ahhhh, it's YOU who's driving me bonkers on I-95 every week near Lumberton exit!