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  1. I've bought and sold a ton of crap on Ebay over the years, including clubs, with zero problems. My tip to you is to do intensive research on what you're looking for so you know all the facts / specifications / options, etc. Look through sellers' feedback and definitely contact them multiple times via email, phone call. Most high-positive feedback sellers don't mind at all answering multiple questions about their item(s) and a lot of sellers run their own golf shops on the side and just use Ebay to move their inventories. I've bought Ping woods, Vokeys, and a Scotty on ebay for under
  2. I sent my vokeys last month to Wedgeworks to get the same thing you're interested in. They did a phemoninal job and their customer service outstanding. Every question I had was answered via email within 24 hours (usually faster) with detailed responses. I would email them about your shaft question. I'm sure they can help you out.
  3. Lee Westwood - 278 Zach Johnson - 279 Hunter Mahan - 280
  4. I ordered my Mizunos through my local shop and got fitted for PX 6.0 (shaft optimizer). Custom built from the Mizuno factory and to my door in 4 days. So yes...Mizuno does offer PX shafts.
  5. I just acquired a new SM4 60.07 and only hit a few balls to compare to my SM 60.04...I feel like I still produce more spin with the old, non-conforming grooves of the SM, but once I get my wedges back from getting reshafted I'll be able to run some more comparisons. If possible, get one of each and head to the range to compare for yourself. The look of the SM4 line is definitely nicer I think...but not too worried about that. As long as it performs!
  6. Decide on whether or not you want to keep the hybrid or 3i in the bag...don't keep both obviously. Then, you'll be able to carry 3 vokeys if you want. If you are uncomfortable hitting 1/2 - 3/4 shots with PW, then I would suggest getting a GW (51, 52*) to go along with a 56* and 60*. Find your yardage gaps with the wedges to determine the makeup / proper lofts. My PW is 46* and I carry a 52, 56, 60. My yardage gap is roughly 10-12 yards between each. I'm very comfortable with that setup. Oh, and good call with getting Vokeys. I'll never play a different wedge :)
  7. Get fitted for proper grip size. You'll benefit greatly from it....I did.
  8. I'm pretty sure you can buy putter covers through Scotty Cameron's website. Don't know how much they go for, but worth a look.
  9. I got fitted last year for new irons - specs are +1/2 length, standard loft, flat 1 degree - ProjectX 6.0 shafts. I was coming off of standard everything, off the shelf irons....totally saw a positive difference in the custom fit irons. The problem I have now is I'm hitting the majority of my wedges thin from the turf, topping shots and sending them yards past the green - standard length, lie, lofts 52.12, 56.14, 60.04 Vokeys w/ wedge shafts. I hit the 56 and 60 the most during average round. These wedges I bought 3 years ago off the shelf way before I knew about custom fitting
  10. Just played 4 consecutive rounds over the July 4th weekend (Friday-Monday). Played a round by myself on Friday at a new course and shot an 84. Hit more greens in regulation than normal...putting was awful. Saturday-Monday played best ball and my foursome used my shots the majority of the time. Hitting fairways and greens consistantly. Great results with the new sticks. Project X 6.0 shafts give me a very nice mid-high ball flight. Hitting long irons much higher AND straighter than Burners. Ball lands soft and sticks which is amazing. Great feeling. Even with off center hits, still ge
  11. Great to hear. I pick my Mizunos up today at the shop. Can't wait to get out. Good job with the Ebay thing...I've picked up a few clubs (brand new) and have saved a nice chunk of change.
  12. Thanks! I pick them up on Wednesday. The shaft optimizer recommended the Project X shafts since I have a high swing speed. Can't wait to get out on the course.
  13. So I made the decision and went with the JPX 800 Pros. Double checked and picked up the AP1s and even the AP2s, just for kicks. Looked again at the Adams CB2s and although they are a sweet looking club, the slightly smaller head kept me away. Got fitted tonight and the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer is a pretty cool system. Recommended the Dynamic Golds, Project X, and KBS shafts. After hitting the 3 shafts, went with the Project X. The DGs and KBS just felt too heavy. Will get my prefered grip put on when they arrive at the shop on Wednesday. 4-PW +1/2 1 degree flat Can't
  14. I'm also curious since I'm very close to getting the JPX 800 Pros. Just demoed a full set yesterday. Liked them a lot. My local shop staff showed me the CB2s and the A12s and said they were the best comparison to the Mizunos, but did say that Adams is phasing out the CB2s very soon. I definitely noticed a smaller head on the CB2s compared to the Mizunos, but they still are a great looking iron. I'm going to see if I can demo the Adams. Should help my decision.
  15. I appreciate all the comments. Thanks everyone! Finally stopped by my local shop on the way home from work yesterday. Looked at both sets and definitely like the look of the Mizunos more than the Titleists. Thinner top line and sole for the JPX 800 Pros. The AP1s are just as bulky as my TaylorMade Burners...maybe even more. A little disappointed about that. Talked to the staff there about my game and what I'm looking for. Decided that the Mizunos would fit best and they actually gave me a full demo set to take home. Just got back from the range a few hours ago and like a
  16. Has anyone played both sets of these irons? I'm currently playing TaylorMade Burner 09s with the stock regular shafts. I never got them fitted (was before I was educated on fittings). I play them alright, but I'd prefer a higher tradjectory. Even my short irons have a mid, boring flight. And I'm just not into the stronger lofts. My club selection based on yardage is sometimes so off because of it. Not a huge fan of the ridiculously large amount of offset and the heads are just so bulky. I'm currently playing 1-2 rounds a week and shoot consistantly in the low to mid 80s. I
  17. Thanks guys for the responses and your advice. My typical ball flight is mid tradj. I'd really like to hit the ball higher...I feel like my short irons don't get the ball up like other players I've seen at the range. It does go straight though, with occasional draw. This really is my first big year getting back into the game (between college and military life, had to take a few years off) especially now that I have the free time. Really want to get serious. Looking at my own video, it seems that my upper body is leaning too far forward over the ball. Maybe I should be standing up t
  18. I have the Burner "1.0" I guess you can say. I love them too...great feel to them. Haven't played or demoed the 2.0s. Guessing they are fairly similar. I do know that the lofts on both sets are strong compared to other brands. That's how they can advertise farther distances. Glad you are enjoying them!
  19. Wow, thank you for letting me know. I just changed it and it should work now. Sorry for the screw up!
  20. Hello everyone. This is my first time posting a video and would greatly appreciate your feedback and advice. Thank you for taking the time to check it out. Driver and 8 iron. 27 yrs old, 15 handicap.
  21. Hey everyone, New to the site and hope to learn a lot. 27 years old, have played roughly 10 years with a few long breaks here and there (college, deployment). Have rekindled my love for the game within the last 6 months and really hope to significantly improve this year. Looking forward to chatting with all of you. Cheers!
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