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  1. I think he's been knocking back a bit of grandpa's cough medicine....
  2. So I guy called Dudley comes onto TST and this is his first post....hmmmmm. There's a connection here somewhere but I can't quite place it.
  3. Your response pretty much supports my post in it's entireity. Absolutely all empathy gone, you just care about the fact that he uses a cart and its unfair blah blah blah. That is seriously messed up. Have a heart for God's sake..
  4. The guy has a useless leg that he has stated will probably have to be amputated one day. And here he is playing in a US open which must be the unlikeliest dream come true...and here we are arguing about an advantage he's going to have over others and rulings and and and. Can we just take a step back for a second and be human??? The guy has a leg he's probably going to lose. If he needs a cart let him use a cart. I cannot believe we're arguing over some damn ruling. Something has gone wrong somewhere in our nature if that's what we're arguing about and attempting to disallow a player from compe
  5. Man alive Tiger hit the ball beautifully yesterday. I haven't seen him hit it that well in absolutely ages.
  6. I will respectfully disagree Shorty. He simply said do you have the round breakdown/where I can find the card? All you had to say was, Golf Channel, that's what I use and it's great and he would have said awesome, thanks. That's how normal people respond. Or you could have ignored it if it was going to be too much trouble to tell the guy what site you use and suggest that he use it too. Hell, if you find something awesome to do with the golfing world involving Tiger Woods, don't tell us. Come on here and say "hey guys, google Tiger Woods July 2012 swing change if you want
  7. All he asked was where can he see the scores or view the golf card. All you had to say was Golf Channel. If you know of a good site, such as the Golf Channel, this saves other members googling and then trying some out which aren't that great and eventually finding one that is good. By telling others which site you use and recommending it, you're helping others find the info they need. I seriously don't see how that makes him lazy or asking others to do work for him. You were just being an ass, plain and simple.
  8. John Daly is a great golfer though...no shame in being beaten by Daly... But you're probably right. Retirement is surely the only option.....
  9. I can't believe this thread is still so active. Golf is so obviously a sport it seems like an absolute no-brainer to me.
  10. Not sure if the post above me is for real or not haha...haha...err... Cranking a person with a golf ball can be fatal how can you not go and see that everything is ok and apologise??? So if I adopt your thinking, you hit a guy on a bicycle with your car...better do a runner, could get sued for this one....
  11. Maybe I came into this thread late but I can't for the life of me figure out what being athletic has to do with defining a game or activity as a sport. To me, golf is 100% a sport. It's a game and a sport. Soccer is a game and a sport. Baseball is both too. You can be overweight, unable to run a mile or be light on your feet and still be a crazy good golfer. You're still playing this sport. Your physical limitations have absolutely nothing to do with that. Golf is a sport for me, lumped into the sport category with almost any competitive game.
  12. Completely agree with turtle. If it's just touching the hands, I'm totally ok with any length. but as soon as it anchors to your belly or sternum or anywhere else, I completely disgree with it.
  13. I disagree that you can say it's the same thing as larger driver heads. Not even close. A belly putter anchors the putter to your body. I see it the same as using a training aid during a competition. You might as well put on some fancy device to keep your elbow position consistent. Or any number of other aids that are created to help you ingrain a repeatable swing. Dealing with the yips and all other crazy mental factors is part of this game. Anchoring the putter to the body seems like cheating to me. I cannot believe it was ever allowed and is being used today to be honest.
  14. I think he's enjoying life. Golf doesn't have to be be all and end all. The guy must be on cloud 9 right now. Got a green jacket, made some good money, got a family and who knows what else he does in his spare time. What a sweet deal.
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