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  1. The MP-t10's are cheaper. I just got a 52, 56, and 60 on ebay, all for $50-$60 a piece. In my opinion, their isn't a wedge out there that offers better feel than the mizuno's. Each wedge has it's own unique characteristics, but the feel of the mizuno's was what attracted me.
  2. What are the payouts like? How many places pay, and what do they normally pay? I've been considering entering some sort of competitive golf tournaments, but haven't taken the plunge yet
  3. How far north? I'm from Lake Orion. How do you like the MIAGT?
  4. Welcome! Where about in Michigan are you from?
  5. I was playing one day, and we were on the tee box of an uphill par 3 over water. Their is about 60 yards from the tee box to the front edge of the water, which is occupied by a large group of geese. One guy in the group catches it thin and laces a line drive that nails a goose. The goose literally gets rolled over from the impact of the ball. The goose stands up, shakes, looks around, and limps over to the ball and sits on it like an egg. The goose suffered a broken wing, and consequently never flew south with the rest of the group, but it survived for another couple of years on the golf
  6. akw512


    Just out of curiousity, if someone did this full time, what could they expect to make? I recently got laid off from my job and am looking for full time employment, but in the meantime have signed up to be a caddy at the local country club. I have no idea what to expect, or what the pay will be, but I'm just looking for something that I can do to pick up some extra cash. Plus it will give me the chance to play free golf on Monday's.
  7. Has anyone ever had a proper grip fitting??? I went to a local mom and pop shop the other day to buy some new grips and the guy asked me if I'd ever been fitted for grips before. I told him no, and he proceeded to fit me. He ended up fitting me for midsize grips (one size up from standard, I believe) which really surprises me since I have very small hands. I'm just curious if other have experience with this, and if so how the fitting was done. I ended up only purchasing one grip to try out in that size before I get all my grips done like that.
  8. I personally would just get a new 50*. You don't want to change your PW to a 49* and end up with a huge yardage gap between your PW and your 9I. I too have an aggresively lofted PW and am debating exactly what I want to do for wedges, but I think I've decide to go 52, 56, 60. If I feel like I have too much gap between my PW and 52, I'll get it bent a degree or two
  9. I rented the videos from the library a couple years ago. I was not impressed at all. His short game lessons aren't too bad, but the overall swing videos I did not find helpful at all. In fact, they probably did more harm for me than they did good. That being said, not every swing theory fits everyone. This may work well for others, but did nothing for me.
  10. I normally play a Pro V1, but will experiment from time to time. I still have a few Pro V's from last season left over that I'll use up, but after that it's the Srixzon Z-star's. I like the ball a lot, and I just got a good deal at Dick's, so I bought 4 dozen. Hopefully GMac will win the masters and I'll get even more!
  11. Has anyone ever tried the "Bionic" golf glove. I tried one on at the store the other day, and it felt amazing to me, but I didn't want to drop $25 on the glove without hearing about it from someone else. I'm willling to spend the money if it's going to work well and be durable, but if it's going to wear out quickly I won't spend the money just because the glove feels that good on my hand.
  12. I am signed up with their "Scorecard" program, and never got anything in the mail with coupons. Come to think of it, I haven't recieved anything from them since last fall or so. Does anyone have one that they don't want, or don't plan to use?
  13. I have heard that Dick's has $20 of a purchase or $100 or more, but I can't find the coupon anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find this, or anyone have one that they are not going to use?
  14. I've tried them out on two seperate occasions, and although I normally prefer a basic no-frills blade, I did find the alignment aid on the D.A.R.T. to actually be helpful. The weight seemed to feel much better, and much more balanced than previous two-ball putters
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