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  1. Finally broke down and succumbed to Taylor Made's marketing machine, bought an R11 10.5 degree driver and the RBZ 3 wood. Can't wait to see if the launch monitor results translate to the course!
  2. Here is our schedule for our annual Myrtle trip commencing on 4/28 4/28 - 18 @Shaftsbury Glenn 4/29 - 18 @ Legends Moreland / 18 @ Legends Parkland 4/30 - 18 @ Glenn Dornoch 5/1 - 18 @ Wild Wing 5/2 - 18 @ Legends Parkland (not thrilled with repeating a course we played 3 days earlier) 5/3 - 18 @ Myrtle Beach National, Kings North / 9 @ MBN South 5/4 - 18 @ Heather Glenn Of the courses we have in the lineup for this year my favorite would be Kings North. I do like the Glenn courses too and am glad to see them back in the rotation this year. The Legends c
  3. And pray that you are playing Match-Play and not Stroke-Play!
  4. I'm not sure where I read it but I remember seeing a golf pro a few years ago that basically said, for high handicappers, it's more important to practice the full swing than the short game. The theory behind that is that if high handicappers can't get off the tee, hit their full approach shots, etc with any sort of consistency, they won't score (and more importantly, they won't enjoy the game). We all know how miserable it is to play if we can't get off the tee. Now, as you lower that handicap into the range of the OP, the short game becomes much much more crucial imo...
  5. That's the beauty of the trip for me - I just have to show up! ;) One of the guys who organizes the trip makes all of the golf plans and I honestly have no idea how he does it! My favorite track from this year was Willbrook plantation while the Big Cats courses we played were the bigger disappointments.
  6. Oh yeah, it's happened to everyone I'd imagine. Here's the deal, if your -19 had won, there would have been a team sitting at -18 figuring that you guys had cheated too!
  7. Just got back from Vegas and played at the Legacy Club while I was there. Very nice course, very well maintained, two thumbs up! http://www.thelegacygc.com/sites/courses/custom.asp?id=944&page;=53440
  8. 96 yesterday (51-45) ~sigh~ On the plus side, my ball striking was very good. I hit 11 of 14 fairways and all 4 of the par 3's but my putting was HORRIBLE! I only 2 putted 2 greens, 3 putted 15, and 4 putted 1!!! I could blame the condition of the greens as they had just been aerified and given a fresh layer of sand, but still, no excuses for that kind of putting... I play on a pretty tough course, rating 72.4 with a slope of 134 from the white tees.
  9. domc36 - I had the same issue with my irons and it turned out I needed a lie adjustment. After hitting off a lie board, the club fitter determined that my lie was 1 to 2 degrees too upright on my irons. Too upright of a lie causes you to hit the ball more toward the heel of the clubface, effectively pulling most of your shots to the left. A quick lie adjustment on my irons has solved that problem and my irons are working much better for me now.
  10. So I just watched a rebroadcast of Stacy Lewis holing out the 18th hole at the Kraft Nabisco where she was almost immediately met by a group of friends who proceeded to douse her with champagne - right on the green! Courses treat their greens with such reverence that I was kind of surprised they would allow a champagne shower - I'm assuming that won't do any damage??? Also, did you hear that Lewis's mom broker her leg on the leap into the Poppie's Pond - ouch!
  11. Interesting.... I have always thought it was exactly the opposite, courses preferred carts to drive on the fairways rather than the rough. Of course the best place to drive a cart is the cart path but when not on the path, I always thought the fairway was preferred...
  12. Our Myrtle Beach trip
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