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  2. Not a discovery been around for years and need to do some reading and research....players such as Tom Watson..David name a few have and continue to use STA.......oh yes and now ive posted 28 times.....have a good day
  3. First of all didnt invent anything...took someone at their word went out and tried worked for me.... therefore thought i would share it......if you want to know where it came from its from dont have a golf instructor or "guru" as some of our infamous country club pros like to say.........just found something that works better than the most complicated golf swing than ive ever seen....instead of fundamentals we should call it "complications".. hell it took Ben Hogan most of his life to figure it luck.....and for most of you with closed minds good luck..youll need it as for really very happy with a 4 or 5 handicap off the back tees at age is you ever want to play...warning if you dont hit the ball over 250 then be prepared to be short all day long....because i last post as to the delight of most here...bye quite gone yet....just wanted to say this...didnt say my swing was best for everyone..never said that..but def better for me and worth experimenting with if you have the "balls"...
  4. First of all if my swing matched that of your example i would agree with you....he has rotated his his forearms which have rotated his wrists to get to that position...think about taking your right hand by itself...keeping your palm facing the ball and taking it back as if you were gonna slap someone...would you rotate it open then back..i dont think so........
  5. you need to read ALL the article.....the clubface is basically laying on the arc facing the is still "square to the arc"(180 or very close)....and my forearms do not rotate......put your left hand on the golf club and show 4 knuckles and you will see that your forearm doesnt have to rotate.....No forearm rotation.....when i see my club facing the sky its def perfectly square to the arc of the swing plane,,,if you say its 90 degrees then so be it(90 degrees to me is parallel to the arc)..if you rotate the club up then its perfectly parallel to the swing -plane or perpendicular to the arc...i call what you call 90 degrees laying perfectly across the plane and staying there until impact...does that help at all...if you see my swing you will just say its like my "teacher/guru".....the clubface simply "turns over" as the back swing progresses to facing the sky and to me the clubface itself is laying at 180 degrees......if you read the article you will see that...some students have some rotation while others dont........this if "you dont rotate then the club is over your head" is ridiculous!!
  6. Where you are totally off is that when we say square to the arc thats exactly what we mean..i think its terminology that goes wrong here....if you take a hula hoop..and put a clubface directly in the center of it facing the ground and slide it back keeping it on the hoop the clubface actually turns skyward somewhere close to parallell on the backswing...did you read the whole article?....
  7. Thanks for catching that...
  9. Sorry heres the link again
  10. Sorry didnt mean to infer that i was the guy in the video(just noticed that you thought i was trying to say that the guy in the video was me) said that this is my golf swing...and as you can see the driver head is pretty close to facing the ground at ive posted a link that explains(with pictures) why Tom Watson Moe Morman David Duval and others used this "square to the arc" method....but you no longer have to take my word for it(which you didnt).....just show me due respect and read the articles.........thank you....
  11. Hopefully this will explain it much better than ive tried to.......thx Roy
  12. I am able to use this method even with my driver and actually hit it further than using know what else and this is with the irons of divots are dollar bill long versus a small half dollar size in the dirt ...meaning the clubface has stayed longer on the ball and down the line...meaning better accuracy....i know youve probably noticed that since u use the square to the arc with your curious...i use a very very strong your left hand strong on the club...thanks for your response...Roy
  13. Im having some "up to date" shots taken. hope to post them soon....but first of all....i understand what u are saying and dont mean any disrespect....if theres any rotation in my wrists it is certainly a very minimal amount...ive been trying to think of ways to best convey my thoughts on this.......and i think this may left hand on the golf club is extremely other words i have pretty close to 4 knuckles visible at address....with my right hand "covering " the left thumb as you would expect.....2...when i take the club left hand simply has to hinge(with out rotating) and the right hinges back on 90 degrees the clubface is facing the ground....the right arm stays very close (doesnt disconnect) thru out the other words i try to keep 2 towells under my armpits when i practice.....the angle ive created is maintained(hopefully) thru impact......3.....If i was able to keep turning beyond parallel the club face would indeed face the sky or be damn close....Thanks Roy
  14. take a hammer hold it in your right hand....a 2x4 is standing directly in front of you with a nail started into the board from the right side of the board you will hammer the nail through to the left certainly are not going to 'rotate' the hammer open then shut it back to hit the simply hinge the wrist and hold the angle and "hit" the nail..the most simple move there is....the wrists actually determine whether the clubface is directly on plane or square or perpendicular to it....with the hammer..the head always faces the nail...just as with the golfclub the face always "faces" the ball until its taken so far into the back swing that it eventually faces the sky unless you dont take it all the way back...very simple..AND...YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TELL FROM A DISTANCE BETWEEN A SQUARE TO THE ARC SWING OR A CONVENTIONAL"ON PLANE" SWING....and this is also a "single plane" swing..because it doesnt go around AND up and then drops back down near impact.......not saying its for everyone but does indeed work for me....thanks Roy
  15. My swing.....this will compare the conventionalforearms rotation with the "square to the arc"...not "parallel to the arc" swing...keep in mind that both swings are on plane but one is square or perpendicular to the arc and the othe is parallel to the close attention as to how each is acheived......neither swing looks crazy at hopefully the link works