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  1. Thanks for this! Another view. I came to conclusion that there's so many schools about this that i shouldnt worry about it too much for now, get the basic movements under control, then let it rip! :)
  2. I'm playing around with these things, and I was searching for this! Coming from other sports there's few oddities in this one. One being that there's so much talk about importance of the hip turn, that I do understand, but then you want to restrict it in the backswing!? In my opinion the whole "different backswing-downswing" thing is odd. But what do I know. So anyway, I was playing around and the way to get the firing sequence correct on the downswing to me, was to think just like the guy above, to think through the hips. Anymore input please, from anyone more experienced than me? :) Cheers, B