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  1. Where to start in a new set of clubs?

    Great advice! I would suggest the same.
  2. Tipping the Beer Cart girl

  3. Driver Help - "Right Way" ?

    Great advice, and glad to hear your hitting it well! I believe that the reason why many teachers tell students to Hit up with driver is to compensate for the lack of loft in the club. Its why so many people like their 3 wood and hate the driver. The 3 wood has much more loft. Tour players on average hit down with a low lofted driver, if the average golfer tried to do this with the same lofted driver they would have terrible ballflight ( if they had a slower ss). I have tried that and mine goes knee high. So to compensate for the if you hit up on the ball your adding loft. Why not just get a more lofted driver, instead of changing a good swing? Trying to master one swing in golf is hard enough, let alone two! I still cant believe that most people play the same loft as tour players, then wonder why they are so inconsistent. Maybe the reason why the LPGA on average hits up on the ball is because they have too strong of equipment? Growing up I bet many girls are given their dads or brothers old sticks, which were probably really strong....so they had to learn a way to hit them. If they didn't hit up on them they I bet got bad ball flight. I don't think that means that hitting up on it is a good thing, I think its a compensation. I could be totally wrong..lol
  4. 13* 3Wood? or 13* Driver?

    My opinion is that the reason why many people hit their 3/5 woods more consistently then driver is the loft on the club. Maybe the reason you started to lift the ball with driver is because at some point you saw your ball flight low, and you compensated for that by adding loft in your swing. Why else would you be "lifting" your club. You also most likely will fall more backwards and never transfer your weight properly. ( like hitting a lob in tennis and falling back vs hitting a forehand and following through). If you gave yourself more loft in the driver, then you can let the driver do the lifting part and you can just try to propel the ball forward...not up. I do not think most people should be playing the same loft as tour players ....simply because they do not have the same force as they do. I am not sure if this relates to you or not? Good luck!
  5. Looks great! I'm surprised that its also pured....that's sweet!
  6. Getting Fit for Clubs

    A Fitting can vary from fitter to fitter. Most of the time you get what the above poster described. Some people fit statically, some fit dynamically. Things to look for in a fitting- Will you be hitting off of a lie board? This is the correct way to get your true lie angle. How many combinations will the fitter use? The more the better. If they only have a few, then your really limited to what you even can be fit into. Some big companies have fitting carts with 50-200 options, while others like Henry Griffitts have up to 4000. How long will it take? If they say it takes 15 Min's, I would find someone else. Do they evaluate your swing, looking also at your current clubs? This is important to understand why you swing the way you do, if you need to correct anything before getting fit, and if you can adjust your old clubs...or get rid of them. A good fitter/teacher is ideal. Will you be hitting indoor on a simulator or outdoor on a range, or both? If indoor on a simulator, you want to make sure its an accurate one. There are some out there that do not measure correctly, so it will give poor readings. You need to either have a very accurate Sim, or be on a range to test ball flight.Ideally both. Will the clubs you will be hitting be the exact same specs as your receive? Check out the tolerances, they vary from each manufacturer. Make sure you actually get to hit the clubs with all the combinations put together Do they fit dynamically or statically? Should be the same price, but dynamic fitting is much more accurate. Those are some key things to look for in a good fitting. Good Luck!
  7. They actually don't sound that bad, ( it could be a lot worse) if you wanted to you could adjust the 7 iron. It might tend to go right on you. ( or if it's your favorite club, the other clubs could be adjusted to match that.) If you were going to do anything else with those clubs I would check the swing weights and total weights. Good luck! Oh and its great that your club pro will let you use the club and tweak it as much as needed, sounds like a good option. I would recommend getting fit using a lie board.
  8. Couple things to note- There is a balance between fitting and building....if you are getting a good fitter, but not a good builder then you might not even end up with the clubs you were fit to. If you get a good builder that is not a good fitter, then you might end up with clubs that do not actually "fit" your swing. A great fitter/builder will do a dynamic fit on you. A plus to that would be, someone who also checks to make sure that you are balance. Giving lessons if needed to correct compensations you may have developed as well. This insures you are not fit you to a poor motion. ( this is very important because once your fit to clubs, you are somewhat stuck in that swing). Many people underestimate how much clubs dictate what you do in your swing. In that fitting you should be hitting the exact clubs you will be buying, while hitting off of a lie board and watching ball flight. This way you will feel confident with what your getting. -Tolerances- Big manufactures do not have tight tolerances, so the clubs your actually fit for can be all over the place ( somewhat makes the whole "fitting" pointless if you don't actually get what you ordered) Good builders should be able to show you (by measuring) that your clubs are exactly what you ordered when you pick them up. -Guarantees- You want to go to someone who stands behind their work, a good builder will. A good manufacturer will as well. Some big name companies will adjust lie and loft for life, which is a plus. - Price- Honestly you can get a good builder to work with your budget, and get you a quality set of clubs for the same price or cheaper then big brands. If you are thinking about getting custom clubs, make sure your getting fit properly and then built properly. If one of those is missing, you might as well grab a cheap set of clubs off the rack.
  9. Ladies Drivers

    Just because she is tall does not mean she needs an extra long shaft. Sometimes taller players will play more of a "standard" length, and sometimes a shorter player will play a longer shaft... It all depends on how they can control the length. Usually people have a harder time hitting the sweet spot with longer shafts, so you want to determine length by having her actually hitting different length shafts. Regarding loft.. If your not going to have her get dynamically fit, then I would say to get her the most lofted club you can find. The brand is not as important...Loft is what makes a big difference in a driver. Many women can have a hard time because they are using low lofted clubs, then trying to lift the ball up...which in turn makes for a weak swing.( this goes for men as well.) It's better to caution on the side of too much loft vs too little of loft. I would experiment with woods... Does she hit a 7 wood well?A 3 wood well? If so then check the loft on that club and try to find a driver with that amount of loft on it. ( just a side note... Clubs sometimes are not always what they say they are.... So get the club checked out for true loft)...a local club builder can usually do that. I would highly recommend getting her dynamically fit, if she is planning on playing a lot of golf. This way she can spend her time working on improving instead of spending her time trying to figure out how to make Ill fitted clubs "work" for her. The above advice is if you do not want her to get fit, and are just trying to find a club that's decent.
  10. It depends. You only buy what you use, so you can customize whatever you want. So if you don't hit a 3 iron you don't have to buy one. They usually end up being right around what you would pay for a custom set of the bigger name clubs.(800 and up) depending on how many your getting. They all come SST pure as well, which is pretty cool.( only company to do that) The bad/and good thing is you have to get fit by a certified HG fitter. So if you don't have one in your area, your out of luck.
  11. Just got my Edel putter, and love it! I want your tan cover... Mine is black! Did you have that option when you ordered yours?
  12. Tom Wishon on being fit for clubs

    Your correct you should use a lie board and impact tape...that would make it a dynamic fitting. A static fitting can't determine lie angle, length, flex, or loft correctly. So when I say that static fitting and buying off the rack are the same, I mean they will produce the same results...its a guessing game.