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  1. Sowbug2000


    ewww, Cordova Club....TIGHT! I haven't played there in I don't know how long!
  2. I hurt my rib last year...heard a "pop" on my second shot on the 10th hole....tried playing a couple of more holes, but I was giving up on the downswing. Only time I've ever quit a round. I think I sat out 4 or 5 weeks. Unfortunately, like you, I was playing my best golf at the time....still haven't gotten back there, but its from a lack of time to play - not injury-related. Speedy recovery!
  3. Fishes, I shake hands with people I don't know well, or just met, but not with my regular group....we usually grab a beer and settle the bets. P.S. Love your avatar! Nice Bow!
  4. Sowbug2000


    What's up, Tazz?? Where were you playing? That guy sounds like an A-hole, to me...even though they were letting you play through. Most people I play with would've hit the drop zone, including me....but if you saved a bogey out of it...what does he care?
  5. Southern Golfer here.... Most always have starters down here... Marshalls are hit or miss...may see fewer marhsalls, at least for now, with the economic woes.
  6. Ryann definitely blew it. She should've gone for the green in 2, if she's such a long knocker. I am a bit surprised that the girl from KY knocked it stiff! But, just like Sara chipping in....there is luck involved. Seema advanced, on her own merits, so....anything is possible. In all the Big Breaks I've seen, lthe best player doesn't always win. James Nitties didn't win, and I don't know if he was the best on that season, but he's been doing well on the PGA tour.
  7. I have two Cleveland Wedges - 56 and 60, but I can't hit them well on full shots....kind of sucks, I know. I use my PING G10 Gap Wedge for a lot of approaches or the PING PW. Not as much spin or check as the Clevelands, but I can hit the PING so much more accurately.
  8. Poon, that's exactly what I was thinking....I'm in yall's boat....can't keep it going. Either takes too long to warm up, or fall apart on the back. Usually, takes a while to settle into the round. CONGRATS Shorty.....I'm still waiting for my first eagle.
  9. Duuude, I hear ya! It's my escape too! I live for it - my outting almost every Sunday. I got my little girl a starter club and she's only 20 months...got it a few months ago. She just drags it around, can't really swing it yet. I posted a pic of it on another thread...maybe the Big Break thread. Anyway, GO VOLS! Alum here!
  10. HeadHunter, Wait til you get married!!! Owwwww!!!! But seriously, when you do and if you have kid(s), Golf may be your only "social" men's outing. Pretty much is for me, and that's okay, but you really want to enjoy yourself and take those oppportunities when you can - once a week, twice a month, whatever. This whole goat rodeo the OP has gotten himself into is a real pickle....I wouldn't want to be in it. He's probably not going to be happy either way....ticked if he has to bail on his partner and the thrill of competing.....or peeved that the wive drew her line in the sand about Family vs. Golf. Good luck, Brother!
  11. "Took my wife golfing........ " NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Sowbug2000

    Pet Peeves

    John105, Noise may not bother you, but many consider it golf ettiquette NOT to cause distractions (movements, noise, visual) during playing partners turn. My 2 cents.
  13. Sowbug2000

    Pet Peeves

    In no particular order: 1. People that talk while you're addressing or in the middle of your swing. 2. Talking, moving around, jingling change in our pocket, on the green (See #1). 3. Taking practice swings while someone else is addressing/swinging. 4. Looking for balls too long. 5. Someone that constantly b#tches about their game (whether its good or bad) incessantly!
  14. Speaking of the Save/Send twist this year....what are everyone's thoughts on Carling's turn with that? That new feature turns this into "Big Brother" or "Survivor" with all the "gameplay" stuff. FWIW, I thought Sara (one of my favs) kind of jumped on Kelly (was that her name that saved Sara) for making the comments about I saved you yesterday....lighten up a little. I thought it was a joke. Anyway, thoughts on the Save/Send?
  15. I never said Carling wasn't talented...and you might be right (with the SAVE/SEND feature) Ryann might be gone in two shows. From what I've seen, they've both hit some pressure shots. Kudos to Carling for that chip on the Par 5. Anyway, I think Ryann is one of the more talented players on the show and probably the longest hitter, with some good tournament experience. Not that I'm rooting for her to win, necessarily, I just think she's a pretty talented and determined golfer. I will keep watching, no matter who gets voted off....and I hope its not Carling and Sara. That would make for a good final, cause it seems (producer editing perhaps) that they don't like each other.
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