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  1. What kind of formats for tournaments have people played in that they liked? Could be a scrambles, best ball, anything... Any weird formats that people want to try? We've done 3 clubs and a putter, 2 person ball buster (tip n tuck/supers revenge) but from the front tee box, par 3 challenge (turning all holes to a par 3 with Closest to the pins on every hole). I thought about trying to create a par 3 cross-country style, like trying to find gaps in trees or having more fun with the elevation changes on the course.
  2. @reidsou or others from WA interested in attending a seminar on the WHS Washington Golf Event Portal ::
  3. Next round after that 72 was yesterday. I kept going with my same feels. Driver once again started out a little hooky, but I played for it and it worked out. Ball flight was pretty consistent, a 5-8yd draw. It's a little more than I want, but it's ok for right now. The tough part is trying to hit a cut. My swing path is in to out a bit much so makes it hard but I made do. Ended up with a 69 (-3). Made a few more putts. Short game wasn't as on point this round. With everything a little wet all day, I couldn't get the ball to stop. Overall, I am pleased with how things are going. I have a few scramble events coming up next.
  4. One of the US Open qualifiers I played in had a rain storm pass through the previous night. All bunkers had some sort of water in it or very muddy. The maintenance spent the whole morning driving in sand to fill greenside bunkers to make playable but the fairway bunkers were horrible (obviously due to weather not insufficient maintenance but the point remains). My ball ended up in a mud puddle in a fairway bunker while my feet were actually on nice enough raked sand, 2 very different conditions. Honestly while it sucks to have happen, I love the challenge. I put my 2nd on the green and made par.
  5. My association sent out an email to all professionals or whomever is in charge of the course, to send the most recent scorecard with updated pars/allocations so that the database and scorecards are the same. We are not required to change anything, they just recommend certain things. For eg we have a short looking par 5 on scorecard but it goes wayyy uphill. Instead of 450ish, it plays like 500 or more. I’m guessing this first year will be a little hectic.
  6. I know a fellow pro who works at a Trump course (i think he’s still there). Was my roommate for lev 3 PGA. He waited until last possible moment to say where he worked. He didn’t want to have to answer a bunch of questions. For him, there’s obviously a market for Trump merch and the courses are generally very well maintained. Good place to grow. I don’t remember what I said before in this thread but I would play one but I’d have to hide that from my wife. She’d murder me. I just want to golf places for the golf and the fun.
  7. Ladies are hitting the 7iron "purer" than you are. Center hits produce higher ball speeds. Lag and attack angle are not directly related. Think driver, pros have lag yet are trying to have a positive attack angle. I agree with this, in that you want to retain your launch and spin, with your age. Height will be your friend as the swing slows down a bit. I would watch smash factor, as it directly relates to how contact on the face was. I also watch angle of attack and spin. Playing around with their relationship will give you optimal ball flights. The tough part is how do you play with these? What do you change to produce different numbers? Trial and error works, pros work faster and better. I also like to look at path angle vs face angle at impact. You want those two numbers to be close to one another. EDIT: at the end of it, some numbers are only good for confirming things (like smash factor, distance) while other numbers help you decide what needs to be adjusted (path angle vs face angle, angle of attack)
  8. The 100 mile qualification is one we don't fit into for sure. But we are also very unique, good conditions, and tough. Some people call us a "hidden gem" near Seattle, while others don't like it. I'd put Shuksan at a 6-6.5 with Eaglemont. Loomis, I'd say is the 7 in our area.
  9. Yeah. I'm obviously biased and would rate it higher than others would. But it might also be because there aren't a lot of good tracks within 35 miles.
  10. I'd call mine a 6.5. Usually good shape, the views are great, and the course is unique.
  11. Played a small event yesterday. I had no idea how the day would go because of trying to flatten my swing A3-A4. I have 3 feels/thoughts that I've been using: hands ahead at start and impact, bring hands across chest/below right ear, and think 3/4 backswing. The 3/4 backswing is trying to shorten the swing. At least according to mevo, the overall distance has not been affected by this. The hands across chest/below right ear is the flattening aspect, which I'm not sure how well I succeeded yesterday. The hands ahead helps with consistent ball flight. I had a few shots early on get away from me because of not doing this properly. Ended up shooting even par, 72. Driver was better on the 2nd 9, and irons were generally good. Wedges were probably the best part of my game, which is odd considering my year. But that is the point of my practice. Making those partial shots, including wedges, better. I had 12 GIR; the 6 I missed I scrambled 50%, so I had 3 birdies too. No 3 putts which is nice. 2 of the bogeys came from hitting the drive into the trees, and the other came on the short par 5 18th, when I dunked one in the water near the green. I think I tried to baby it in there, aka I got cocky. Putting was ok, I made everything inside 8ft, but outside of that, I was burning edges. Couldn't read the greens well, tbh. When I played more break, it didn't, and of course when I tried to then play less break, it broke more. Oh well. Regarding the full swing, I am pleased. Distance was up across all clubs, ball flight pattern was mostly consistent, a 5yd draw, and while I don't know how flat I really was, it definitely feels that way. I'll check today and keep working. The round felt average, really, and to have a decent score makes me feel good about where this is going.
  12. Early leg extension, the left leg should retain some flex and rotate then extend right around impact. Basically need more rotation as you move the weight forward. One way to see/understand this feel is by holding your club in your elbows with the clubhead on trail side and toe pointing up. Set up in a golf posture with a ball in a normal position. Backswing is swinging the club back so the butt end of the grip is pointing at the ball. Downswing is bringing the clubhead back to the ball. You should feel that left hip really rotating to get the clubhead back. If you early extend in this drill, the clubhead can’t get to the ball.
  13. It’s different than 2 weeks ago. Slow practice swings have actually looked good but when I try full speed with the same feel, it goes back up. Shortening my swing will help which is another move that will be tough. Hard for me to find more than 5min at a time to practice, I know it will be slow going. At the end of the swing? Yeah not sure how that started.
  14. phillyk

    Best Shot in Golf

    It was between sinking a super long putt that I saw going in from the beginning and the drive. I chose the drive, but specifically a high draw that is going a mile like I want. Reason being, if my driver is doing that, then the rest of my full swing shots are also on point. It’s how my game normally goes.
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