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  1. Pro Shop Hat Sales

    We sell more course logo than brand name. I guess we stock few brand names though. Even titleist hats have our logo on them. But most people in the past have preferred our logo hats.
  2. There are multiple reasons for longer hitters, but if they want to roll distance back, choose something that's not directly changing the players equipment or physicality. Adjust the course conditions set up for these guys. Look at the BMW right now, they are carrying it near 300yd sure, but with practically no roll. The course is about the standard 7200yds. Scores are close to what you'd expect for a tournament. You don't need to lengthen a course when fairways are not rolling out. Once you get those 20yd bounces and 30yds of roll, then we have a problem and need to water the FW or at least grow the grass a bit more to stop the roll out. Another eg was Chambers Bay. On TV those FW rolled an absolute mile giving guys 400yd drives or something, but in my round on a normal day, barely anything. I think equipment is fine, just stop drying out the courses so much. Dry the greens sure, but make the FW's soft.
  3. Tournament prep, 1 week

    In addition to iacas, don't over-think every step or every day. Some people burn themselves out before the tournament even happens. Make sure you are still out to have fun.
  4. I play the same ball, mostly for spin reasons. Off the tee doesn't bother me to use a rock. But around the greens, it annoys me when I'm not getting the spin/control that I want. Distance changes anyway with temperature, so that doesn't bother me so much.
  5. Born with Clubface Control

    Oh I know I failed it haha! I planned on the hook, so it ended up about where I wanted it, but I knew I wasn't going to keep it straight. This is me. I am screaming "NO!" as I hit the ball when I know it's a bad swing. I can't change anything mid-swing. I have to stay committed.
  6. Born with Clubface Control

    After my two shots, the extreme weak position kind of hurt. My wrists aren't that flexible and don't bend like that. Thus the weak grip shot sucked. The strong gripped one was actually solid. Sure it hooked maybe 20yds, but I had good contact.
  7. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    Well I had 3 low scores drop out and I couldn't replace them with similar, so I moved to +0.7. Now just need it back to over par figures for Newport Cup
  8. My Swing (phillyk)

    Well I'm an idiot... of course it's one of those things that someone needs to smack me for. Today I realized as I was playing that I started flipping my wrists instead of holding off for my pitches. So I'd skull it a lot as my tempo increases and as I get more nervous because I'd been sucking. First few pitches after the realization have been back to normal. Glad that's over.
  9. My Swing (phillyk)

    I played in a pro am yesterday. I will write this as I think about my round and go through it all, because it was interesting and my opinions of the round may change as I go. I have played at Fairwood G&CC before but it was not enough I guess, because I had a lot of great shots that turned out horrible because of going through a dogleg I didn't know I'd do or just plain bad luck. I hit the ball great overall. But short game, once again was a let down and now is priority 1 for practice. It's so stupid to not have at least a decent short game. The weather played a factor, because it was 46 degrees when we teed off with a heavy dew sitting on the grass, so the ball picked up grass clippings and had no spin for the first half of the round or so. I started on hole 10. #10 - par 5 - 535yds: I take driver and aimed down the right side of the fairway because it'll go straight or with a draw. Well I pushed it a tiny bit, maybe enough to be no more than 5yds from the fairway, but it went into the trees and I was thinking I'd be fine. I get to the ball only to realize there is a fence line that sticks almost out the fairway. It was an OB fence line for the residential properties that I didn't know were there from the tee. So no relief. Punch out to FW. I hit a great 3wood to 5ft short of the green, and I royally chunk the chip. I could feel it that I was yippy (UGH!). 2 putt bogey. #11 - par 4 - 370yds: I took 3 wood because I wanted to keep it mostly straight and run down the fairway. I over-drew it a tad. It ended up just off the fairway in a decent spot to approach green from. I hit the shot well from 70yds, but with no spin, it took off and ended up 25ft away or so. Easy 2 putt par. #12 - par 3 - 170yds: Funny, i had to use a 7 iron on every single par 3 this round. Kinda weird. This one, my club slipped in my hand around impact, so the face stayed open and I ended up 6ft or so into the rough but pin high with a easy looking uphill chip. And I over hit. Honestly, this one I thought I had hit perfectly, but with no spin because of being wet and grassy, the ball rolled out to 15ft away with a weird break. Missed it and made bogey. #13 - par 4 - 390yds: This is the hardest hole on the course and the toughest green I have ever played because of being on the wrong side. I hit the driver down the pipe and left me 95yds uphill approach to the green. This green has 2 levels, the bottom has lots of room but the upper level in the back is smaller and tough to stay on, and the ridge between the 2, I kid you not is 7ft of steep hill. My approach was bad course management. I should've used the bank behind the green to stop my ball and let it trickle back. But no I wanted to put the ball just past the pin, and I left it just short enough that it catches the 7ft slope and comes back the 50ft and off the green. At this point, I should've thought to use that bank behind the green, but I didn't. Chip up and ball comes back to my feet. I smack a putt and the ball comes back to my feet. Smack another putt and it barely makes it up. Then I sunk that 15 footer to save double. Stupid, stupid green. I'm not a fan. #14 - par 4 - 385yds: Dogleg right, with a down hill slope in fairway somewhere out there. I hit my cut with the driver just perfectly. I have 65yds in and hit the most beautiful shot of the day, up to that poing. It was on a line and distance that it wouldn't have stopped more than 5ft away. My buddy said it one hopped, hit the hole/flagstick or both, and bounces out to 25ft away. Super unlucky break. 2 putt par. #15 - par 4 - 363yds: Hard dogleg right. This hole was the biggest not knowing the course mistake. I saw a tree near the corner that I thought was still 30yds away from the end of the FW. I measured 240yds to the tree. Ok, nice easy 3 wood, just take a normal swing. I hit it perfect, should be right in the middle. NOPE! That darned tree was the END of the FW. That ball was in someone's house. Well back to the tee with 3iron and put it down the middle. I had 135yds out and just barely pushed my PW into a tree guarding the green. Bad chip because it was lying in a hazard and 2 putt for triple. #16 - par 3 - 169yds: This one was uphill, so like I said before, 7 iron. I put it pin high in the fringe just left of the pin and about 15ft away, so it was a good hit. 2 putt par. #17 - par 4 - 380yds: Dogleg right uphill. I went with driver again to hit that nice cut I did before, but my foot slips somewhere in my swing and I pull it hard into the left trees. I managed to hit a decent punch shot up to 30yds out. Chunked the pitch (STUPID!) and 2 putt bogey. #18 - par 5 - 564yds: First mostly flat hole we've played that round. I hit my driver, very well, up a small hill that ends up on the right side of the fairway. I'm left with 270yds or so. I took out my 3 wood or over-drew it a little bit, again into a tree, and gave myself a clear shot from 50yds to the pin. I leave it just shy of the green with a 15ft putt from the fringe. 2 putt par. So for that 9, I hit a lot of great full swing shots, I just had mistakes around the green and from not knowing where a tree was in relation to a dogleg. But I knew that the course was about to get a lot easier, so I just wanted to grab a few Coors Lites and finish strong. #1 - par 4 - 369yds: Mostly flat open tee shot. I pulled out driver and I'm honestly not sure what happened. My buddies say I hit it low on the face, but it felt high off the toe. The ball flight was a snapper. I had to punch it around a tree, but these hooking punches are a specialty of mine. I left it barely short of the green, and as before a nice CHUNKED chip. I was pissed after that. Just happened way too many times already. 2 putt bogey. #2 - par 4 - 311yds: This is a hogen's alley type hole. Tight, with a bunker guarding the left half of the green and the pin just behind it. I pulled out driver and I wanted to draw it, but it stayed mostly straight. It ended up pin high, about 15yds away from the pin. This was the first hole I noticed the greens and fairway had dried up and were catching spin, because my chip spun more than I expected and stopped 15ft away. But i finally made a putt and got my first birdie of the day. #3 - par 3 - 179yds: 7 iron but this was actually the wrong club. I gripped down on the club because it was downhill but it was also down wind, which I hadn't noticed. I hit the tee shot really well, just right of the pin, but it landed on the green and rolled into the rough just beyond the green. And finally made a good chip shot that left me with a tap in par. #4 - par 4 - 390yds: Dogleg right up a hill to the green. I hit driver and planned to cut it again, but this one I pushed. It ended up ok, but I had to go over a tree, which wasn't difficult, but I couldn't see the pin. From 105yds, I hit my 52 off the toe, but it still ended up on the green, but right. So left a 25ft birdie putt. 2 putt par. #5 - par 3 - 190yds. Downwind again, so yeah you guessed it, 7 iron. But this one i over-drew into a bunker. I was told the sand was soft from my guys but there was hard pack under neath that I missed, so I hit the bunker shot too long. 2 putt bogey. #6 - par 4 - 353yds: Slight dogleg right. I was looking at the fairway from the tee box and saw some trees out there. I should've taken the time to range find the distance. I pumped my driver right down the middle and I get down there to see my ball was underneath these trees. I went too far, left myself 50yds that I had to punch out from. I just rolled off the green and got my 2 putt par. #7 - par 4 - 261yds: Slight dogleg right again and around some trees. It is uphill to the green with bunkers guarding the front and left of the green. I took 3 wood, opened the face slightly, aimed left of normal and took a normal swing. It looked absolutely perfect. Landed over the bunker and short of the green, and bounced up to 30ft away for eagle. The flight of the ball was right in line with the pin, so it had to have bounced right next to it. Anyway, got my 2 putt birdie. #8 - par 4 - 350yds: And once again, it is a dogleg right and what do I do, I hit my driver through the fairway. But this time, there was nothing to tell me how far was through the fairway. I ended up next to the cart path and it was one of those concrete curbs. My swing and stance didn't get impeded by the curb but it was close enough that, mentally, I was disturbed a bit. I hit the 50yd shot to 20ft above the hole. 2 putt par. #9 - par 5 - 545yds: This was my hole. Slightly downhill tee shot dog leg left (ooo how about that!) and it was the LD hole for the tournament. There are 3 divisions: pros, ams 0-10, and 11+. I smoked my drive. A nice little draw. Not sure where we teed off from for specific yardage, but my ball was 195yds from the middle of the green, so it was a big hit and I did get the LD for the day (something nice at least came away from the day). Of my 3 other guys in the group, 2 of them also had good drives to put them on the board for LD (only one of them ended up winning it though). From 195, the pin was back and the approach is back uphill. I gripped down on a 4iron and hit a draw in there that I thought would be really close, but I guess it rolled out to much and I was left 25ft away just into the fringe. I finished with my 2 putt birdie. Yeah, I went 44/34 for the two nines. 2 completely different nines in score. I hate being more than 6 strokes (I picked a random number) a part. It's annoying because you know the low score was out there, but I had those mistakes early on that cost me a lot of strokes. Like I said though, my full swing was on today. I didn't have too many mishits. I just had mis-judges for how the hole played, but also I SUCKED at short game. Putting was ok, I had several putts I left in the center of the hole but short. But realistically, putting was ok. Short game was terrible. Too many shots I left out there. I know what to practice though. I'll keep the full swing practice going, but focus a bit more on those chips and pitches from less than 30yds away.
  10. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I do miss it too. Nothing like it. I still remember the look he gave whenever he knew that a 30ft putt was going in. Everybody knew it and so did he.
  11. Oregon - Forest fire right behind golf course

    The smoke stayed in higher elevations around me the last few days, but the air was full of ash. So you could see it everywhere. There was a period about a month ago from a fire in British Columbia, I think, that made our course look like dense fog for two weeks. It rained here today but the big fire is further south and east and most likely not going to get a drop.
  12. My Swing (phillyk)

    I'll make sure to update my swing saying how bad it is, in mid-October.
  13. My Swing (phillyk)

    Played from the tips at my course today and put together a solid round. It's been a while since my last one. I hit the ball well, kept myself out of trouble (some lucky breaks) and sunk a couple putts. Shot a 70 from 7000yds, 74.8/149. 11 GIR, 4NGIR, and 2 sand saves. The other came from me hitting a tree on my approach. I put the 3rd to 15ft but I still missed the putt. My other bogey was from not getting up and down on one of the NGIR. I had 4 birdies. First was a 180yd par 3 and put it to 15ft. Second was a par 5 and put my second shot in greenside bunker, got it close on the third shot. Third birdie was another par 5, put my approach from 50yds out to 10ft. Fourth was on the last hole, par 4 and put my approach from 100yds to 5ft. I had a few close calls for birdie but greens were on slower side and I left a lot short but on line. I have a tourney Monday so this was a good time to put things together.
  14. Teaching Seminar

    I've already begun to see that there are a lot of bad instructors around here just from the way they view the swing and game, some don't even attempt to use technology. I've watched and worked with several of them in clinics. I know of one place to watch a good instructor, though. I've definitely filtered out a lot of information from the manuals. The teachers mostly ignore it anyway. I'd like to say that I'm learning the proper way to teach, but it's hard when there's really no one to talk to that I fully trust around here. I'll definitely look into the program that you offer for instructors. I'm still putting my foot in the door right now and want to wait until I settle in more. But my plan is to do a lot more teaching in the future.
  15. Teaching Seminar

    I've been thinking a lot about this recently. I see a lot of people move too far right in their backswing so that the left part of their right foot lifts off the ground, and thus can't get their lower body moving left in time to hit the ball well. To create a stable lower body at the top of the swing, I talk about a more centered turn but sometimes this means pivoting on the left. So I guess I'm only using this "pivot style" to create a stable and powerful lower body in the swing. It's weird, since then, I always look for stable and powerful positions now. When golfers lose that stability at the top, they can't get any power or movement in time, thus use an all arms swing causing either a slice or dead pull. I've had good success with just moving their pivot, to stabilize the lower body so that the right foot is ready to push their body turn on the down swing. I haven't done much with the trail arm dynamics in terms of how their swing might go. It would go over the head of anyone I tried talking to.