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  1. I assume you meant to say club face and left forearm/lead arm are parallel?
  2. WA had just extended the stay home policy to may 4. No golf for another month maybe. Good thing I ordered a net and mat. Already have my launch monitor. I mean better to contain it than risk certain businesses opening. But ugh...
  3. Definitely see these three a lot! Thanks for the video series!
  4. To me any live golf sounds good now. If I have to pay for it but proceeds go to relief efforts, I’d say its a win-win. Lets hope they adjust the game plan a bit though.
  5. This was Inslee’s specific response to golf.
  6. I think it was just the letter he wrote several days ago in response to a WA golf alliance thingy. Basically saying we are not essential regardless of the benefits of golf and social distancing. I could see WA opening them if we hit the flatline in cases. Fingers crossed...
  7. Kinda stinks, I don’t have a home course anymore as it has permanently shut it’s doors. Not sure what to call my home course now. Guess it’ll depend on where I work next.
  8. Found one nice thing today, our local mexican restaurant has to go margaritas!! Woohoo!
  9. Yesterday Golf courses were clarified for WA state and are deemed non-essential but routine maintenance can continue.
  10. I would be owner and GM. We would have a head pro governing the 18 hole championship course, banquet manager which can host up to 250 and chef for the restaurant. The course would actually be Eaglemont, which has, really, now permanently shut down. Plan is to win the powerball and purchase it. I’d be making quite a few changes to layout, but Its scenery is unparalleled. Course would be semi-private. $1500 a year gains you access to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sundays with guest fees. You also get to play the other days. Guests pay normal rate those days though. Public can only play the other days. Restaurant will have a nice sports bar on one side and lounge on the other. Both relaxed atmospheres and pub/grill food. Next to lounge is a space for two full simulators Golf course, riding is highly encouraged. If you walk, you have one chance only to make it around in 4.5hrs. If you fail, you must ride. (There are a lot of hills and long-ish distance between holes). There will be two snack shacks, holes 7&13. There will be monthly tournaments, leagues, member contests. For the Banquets, we will have a big well groomed wedding lawn, facing the mountains. Inside has the full double story high ceiling and chandeliers. Most important to this plan is the relationship with the customer. As GM, I would have posted office hours and be available for customers to talk to. Suggestions, comments, concerns, anything would be welcome and answered.
  11. The grass ones i guess.
  12. We've been on the phone with all of the other head pros this morning, so we can all on the same page with closing down. It's the best thing to do.
  13. I'm still seeking specifics for WA state. All the courses in our direct area are closed today, per last nights stay home proclamation. So we are all assuming WA is closed down for golf.
  14. Aggressive but I also don't believe really in a conservative approach. There's a right way and a wrong way. Aggressive is more likely to be the right play to get the lowest score possible.
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