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  1. phillyk

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    I called it on Friday, I guess. Glad to see Koepka win again! USGA watered too much last night. I wish they had kept the greens a bit runnier.
  2. phillyk

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Exactly what I was thinking. This morning, greens were still soft-ish and not bad. But as day wore on, speed picked up as it got baked in wind and sun. Even if you try to make it softer over night, the morning guys tomorrow have an advantage on greens even if they are 10 strokes out of it. I’m sure the USGA planned on greens drying up over the course of the day. I mean, over the years of it happening often enough and our tech for determining how much water is in soil and other things, they had to have known. Maybe pin locations were a little mean, but play the course smart and you should do well. Er’ on side of being conservative over putts near those edges.
  3. phillyk

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    So far this morning, greens look receptive and holding reasonably. Im sticking with Koepka making another run at it. DJ is obviously going to be in it. I can’t see him blowing up enough.
  4. phillyk

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    I’m in this boat. After this morning with rain and no wind, then little wind throughout the day, I expected a lot more people to be in red figures going into the weekend. There certainly were birdies but apparently enough bogies to offset them. Poa can be tricky this time of year, where the heads are trying to pop up. Some spots break, others don’t with no indication why. Maybe why there were not as many putts dropping. I think Koepka is a person to watch. Not with regards to a repeat but he does hit a big ball and can get hot. He certainly won’t be intimidated by DJ.
  5. phillyk

    My Swing (phillyk)

    Played today at the course where I had my all time low. I haven’t played there in over a year, though. Started out well with a birdie but my nemesis hole #3 gave me my bogey. After hitting a few unwanted cuts, I realized my chest was open and by squaring it, I got a baby draw back. I also decided, for the first time in 13 years, to try a new putter. I got a new odyssey o-works a few months ago, and didn’t try it until last night and it felt really good. Today, I was sinking some good putts. Shot a 68 (-4) with 2 water hazard penalties, 15 GIR, and 30 putts. Didn’t feel like a good round, but it obviously was solid.
  6. phillyk

    Amateur long drive anyone?

    If you are sticking to amateur stuff, I'd think 130 should be fine so long as you can maintain good launch conditions. But, if you want to go further, you'll need to dip to low 140's at least. Talk to your local pro to see if he knows someone who either runs LD comp's or trains them. It'd be the best way to get your foot in the door and to see where you'd need to get, speed wise, to be competitive.
  7. phillyk

    Music on the Course - When did this become a thing?

    It's one thing to look at it from the perspective of the golfer and another the industry. As a golfer, I like to listen to the surrounds/nature/etc. and enjoy my round. That being said, I am fine with music because I treat it like any other random noise on the course, something I will block out when I am over the ball. If it's overbearingly loud, I'd ask them to turn it down, but it's rare that it's that loud. From the industry, we have to be more open minded regarding golfers, at least those of us outside major cities who may need more players. Most golf cart companies are adding optional speakers installed in the carts or at least usb ports for plugging them in. I am fine with players having music so long as it does not disturb other groups. As an industry, we need to appeal to the younger generations and that means incorporating technology, for the most part. It could simply be a GPS unit with a sportscenter ticker/pandora music/analog tv channels. I don't know, I haven't thought too hard on it. But, we want to appeal to both traditional and non-traditional golfers.
  8. Less than 5s once adressed. As far as thinking about swing or fundamentals, before the round, you should have limited the swing thoughts to one or two to carry with you through the round. Any more and you’ll likely lose it at some point.
  9. I have another putter for sale. This Scotty, though, is practically new. A member bought it and putted with it once on a practice green and wanted a shorter one. The plastic, on the bottom, is still on! And yes, I have the head cover for it. It is 34in, with the standard grip on. We are looking for $320 including shipping. This putter is $379 online for a new one, so this is a good deal!
  10. phillyk

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    I was just thinking after your first sentence, "But the fairways will be skinny-ish while being very firm and fast." I guess if they are widening them, well shucks. With their moisture meters, they can more easily judge green conditions and set them up better (should be 100% better than the previous open there). I was just hoping they'd keep fairways skinny and force golfers to be cautious. The wider it is, the easier for the big sticks to come out and blast away without fear of rolling through somewhere. US Open related: A member at my course who also is a member at Chambers Bay told me they are considering closing the course this winter to turn their remaining 15 greens to full poa annua (3 greens have already been turned). They've been over-seeding their fairways with poa as well, so soon enough it should be a real and playable test, should they decide to go back. I live in the northern half of the I5 corridor, so I play mostly around Mount Vernon and Bellingham.
  11. phillyk

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    I missed Sectionals by 2 strokes this year. I summarized my round here, if you or anyone is interested. June 4th is the day for Sectional Qualifying this year. I'm not sure how many of the 500 move on, but its not many.
  12. phillyk

    Ping Sigma G Tyne

    Used putter for sale. A former employee of mine wants to sell it. I have it in my shop now. Ping Sigma G Tyne 34.5in with Ping's standard PP60 grip. The bottom looks like it got knocked around a little while in the bag and the grip is a little worn. Other than that, putter is in great shape! I do not have a head cover with it. Looking for $115 (includes shipping).
  13. phillyk

    The (No) Sixes Challenge

    I just realized that my US Open qualifier was a no 6's round. Kind of cool to get it on that stage!
  14. phillyk

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Thanks! Got my pizza and beer in for dinner! 🍻
  15. phillyk

    Y’all ever sneak on to a course?

    My high school course was a poorly maintained course that went through residential areas and crossed many public roads, so it has lots of easy access points. In high school during the season, we played there for free so, I would walk on at one of the roads often enough. I was supposed to always check in of course, but idk. Since high school, I have not tried to sneak back onto a course and I, most likely, never will.

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