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  1. Got my mevo plus! I hook it up to a 55in TV to see the data and play golf. Really liking it’s data so far. Seems super accurate. Game-wise, my short game has finally come around. Feel is to have left shoulder come up at impact, just needed a little rotation. Putting I was missing my line on many left to right putts. Found my eye line was too far over the ball so I’m sitting into my heels a bit and I’ve been making many more putts. Full swing, I had been in a really good place but now am starting to hook it. I know I’ve always had ball position well past center, so I moved it back a bit
  2. I'm not necessarily responding to you as much as the living in fear idea (I assume you were being sarcastic but I know there are opinions out there like this). Why is it wrong? Living in fear is better than death. People are afraid of many things and that is perfectly normal and ok. Isn't concealed carry out of fear? Isn't locking one's car door or homes at night out of fear? We take many things for granted, but there are many who have strong experiences. The virus has effected a lot of people and their families. It is ok and normal to be fearful of it.
  3. One dose of the AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccine provides protection against COVID-19 that lasts at least 10 weeks, study finds One dose of a Pfizer-BioNTech or AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine reduced COVID-19 infections by... I was interested in this as my wife got her first dose but the clinic didn’t automatically schedule a second like mine did. You got some time to get that second one in. This also provides a different path to vaccinating a population, if resources are available.
  4. I like some emotion on guys too. But, more guys are coming on tour showing less emotion, because of trying to remain in a stable mental state. It depends on the person, but expression can sometimes wind them up too much. I always liked Tigers rule. He allows himself to be emotional when near the ball, then forces himself to move on after a few steps from walking on to the next shot.
  5. Spieth has holed a few chips out already this week. Definitely working it!
  6. I would say Patrick Cantlay -11. My dark horse is Sergio.
  7. Just ordered myself a flightscope mevo+ with the e6 basic subscription package. Should be good for the students and me! 😊
  8. phillyk

    Pick Three

    2, 3, 4. PGA gets in Masters for free, I get clubs for free already, and I don’t really need to play with John Daly. Playing with Tiger and at Augusta would be great! Free beer was just the next best option, and I do enjoy beer.
  9. Yeah, the tough part is saying what my distances are. I try to be realistic, but they still look at me like I’m crazy. The starter at Sheep Ranch shook his head when I said I was playing back. I think he was serious, and it actually annoyed me quite a bit. I get that most people shouldn’t play back, but it was more of how he said it. This is a golf resort, maybe act like it.
  10. Realized I didn't post anything about my trip to Bandon Dunes. Day 1 - (more like evening since the day was mostly driving), my dad and I went to the punch bowl. One of the 18's was reserved for a party. We played the other and it was fun. Nice to have the drink shack right there, start off the trip right! Beat my dad, but it was close. Greens there were ok, bit bumpy, but not unexpected considering the traffic that must go through there. That evening we went to a crab shack and met with a former co-worker who lives down there and helped build Bandon Dunes. Day 2 - we played
  11. I don’t. I’ll gladly follow the advice of a Ph’D who has been working in virology for 20+yrs. @TRUCKERI bet I know more about trucks than you because I drive a stick and have google, despite your experience... see how ridiculous that sounds?! Seriously, does one’s profession really mean so little these days?
  12. Science is NOT static!!!!!! It’s based on data we have and how we analyze it. Thus, many things change over time. We are more than allowed to say one thing then update it to something different in the future based on additional data. Also understand science has and will never tell you policy. It can definitely recommend something highly. Other side of the coin is how much we as a society and we as individuals are willing to risk. There in lies the who can stay open (other than essentials).
  13. Just got back from sitting inside at Lorenzo’s and had a big margarita. They have things spaced out a lot. It’s a no from me on having vaccination requirements to go places. While I think everyone should get it, who can, it should still be a choice.
  14. Huh? I feel like the position that you are said to be starting in is much more of a twisted position than conventional. 45* is a lot of extra rotation. Not saying it can't be done, just that it takes more work.
  15. I get what you're saying. It is a good drill to help people get into a good impact position, but it does reduce power and sometimes a lower ball flight. The question, really, is how you make the back swing? Think of weight and pressure. Conventionally, backswing brings pressure to right side with somewhat centered weight. Impact brings nearly everything to the left. If, you are starting with everything left, are you making a back swing that tries to keep it there or are you moving it? Keeping it there is simple but reduces power. Moving it adds a lot of extra movement that would require
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