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  1. Ok................ so to hell with all the above. I felt completely lost today. So, I went back to my “roots” of thinking only about the leading edge of club face being parallel with my lead arm at A4 and swinging through with a feeling of throwing everything at my target. Played 9 holes with that and actually felt good again and shot a decent score. I think I try to play too much into instructor Phil’s game that I forget how to play golfer Phil’s game. In short, I get in my own damn head way too much.
  2. So, my last round of golf was absolutely crap. Both good and bad shots found every tree branch, tree trunk, or OB line. Only thing that worked ok, was my short game because I'd been working a lot more on it recently. Regarding the swing, I think the biggest part was I wasn't focused. I was in between two swings and couldn't decide on one or the other or something. Either I hit a perfectly straight ball or it hooked about 15-20yds. But, move on, cool. I've been to the range a couple times since that, and I think I've sorted out it out a bit. The ultimate goal is inline impact and overall reduced wrist action. Before, I tried to feel like I was swinging a cut swing with a press of my hands/hold off. It wasn't consistent because of, ultimately, my weight control (it was a little flippy but I think the weight/rotation is the underline cause). If it didn't get forward enough, I hooked every time. When I got into it, it went straight. So, how to get my weight more "into it." My last range session was pretty successful I think and I hope to play a few holes this afternoon to see if I'm getting there. At set up, I'm squaring up my stance again, if not slightly closed with the driver. I have to exaggerate a "low and inside" takeaway (I've always been very vertical). From there, I want to feel the inside to out path and push left with my body (more than I'd think), which will rotate me around at impact. I was hitting some straight to push draw ball flights. My swing thought phrase right now is, "inside and push." Honestly, I'd rather block one slightly right versus see the hook if I miss. Definitely before I play, I'll get a video it make sure it's not way in to out. I hate sweepers.
  3. Like @bwdial, I'd now say the +2.8 wins mostly and you are pretty close with them. The rating/slope made a big difference. I'd venture a guess that they play to a +5ish, which averages right with you. If course knowledge is a factor, you may have an edge, but it'd be close still.
  4. Whats the course rating/slope for ladies? From 6300yds, I feel like it'd be a close duel between the +2.8 and the ladies. Stretch out the distance though and I'd be favoring the +2.8 more. Hovering around a 0, you may get close with their rougher rounds, but I'd think you're out of it.
  5. I wonder whether they have a contract about not talking with media about player happenings. They must see a lot, good and bad.
  6. I find myself working on A1 to A2.5 with many players (not single digit golfers), specifically on getting more rotation in the hips, thus leading to slightly more depth with the hands. But, I like the idea of almost counter rotation and the right arm staying on top for a bit.
  7. In WA, that stat had shown a steady decrease for several months. It has stagnated and gone slightly up and in the last two weeks. Testing has more than doubled so they are finding a lot more positive cases, so the total cases number looks bad. To see the percent positive gives it a brighter outlook.
  8. I would, but birdie would definitely be tough. I would enjoy the challenge of it for sure.
  9. I forgot to add that I found a set of old persimmon woods and ancient irons in my lesson area. They are actually fun to mess around with. I can hit the driver decently 2/3 of the time I think and they go about 250-260. But the 1 miss is like a 50yd hook. The sound is pretty cool too.
  10. I’ve been teaching a lot since starting my new job. Generally, they’ve gone well. Tough ones have generally been with those who roll the arms/hands through too much. It’s tough to create a feel for them to improve the swing. But, when I have time between lessons, I can hit. The full swing, of late, has been ok. But I also haven’t really tried to work on anything special. So today I started working on a bit more rotation and getting to a flatter position at the top. I’m definitely still steep at the top but I got more rotation and a better impact position. I also worked a bit on short game. The ball flight before had been too sweepy. After working on the swing, it got a lot straighter and a bit higher flight which I’m ok with. Short game definitely needs the most work, so that will be my focus when I have time.
  11. Last couple rounds, knocked off 2 of the par 3s. Interestingly, I haven’t birdied 12 which is a shorter par 3.
  12. As Washingtonians, nah... drizzle. Ground was certainly soggy though.
  13. Should’ve been out there today! Played 9 holes in 45min.
  14. Making holes next to the driving range.
  15. A Bellingham, WA muni, Lake Padden GC. Mostly going to be teaching, but I’m working shop too at the moment until I build more of a clientele. Once junior programs can start again, I’ll be doing a lot of work on camps and pga junior league. Course also hosts a drive, chip and putt qualifier. Doing well so far, despite everything going on. I think I’ll be able to grow nicely here. Will have to come up with a good plan for next year.
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