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  1. The spin is the result of your swing. Your likely doing something funky on the fade swing and not doing it on the draw swing. This actually happened to me but with my irons a month or two ago. A draw had a nice longer flight, while my fade which felt more controlled dropped 15yds shorter than normal. I had started overly flipping the club through impact and thus a loss of distance. You could potentially be doing that, but the best way to find out would be to post videos of both swings.
  2. This is the type of hole that I tell people to make sure they have a wood/hyrbid that they know the can hit straight the most often. When there is trouble where ever you look, just make sure the ball is in play off the tee.
  3. I should have time to do it this afternoon. Should be fun.
  4. I heard that too. I also think Lexi would still have been penalized. I liked what I heard from that phone call on TGC from Thomas. He also talked about whether the governing bodies would be ready for the opposite to happen, where someone got away with something that was clearly visible and no one is able to call in or what have you. People would be upset. Facts are facts, but it has to be reasonable from the naked eye.
  5. I'll take a look at the sony and casio. How far away does the casio need to be, face on, to see the swing?
  6. I just went on my phone and found old videos I took with it. It is a iphone7 and my buddy who has a very high swing speed, I can see the face but it's still fuzzy. (EDIT- Well ultimately yes maybe my phone could do the trick but we won't put in good lighting because of the simulator.) It probably is the light in the room then in regards to the videos I took in there. So, maybe I want something with 500fps-ish? I also need something with a wide lens as there isn't much room and I guess something that doesn't need perfect lighting.
  7. On greens that roll 12 to 14 and are hard, are where I find that ProV1s behave different/better than other balls. I haven't tried the kirkland balls but I'd like to try the comparison on those hard, fast greens.
  8. It wasn't good enough for me, at least. I use my slo-mo a lot but it's too blurry. I can get the gist of where the face and everything is, but I want it to be pretty clear and not a guess.
  9. My shop has been setting up a launch monitor/simulator for a while and our next step is to get a high speed camera. We have 2 4K smart TVs and we've hooked up the newest iPhones and ipads and they don't get the frames per second to really get a clear picture of a full fast swing. I want the fps to be that of which I can see the actual club-head striking the ball, not a blur of a club-head. Price isn't a huge factor here, we want it to be really good more than we want it to be cheap. 2 questions. 1) What fps is needed to see what I described above? 2) What cameras would you suggest? We want something portable that can go onto a track on the wall.
  10. http://www.upi.com/Sports_News/Golf/2017/04/21/Justin-Bieber-Rickie-Fowler-spotted-hanging-out-in-South-Florida/7181492812100/ Just as I was starting to like Rickie, he goes and hangs out with the biebs... I'm not surprised that they are friends, though. Oh well...
  11. Iacas is right, you're wrong here. The committee is designated by the course/professional, not a random person playing golf that day. Local rules also apply specifically to a course, not course to course. If a course does not have a lift, clean, and place in effect, you may not decide on your own to do so.
  12. I get what you are saying here, but it's more complicated than a simple feeling of swinging out. When I see people come through too fast with their arms, the face closes fast and you get that hook. But when they try to swing out more, they get the lower body moving better too which allows the arms to move through the zone better and the face isn't in that same closed position as before. Try to get slo-mo video, and it'll be easier to find out. In regards to the hands too far forward, I think it's ok so long as angle of attack remains similar.
  13. It sounds like the arguments are coming from a viewpoint of whether golf is an individual game or whether it is a game against someone. Ultimately, the rules were made so that the player will call themselves on infractions. This is the only sport that relies on the individual calling fouls. Because of it being a game where it's more of you versus you, instead of you vs them, there is no value in cheating. That is why the rules must be followed strictly. If you fail to follow those rules in competition, and someone catches you, you should and will be penalized. There is no trying to get away with cheating, because it ruins the nature of the game being you vs you. If you want to form a tour that plays a match style where they can try and get away with penalties with officials watching your every move, go form something else. So many people are hung up on the job of an official. In US Open qualifying or Pro-ams and such, you may not find an official for a few holes, if at all, so that's why they always say to play two balls and bring it their attention when you see them. It is not the job of an official to make sure you play the game right shot to shot, it is the golfers job to make sure they play it right. That's why the USGA prints the rules book. Read it and find out for yourselves how to play the game correctly. In this case, there is no opinion on whether she broke a rule, it happened. It doesn't matter who brought it up. If other people are getting away with breaking rules, it'll catch up with them eventually. They all should be following the same principles of the game.
  14. Take an alignment stick or golf club and place it a couple inches in front of your feet and then aim. Take the club your about to hit with and place it on your chest to see if its parallel to the alignment stick. Lastly, move your knees and arms around until they feel loose and square with those lines, then swing away. Another way is to flare your left foot out to the left. It doesn't align it, it just allows easier turning to the left.
  15. Most people look at videos and watch how people progress, but some will refrain from responding if you take regular lessons, because we don't want to throw contradicting advice in there. Just a brief look at the recent videos, I like your swing for the most part. You bring club a little low on back-swing but you start down-swing on a good line. The swing path follows your chest aim which is normal, but your feet are closed to that line. That setup may be a cause of pushes with drive and not swinging left as you might be able to. That stance can limit the turn, unless you have overly active hips.