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  1. Gamble sands would definitely be a good one. Yeah i meant walla walla, I don't know what I was thinking there.
  2. My own was probably my albatross. I was 170yds out and skulled my 7 iron, it hit the front of the green and rolled the 70ft or so to the back and it dropped for a 2 on the par 5. But since that was still somewhat straight, my buddies was good too. He duck hooked his 2nd shot on a par 4 into the trees 20yds left of the green. We never saw the bounce or kick out... it was a foot away from the hole. Idk how it happened.
  3. Lightbulb!! I was reading "the most important angle" thread and it smacked me in the face. It's kind of annoying really. When I give clinics or lessons, I can hit the most perfect shots for demonstrating something, but when I go out to play on my own, I can't hit the darned thing the same way as in those demonstrations. When I'm working with someone new to golf and I'm giving them the motions and helping them find the right "feels" during the swing, I usually talk about that whole angle thing and impact position. As in my previous post, I've been struggling to find my swing. It went away and I've been compensating in my last few rounds by hitting intentional hooks as I play, because I love that shot and I can control it remarkably well (most recently I shot 71, -1, from the blue tees, 6600yds, by playing a hook all day). It's definitely not something I want to bring around everywhere, but it was a temporary solution to help me find a feel that'll put me on the right track. After reading the important angle thread I realized what feel I've been missing. I knew I was flipping a bit but I couldn't get my weight shift or timing right to fix it. The feel is that I return the club to approximately the same position as my setup with the hands leading. It seems obvious, but for some reason I've missed that point for a couple weeks. Just need to go play a few rounds to get it back into routine.
  4. A good teacher should still have the skills to help those that do need the bare bones explanation and can't understand anything too heavy. The student shouldn't adjust to the teaching style of the teacher. The teacher should adjust his teaching to the learning style of the student.
  5. There are a lot of golf professionals that think only about the money and less about the quality of instruction. They enjoy playing golf and don't care to teach but do because there are those willing to pay him/her for a lesson. You also have those that genuinely care about the game and want to teach, but don't know how to effectively relay the information to the student. Then there are those who come up with an idea that are so convinced is right, but turns out to be ineffective or just wrong, and they won't listen to others who tell them it's wrong.
  6. I've done it at least once. Its not something I've really kept track of. But i know for sure my 64 was bogey free. Idk that it needs an award but like pretzel said it would be interesting to know how many have done it.
  7. I voted no, because he doesn't need to be a major winner. It would certainly help though when covering the majors. Reason is that every single PGA Tour player ultimately wants to win a major and/or be ranked #1 in the world. It's a milestone marker. First one might be just being on tour, next is to win a PGA event, next would be to win a major, next would be to be ranked #1 in the world (doesn't have to be this, it's just an example). How can one know what it feels like if it's never happened before. Watching the faces of those people who get to those markers are priceless. Like Sergio winning the Masters. I bet he could go on and on about the challenges of trying to win and ultimately how playing in majors might now feel different because of that win under the belt. Experience goes a long way, but they need good communication skills. Winning a major is great, but if you can't tell a good story and relay information in a way that is fun and informative, you won't survive as a analyst.
  8. This article is a great in depth look at the G400. A quick summary of the main points. They changed the aerodynamics, based on the fact that the heel leads the toe of the face on the downswing, which ultimately led to a 445cc head among something else I don't know how to explain. This size/arrangement allows greater clubhead speed on the down swing. The other main point is sound. I guess the engineers created a sound that is "pleasing" to hear. So, as some previous models were loud, you might instinctively flinch before impact. But, with a more pleasing sound, you would swing through and get more speed.
  9. 2 under net is 15th place?! Wow, at most tournaments I've played in, that would definitely be top 5 or close.
  10. Well I got our G400 demo today! The face is definitely different than the G. They also added a little more design to the head which makes it more distinguishable. We got a regular shaft, so I didn't swing very hard with it. But, it's a lot quieter (I don't really like it being quieter but I'd still use it) and does feel a bit bouncier off the face. Officially, the demos are available July 10 to the the public, but you can't purchase one until the 27th for drivers and the G400 irons. The woods and hybrids can be purchased in August. I haven't received our demo irons yet, but I assume those will play very similarly to the G.
  11. I'd like to go to a Top Golf, but the closest one is a 5hr drive and I doubt it's quite worth the drive. I'll get to it eventually.
  12. I've had 2 31's after 9 holes. Both times, I wasn't really thinking about it, because I was thinking more about the competition. But by 16, it definitely got in my head that I was 7 under. It's funny because at both those courses, the back 9s are easier. I knew I was 5 under through 9 and I've definitely gone 5 under on the back at both those courses, but I couldn't keep it going after those stellar fronts.
  13. After the pro am, the times I've went out to hit balls, my swing was completely lost. Well, in the sense that i tried to hit my normal draw and it would cut instead. It still went basically straight but I hated the feeling I got from those shots. After a few days of trying a couple ways to get it back my smooth draw back, I found that my left arm had been bending slightly somewhere in my swing and it inevitably led to the fade. So, I got that fixed now, and my swing feels soooo much better.
  14. Just to clear this up. Range finders are prohibited at all stages of US Open Qualifying (at least as of 2016 when I tried). Almost everybody will bring the range finder for the practice round and measure every inch of every hole to put it in their yardage book, and then the day of, they'd get the pin sheet with distances on it.
  15. I played in a tournament recently and am disappointed in my performance. Course is short, but tight. I hit the ball well overall, but my short game royally let me down, ended with a 77. Full swing was mostly what I expected. However, I do think I started releasing the club slightly early, because distance was a bit off and I was pulling/cutting a few shots which was unusual. The greens were very quick and smooth. It's the kind of greens I expected to do well on, but for the life of me, I could not get the right read. Oddly enough, it wasn't because of under-reading the breaks. If anything, they didn't break at all. My home course is a lot slower and softer, which made the transition to this course tough. Chipping/pitching, the ball checked after a big hop like I wanted, but there are different tiers which I managed to trickle down. Except for one putt, I missed everything. I couldn't force myself to aim at the hole when I'm sure I saw it breaking. Well, I'll just keep practicing and hope I can adjust faster next time.