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  1. From 80yds, assuming a flat lie with little wind, it would depend on how soft the green is and how much spin gets caught. Firmer greens, I'd go for 75yds or less sometimes. I'd never go past 80yds because I don't want to spin the ball that much. Soft greens, I'd try for exactly 80yds. Wind/elevation/lie can definitely change the answer, but I still wouldn't try to land past the hole and rely on spin.
  2. Played a round yesterday at the local CC. Hit ball reasonably off the tee. Having started to use the Super Speed sticks, I've remembered how to create power again. So, driver was definitely coming off hotter and going a little further. The course itself is rather short, so I had a lot of partial wedges into greens and that shot is sort of in limbo right now. I'm trying to use more bounce and less leading edge, so the ball is coming out higher and softer but shorter. I haven't quite adjusted on distance control yet, so I wasn't hitting those approach shots as close as I wanted to. A few missed greens in there too which was frustrating. Putting was decent. Overall, game seemed mediocre, ended up at -1, 70. Three birdies, two bogeys. Regarding the super speed sticks, I had been so focused recently on my hip turn through impact that I was "holding off" with the hands around impact. So, all I did was still focus on the turn but then feel the hands throwing the clubhead just a little bit. Seemed to work reasonably.
  3. phillyk

    Pace Problem

    Its not that theres a pace of play issue, its that sometimes factors a player can’t control can lead to longer rounds. we used to allow walking but don’t because of pace of play. We’d have to limit the group sizes to two if players wanted to walk.
  4. phillyk

    Pace Problem

    Pace is a funny thing. My course, as @Double Mocha Man can attest to, is one where 4hrs is absolutely acceptable (if we were to allow walking 4.5hrs would be more than acceptable). However you go to the courses near me and yeah 4hrs could be considered slow. Pace isn’t just about the golfers, it’s about the terrain, distance between holes, distance between tee box and fairway when going around the ravines/hazards, etc. Every course is different.
  5. phillyk

    Pace Problem

    Whenever I hear of 5-somes I think of the guys that play first thing in the AM at North Bellingham. Not a soul can catch those guys. Their key is that they don't really putt. They pick up and move on.
  6. Course rules may require footwear at all times, but golf rules do not.
  7. I have the sticks in my shop, and the pro shop worker and myself were messing around to see what we can get to with the green. I started the day at 119mph and I wasn't really trying to swing fast, just what my normal swing is. Then we went for it and I got to 139mph while he got to 146mph. I wanted to get to 140 but I got tired. It pumped me up a little bit because I hadn't been swinging fast for a while, and I think I found out why as I started getting into the upper 130's. Need to feel the hands "release" more (I don't like that term but its hard to explain). Felt like the arms were trying to do too much and the hands nothing.
  8. Not necessarily, depends how fast it is now. Really slow backswings typically lead to bad tempo, at least from what I've seen. I don't mean people to speed up the backswing to fix everything, but it shouldn't be "slow." Pro's generally have a fast paced swing from backswing to finish.
  9. But then you have soft sanded dunes everywhere. At least with tree roots, I might move it more than a foot.
  10. phillyk

    Pace Problem

    My course is pace rated to 4.5hrs, so when people come in to complain about slow pace, I check our GPS tracker. If they are within 10min of the desired pace, I tell the group they are on pace. More than 10min and I start messaging groups to keep up pace. Having the pace ticker on the screens has helped immensely for some groups to speed up and others to not complain because they realize they are far ahead. Then again, some people simply don't care. If there is someone slowing them down, they expect/demand to be let through, no matter if they are ahead or not. No one is required to let a person/group play through if they are on pace. I feel like the more I make everyone aware of the expectation, the less complaining I get. Our pace ticker does that, some course have multiple clocks throughout the course, and some have an active marshal all day. On a somewhat related note: I have discussions with my maintenance team about marshals and what their "role" is. They expect marshal's to be the police of the course, and that is just WRONG! I like the term player's assistant more, because they are out there to ensure everyone is having a good time. They help look for balls or drop off used ones for people, distribute water, and then if necessary help pace. It's become more of a police thing recently and golfers hate it. They see a marshal cart and they automatically assume the worst. I want people to see them as a helper if they need something, but marshals need to be seen and available for that to happen.
  11. I think the intent was to say if one thinks they can already hit the ball a mile then working to hit even further is a waste of time. Work on getting it consistent and dialed in. There’s a small percentage that would fit in that category.
  12. Even if a method works better than another? Thats why a lot of people don't trust or like instruction. One person says something, they see another for a second opinion and they say the opposite. I don’t want things to work just fine. I want the methods to be the best/what i think is best at that time, for my students. Methods grow/evolve. I may say one way now but another way later based on what new information and data comes out. I think, as instructors, we need to follow what is working best at that time.
  13. phillyk

    Pace Problem

    The problem is how management takes those steps A) you give them a rain check/free round to come back at a different time that's slower, and/or B) Force them out. Obviously A should be first and B second but some courses are zero tolerance. My course can't afford to throw people out and lose reputation, so I opt for A and hope they take it or simply speed up.
  14. Ping is one of the easiest companies I deal with for ordering merchandise. No transferring everywhere, the first person that picks up is the person I talk to the whole time. They are very knowledgeable with all the different shafts/grips on market that they can use to put the clubs together. They also have a good/easy to navigate portal for businesses to see shipping and invoices.
  15. What do you mean only 3? I'd say having 3 in both Top 10's would mean it's a very important skill. Heck look at GIR rankings for 2019, another very important skill, you get only JT in both. Having a consistent distance is good and all, but how many mid to high handicaps would have a consistent enough swing / contact to be really accurate on their distance? They are looking, I'd think +/-10yds or more on most clubs. Definitely stick to your average's and play with smart course management, like you said.
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