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  1. Been sticking to this feel and it has been working well! All clubs have been working well. Need to dial in a few things (how much specific draw I need to play for) but definitely feeling a lot more positive about the swing. Putting outside of 10ft is a different story. Not sure what to do about it yet.
  2. Today already looks tough. 15mph winds and greens look really quick and firmer. We may still see a +8 winner
  3. He's been off by such a tiny amount on fairways missed. Makes a huge difference though. Hopefully tomorrow, he gets that extra yard to hit more FW.
  4. Honestly, I think it was a pretty severe breach of etiquette. It was petty and he had given up. I do like his general personality. That stunt though was annoying.
  5. Wow, nice s***k by Wu there..... ouch... couldn't imagine that
  6. When the first thing you take out of rental car at the hotel on vacation is the golf clubs
  7. Started to create a feel for a better A4 area movement. I think I have one and this swing was from early on today. I think it got a little better as the day went on. What was interesting and nice is that if I didn’t get the proper turn around impact, I hit a hook. Forced me to make sure everything is going. I definitely hit a lot of good shots. We’ll see how it goes/grows.
  8. Work in progress. Once I feel more comfortable with my current thoughts, I’ll go back to working on A4 area. Getting it right will ideally reinforce my feels around impact.
  9. I’m rooting for JT or Xander. I’m a little curious about Bryson, I think it’s a MC if he plays his usual aggressive plan.
  10. I have no idea what came first, but I'd assume holing a bunker shot. My short game as a kid was pretty good. However, I definitely have made more eagles than hole outs, overall.
  11. How's the battery? I noticed that when the battery was low, the numbers became off.
  12. I joined in. Had a roster already set up so was able to start collecting points in the league.
  13. This for sure. The tougher rated the course, the better my handicap gets. The easier rated courses worsen my handicap. Can't seem to score on easier ones, it sucks.
  14. Side by side at close to the same moment in the swing, but I can definitely see a difference in the lower body. Body also looks generally less "crunched."
  15. The slightly skinnier stance and feeling of throwing hips a little more definitely looks better! Swing is definitely feeling better. Not confident in its consistency yet but I’ll keep working on it. The position at A4 is happening on its own more now. Next event is a pro am at Chambers Bay. Goal is to not over think it. Just play golf and work on the swing objectives.
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