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  1. Question about Short Game Lessons

    I use two different styles of short game chipping depending on where I am and how firm/soft the ground is. In the PNW, it's super soft and grass can be thick, so I play ball slightly back of center and open the face slightly to let the bounce do work, while using a slightly steeper stroke. But when I play a desert course or just places where the ground is super firm and you have to pick it clean, I play the ball center and try not to have too much, if any, forward shaft lean at impact. Not as important, but something to be aware of that will help is knowing which bounce is right for "your style" of chipping/pitching. Generally for bunkers you want more bounce. You want more bounce if you are a digger or play more in soft conditions, and you want less bounce if you play in firm conditions or try to pick the ball off the ground more. These are basic guidelines, meaning it is not true for everyone, but it's a good place to start. But, you'll want to start with more bounce. It's rare for a lot of golfers to have minimal bounce on their wedges even if they are a picker. There's also a couple styles of chipping/pitching: none to none, none to some, and some to some. This is regarding wrist action. "None" doesn't mean rigid, it just means try not to hinge. The best thing to do is find something you like and stick with it. A lot of people find something and start tinkering later on, which can make it worse. Regarding when you take a lesson on it. It should feel like any other lesson, start out feeling odd and some bad shots but then gets progressively better as you hit more shots under watch.
  2. Well, to start, there isn't a problem, so there's no need for a solution. TGC said a stat, this morning, from Jack's day (I honestly don't remember the wording exactly) on strokes gained totals or similar(?) tee to green and that for him, it was 23, and they mentioned that no one has come close since. My horrible memory, but still, it says that Jack is trying to change something that gave him his advantage over the field. He certainly didn't have a problem hitting it further than everybody when he was winning, so why should he care whether the big hitters tend to win now? If the problem is versus the course, I remember when the US Open was at Chambers Bay, where #1 and #18 switched pars day to day and there were par 4's that maybe should've been a par 5. But, we all said that, ultimately, par doesn't matter at all, because every one is playing the same course. The relation to par doesn't matter. What does matter is how many strokes it takes you to get in the hole. No matter the course, the goal is the same. Not to break par but to shoot the lowest score possible. They want courses to be tougher to protect par, but par is just a abstract number that ultimately doesn't matter.
  3. 2018 Honda Classic

    It looks like he’s trying butter cuts and so far that I’ve watched, they haven’t worked off the tee. I’m pretty sure he played draws before. Maybe the two swings are mixing a bit under the pressure. Yeah I heard that too. Announcers don’t attempt to look at every style of swing or this or that to understand why players do what they do. You’d think they’d have plenty of time but they’re paid for entertainment, not golf analysis, yet they have so much influence on what the average golfer does.
  4. Puzzle Solving Thread

    3:37, I feel like I could have done a little better but not quite 2:41 better like the leading time. That's an insane time!
  5. 2018 Honda Classic

    Before the Genesis, he said he had things figured out with his driver by putting the older shaft in. I say he misses the cut again. Sure, he could have it figured out by next week for a few holes or a round, but I don't see it happening.
  6. How to get sponsered by golf company in high school

    Find a local golf pro and have them contact their reps, and you have to give them reason to want to help out. Some high school or college coaches have contacts as well.
  7. My Swing (phillyk)

    Been working hard on this swing change. Driver swing has actually gained 3mph club head speed on average which was weird at first. This is the data from an ES14. Averaging 121mph club head speed in this session. Spin is a little high. I’ve been using a stiff shaft with my LSTec G400 but I’m looking into getting a X-stiff of some kind. When I played a few holes today, swing felt really good. Grip still feels weird being stronger but I’m slowly getting used to it. Here is my last video in the sim I took. I’m just working on the feels I have to create the plane. I’m getting some accuracy back with mid and short irons. Long irons still need more work but they are getting better.
  8. So, are they addressing the issue of golfer vs course or golfer vs golfer? I don't get it. There will always be a gap between short hitter and long hitter no matter what they try to do, which I assume they must understand. So maybe they are thinking of changing for golfer vs course, which I can understand a little, but it'll still hurt the short hitters more than the longer.
  9. Puzzle Solving Thread

    3:47 for me
  10. Product Name: Players Towel Product Type: Accessory (Golf Towel) Product Website/URL: https://www.playerstowel.com/ Cost: $24.95 Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 4 Effectiveness: 4.5 Esthetic Appeal: 5 My Member Review When this product was posted for review, I jumped on it. Golf in Western WA, in winter, is very wet. On some courses when you walk into the fairway, you won't find a spot that isn't standing water. So, it's important to have good rain gear, good rain gloves, and a good towel. Up until 2015, I used a big bath towel. The problems with regular towels is they dry slowly when soaked, can leave behind lint on clubs, and it pushes dirt around more than it picks up. Microfiber towels soak up water and debris, it will dry faster, and not leave lint behind. In 2015, I got the Club Glove Microfiber with pocket towel. Then I got this Players Towel about a month ago. The dye is sublimated, and there is the slit in the middle to go over clubs or alignment sticks. I practice or play 2-3 times a week, so the towel got in a lot of work. I wish I had taken a picture of how dirty I got it. But, after one wash and dry, I got this back. Not bad considering it's a white towel. As far as this time of year where it's mostly about keeping things dry, having a microfiber is imperative. I played in a downpour with this towel and it held up better than expected. It was still soaking up some water at the end but it wasn't really making the clubs or cart seats dry, it was more of a damp surface. A bath towel would've been useless half way through the round. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I played in an event a year and a half ago where it was 99 degrees and a super dry wind in the desert for a tournament. Trying to keep the tail end of my towel (the Club Glove microfiber) wet/damp was tough. If you're looking to keep something damp during the round, I'd stick with the bath towel. But, for all other uses of a towel, going microfiber would be better. There are different grades of microfiber towels. I wanted to see if I can tell the difference in performance between the Club Glove and Players Towel. They are probably the two more popular brands. As for everyday play, from light rains to sunny, the difference between the two is negligible. In that downpour I played in, I had my Club Glove pocket towel, the Frogger towel, and the Players Towel. I would say the Players Towel performed the best (soaking in water/staying as dry as possible). If you do decide to get a microfiber towel, get a premium one. Your typical cleaning microfibers are not very good at soaking up water or really anything golf related. The Players Towel is a bit more expensive but it is the way to go because it did perform better than the others.
  11. Puzzle Solving Thread

    Man I got into a rhythm, 4:43 for me. I love this picture.
  12. Missing the tree is easy, it's shaping it back the right amount that's tough. No one can possibly get a 30yd hook from 150yds around trees right the first time, not even 10 times. It takes practice to know how and get used to orienting your grip or stance or whatever you do to make it happen. If I'm out golfing with someone who has a quick question about getting around a tree, I'm going to save them the 5min speech and tell him approximately how it's done. If they want to go further into it and think about it the right way, I can help with that too. Yeah, I guess I never thought through wedges or the effect of loft. Good to know.
  13. At slow speeds like that of a putter, yes 100% of the direction is controlled by where the face is aimed. But, as the speed of the club head increases, the ball will start more and more towards the path. But only little percentages at a time.
  14. This is, mostly, how i shot shape too. But I know that if I'm playing for a big hook, the ball won't start on my body line. It'll start left of it and then hook. I usually set my club face for just right of target, aim my feet/body about 5-10yds right of the tree line (or whatever is blocking me) and swing. It'll start close to the tree line and curve back. It's definitely something you practice on the range or on course A LOT. Doing the practice will help you predict the starting line based on face angle, path, etc.
  15. My Swing (phillyk)

    Well, I obviously didn't play well today. But, considering this change, I'm very happy with my overall play. 81 at Sahalee. Some changes I'm noticing are increased distances on all my clubs. Driver is carrying 10-15yds further (seriously, I was destroying the ball with my driver), long irons 10yds further, and everything else about 5yds further. I actually did very well off the tee. Approach shots were a little off, which was fine. The biggest let down was actually short game. I think it was because of my attention on long game and I neglected the short game. Won't take too long to get back, but I can count at least 4 unnecessary strokes from terrible short game shots. For 3 days and this being the first round with a new swing and grip, things are looking good. Hopefully I can keep this going and keep improving. Will definitely look into the short game a bit more.

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