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  1. phillyk

    My Swing (phillyk)

    Played in my next match of our Chapter Match Play bracket. Lost 2 & 1. Both of us had our own issues. I struggled heavily at 10-75yds off the green, and he couldn't make his 5 footers. He could make the 15ft for birdie, but a short one for par, nope. I ended up shooting a 73, so despite some awful short game shots, I scored reasonably. I can recount at least 5 or 6 shots, in that distance, that were left way short. They weren't necessarily chunky, more of just not having confidence in distance control. Some of these shots were greenside, so definitely lost strokes there. All other parts of the game were good. Driver was the most shaky but the bad hits were still in play and in reasonable shape. Irons across the board were good. Wedges were good enough. Tbh, I didn't want to hit within 75yds on several holes, but the tee shots were running out a lot more than I thought. Heck, I had a 3iron go 275yds on a 350yd hole. I mean, I crushed it, but I wanted to leave myself a full wedge, not my iffy-who-knows-whats-going-to-happen zone. At the same time, now it's obvious what I need to work on. Just looking back at the way I approach those shots, I feel like I'm trying to pick the ball off the turf instead of hitting down, so I'll mess around a bit this afternoon and see what I can come up with. My next big event is the NW Open in a couple weeks.
  2. phillyk

    Incorrect Course and Slope Rating on Scorecard

    My course is getting re-rated Thursday but we have 2 boxes worth of scorecards left. I'm not sure if our rating will change or when they take effect if they do change. But we won't order another batch of scorecards until closer to the end of the year. I assume most courses will react the same. They will make sure they run out of the old one before ordering new cards. I'll add that we order scorecards every year. Making changes to the scorecard costs close to nothing so long as you are ordering a normal size batch.
  3. phillyk

    My Swing (phillyk)

    Man, it's been a rough couple weeks. Besides that match play round, I haven't had a round where I feel good about how I did. Putting had been a problem for a long time, but I think I fixed it. Long game is unfocused (best word I can think of). Short game also had been rough, but I realized my mistake recently and it was a kind of moment. Putting. My goal in putting, distance-wise, is to put enough speed on the ball to go 1-2ft past the hole if it misses. This way, it's not falling off quickly at the end and it can still catch a lip and drop in. Unfortunately, I have not been doing this. When I'm judging distance, I was looking at the hole and then putting for the hole. The putt was dying off every time, right at the hole. Super, super annoying. But when I started judging speed by looking a foot or so past the hole, I start making more putts, because the ball was holding it's line. I definitely have the read down and can hit my lines, it's just all speed. What is and has been bad is lag putting. If I'm 40+ft, I simply can't get the ball close. My judgement for speed is usually short, but sometimes I'll blast one by. I don't expect to make those putts, I just want to give myself more 5fters instead of 15fters for my 2nd putt. Putting is turning around though, so I'm not terribly worried. Long game. The last few weeks, my long game had been decent and putting was bad. But now that putting is coming around, long game has been faltering, mostly off the tee but also on my wedge shots which are usually my go at the pin clubs. With wedges, I think it's me trying to get too cute with it. When I just play the slight cut ball flight, I do just fine, I just don't like playing cuts. I need to get over it and play what I got, day to day. Off the tee, I can hit my stinger 3iron great! So, it's a good back up plan, but I hate using it every hole. 3W is OK, just not super confident with it yet. Driver is inconsistent. Hooking is my main problem, as off the last few rounds. Although, when I remember to swing towards my target more and slow down, I hit it good. My tendency is to swing left of target. What I really need is a good long range session, but when it's back in the 70's (temperature) instead of this mid to upper 80s crap. I hate sweating bullets on the range, can't stay focused. I have my list of things to check for regarding full swing. So I'll go through it next time. Short game. I can't do it enough. What's worse is that I'm doing the opposite of what I teach, I just hadn't realized I was doing it. Weight forward... I had been sitting back on my right side and couldn't understand why I would chunk or skull a lot of pitch shots. Weight over left side and it just comes back. I'm definitely not perfect with it yet. I definitely need to practice it more, but I'm headed in a much better direction. My next match is in a week and at a course I typically play well.
  4. I've hit both the i500 and i210 (7irons out of my demo bag). It was brief, but the i500 launched a bit lower with slightly more spin, I think. The i210 launched a bit higher with slightly less spin, I think. Distances looked about the same. I did not have my launch monitor out with them. Feel wise, the i210 felt nice and soft like the i200. The i500 was noticeably clunkier than the i210 but still felt really good on center hits. I'll try them both on my launch monitor a bit later. Busy with Jr Camp right now. The left one is the i210 and the right is the i200.
  5. Got mine in the mail yesterday. Man, it really forces the hands to being super quiet and a light grip pressure. I was definitely close, but I can feel and see the difference. Definitely worth the buy.
  6. phillyk

    My Swing (phillyk)

    Started our chapter match play bracket today. Played at Everett G&CC and shot (-1) 71 to win 5-4. Hit the ball off the tee very well. I had a few early bad wedge shots to get 3 bogies. But then I turned it around on the 9th hole, got a birdie. I did reasonably well from bunkers. I had a few missed birdie putts and a few that dropped. On 17, hole is 324yds, flat with a bunker guarding right side of green. I pured my drive and it went just left of bunker and rolled to 15ft and pin high. Got my birdie. But finished w a bogey. Good round! Just need to stay a bit more focused when I play, and keep the brain farts to a minimum.
  7. phillyk

    Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    So Tiger is both the better player and not the better player? The topic isn’t who has more gold stars (wins, 2nd places, 3rd places, etc) next to their name in their career. Theres two different questions being answered here. Who’s the better golfer and who has had a better career? This topic is more the first question, I believe. Yes, you use part of a career to define who is better. But its more of, when these two greats dominated the game, who did it better? The answer is clearly Tiger.
  8. phillyk

    Lexi Thompson's 4 Stroke Penalty at the ANA

    Yeah im aware it wasn’t even close. And Yes she broke the rules of golf. Im not disputing that. But whether or not she thought that that specific rule applied to her is up for debate. If other tour players are saying they move the ball without penalty, maybe others are doing so as well, fully aware that it is against the rules. I just get annoyed with tour players thinking they are above the rules of golf. Pace of play for the tour, while completely off topic for this thread, is the thing annoying me more these days.
  9. phillyk

    Lexi Thompson's 4 Stroke Penalty at the ANA

    Thats the thing for me, im guessing it was most likely neither. I bet she genuinely thought it was ok to do. Hence her reaction and why she believed she was being attacked. Doesn’t matter if she knew that it was against the rules. But because enough people did it without penalty, it was ok to do on tour, i guess.
  10. phillyk

    My Swing (phillyk)

    Played 9 holes today. I used to grip down on my driver by an inch or two because it helped with control while not sacrificing too much distance, but I hadn’t done it for a year or so. It’s not that my driver is bad right now, but there’s some room for improvement. Im hitting it further than ever but I leak to the right just a tad, when I miss. So, today I decided to grip down, and it felt amazing! Near perfect contact every time and right on my aim points. I’ve also been working a bit on short game and putting. I’m trying to shallow my strike while chipping. Putting i need to lean shaft forward a tad to have the ball roll smooth. First hole drove the green, par 4 downhill 400yds but a big drop downhill, but stupidly 3-putt it. 2nd hole 320yds, drive was just short but in fw. Chip and putt for birdie. 3rd hole hard dog leg right par 5, I cut corner and end 125yds out, 2nd shot to 6ft and 2 putt for birdie. 4th hole 290, 3w in greenside bunker, i pitch out and putt in for birdie. 5th hole par 5 that needs a 280 carry to carry ravine, i get over no problem, 150 left, on green and 2 putt birdie. 6th hole, par 3, get on green to 15ft and make putt for birdie. 7 par 4 wasnt special, par. 8 par 3 gir 2 putt par. 9th uphill dogleg right par 4, i put driver just short of green and pitch but it rolled out a tad too much. Finished with par, so a -5, 31. A 3 putt and a missed 6fter and its a 29... ugh! So close, but no cigar. But still, an awesome 9 holes! Feeling good.
  11. phillyk

    Women's Golf League Tee Times

    Sorry you have to deal with such a bad manager. I run the ladies league at my course. We set a meeting before the season starts to come up with a block of times for the 18 holers to play and the 9 holers. We ask that the ladies call in to say if they are playing no less than a day out. This way, I can send an email out with the pairings and tee times for the following day. And really, I don't care who wants to play with whom, because like the name suggests, it's their league. They can even call in the day of and completely switch it up on me. It may be a little annoying but it's not like my life is ruined from it. But play with whomever when it comes time, it's cool. So long as you play on pace and have fun! I usually mix it up but if someone wants to play with specific people, that's what I'll do. Do it and run it on your own. "Dues" or "skins" or whatever are paid within your group, you call to make tee times like a standard group, but pair up on your own. The course just gets the greens fees and whatever. It can be complicated for that one or two ladies that have to manage the group, but it can make things a lot easier. They'd just have to have a contact list that's updated regularly.
  12. phillyk

    PGA Level 3 Done… Membership Next

    Congratulations! I get the whole waiting game. Im stuck on level 2. Just procrastinating. It shouldn’t take me long to do it, I just have to dig in.
  13. phillyk

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Police typically escort all the big names and the leaders at nearly every event.
  14. phillyk

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    I called it on Friday, I guess. Glad to see Koepka win again! USGA watered too much last night. I wish they had kept the greens a bit runnier.
  15. phillyk

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Exactly what I was thinking. This morning, greens were still soft-ish and not bad. But as day wore on, speed picked up as it got baked in wind and sun. Even if you try to make it softer over night, the morning guys tomorrow have an advantage on greens even if they are 10 strokes out of it. I’m sure the USGA planned on greens drying up over the course of the day. I mean, over the years of it happening often enough and our tech for determining how much water is in soil and other things, they had to have known. Maybe pin locations were a little mean, but play the course smart and you should do well. Er’ on side of being conservative over putts near those edges.

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