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  1. Nah. Ive played north bellingham enough to not let strong winds bother me.
  2. Ok i need to amend my “just swing” comment, because today my “just swing” was a tight draw most of the time. My goal was to take practice swings, feel it, and feel what ball flight the swing produced. I got a out 85% of them right on the feel, and shot -2 for 9 holes. Been a while since I shot a few under, so it felt good. Definitely missed a few birdie putts, but it was decent. I’ll work on the predictions and make them tighter, but so far so good.
  3. To start off, short game is coming around nicely. Definitely feeling it. Putting has faltered a bit but I have ideas and it’ll just take a little practice. Full swing, In the past when I decided to just swing without trying to hit a draw, it would go straight to a slight cut. But when I try to make that my “norm”, it always went to slicing. However, I feel that with my changes I’ve made in the last year with sweet spot control and lower body turn, I can give it another go. The other day, I decided halfway through a fun 9, to just swing. Every shot from then on, I stuck them tight, via a straight to slight cut shot. Drives were money, wedges were money. I’m going to try it, but I’ll probably film my swing soon while it’s going good so that I have something in case things goes sideways. Before posting this I looked at my last post about trying to hit a cut and failing. So, I want to specify. My trying to hit a cut before, was to use the inside out draw swing but aim way left and open the face barely more than the path, therefore it starts right but then cuts slightly. It worked sometimes. This “just swing” style, I think, is a straight through path with a very slight open face. So definitely different and like I said before the drives I’ve hit with the “just swing” have been really good.
  4. Bad instruction is more like self instruction. Will it make you better? Sure. But the question isn’t if, but how much. Good instruction puts you on a better path, less band aids. Bad instruction/being self taught can take you much longer to get to the same spot a good instructor could put you. More to original topic of type of swing. Funky looking & good looking swings of pros have several commonalities. A home built swing is fine, but eventually it will need a bit of fine tuning to make things a bit more consistent.
  5. Here's a golf swing with no GRF. The only thing missing in this swing is friction with the ground, aka GRF. His torso swings one way, his legs move the other. Put something, like ground, to stop the legs, and he has a normal golf swing. Your torso muscles moving are the original force, which translates through the legs and into the ground to create the opposite force.
  6. I’m late to the party here but as someone who is close to being a PGA member, Hank is definitely in the wrong. Grow yourself, grow the business, grow the game. He did none of those things, and if anything did the opposite. If you don’t pay attention to the ladies tour, fine. But there’s no reason to say anything that would hurt the spirit of their game, especially as someone who is supposed to be helping to grow it.
  7. Bellingham G&CC, I was even going into 7, and like an idiot, I wanted to hit a high cut through the gap and I pushed it a tad.
  8. Well, I think I’m officially in a funk. So far this season, my scores have been bad. Men’s league, I can’t break par which is terrible. Played in my first pro am of the season today and shot 80, which included a 9 on a par 5 because I hate teeing off of par 5s with an iron so I went driver and tried to cut off more than I can chew. Basically I feel like I’m trying to play well so hard that I’m over thinking everything. When I play solo, I do great! When I play with others I start over doing it or something and can’t score. Today when I got pissed and just swung at the ball without much thought, It was money! It’s just a really annoying and tough start. I’m sure I’ll cycle it back around at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later.
  9. I like this one. Not quite there yet with the lower body turn around impact, but the feeling of getting my right shoulder to the ball faster is helping. I like my balance on this one. Path was a bit more inside to out then I’d like, but it’s close. Full swing lately has been solid. Still working more on short game.
  10. He does well SG off the tee. He is struggling on approach shots and around the green.
  11. What's more important to you, shooting a certain score or playing the best you can? One line of thought is playing to beat a field, the other is playing to beat yourself or some other internal goal. One has a foreseeable limit, the other does not and allows room to do more. It's definitely easier said than done, but learning to forget the past and the future, to focus on the present is important. One way to practice that, as Erik said is to play the forward tees and get used to it.
  12. Incred-A-Ball - Remote Control Trick Golf Ball I hate golf, but this brings some real fun back to the game. If there's a will, there's a way.
  13. My buddy had a similar problem, shooting to a similar handicap, and the main thing I noticed is his tendency to have early leg extension on the downswing which pushed his hands outward a bit around the ball. It's hard to say what your specific tendency is without seeing the swing, but I'd guess it comes from posture or lower body rotation.
  14. I kind of figured with the show starting with the Starks that it would always end with the Starks. I was hoping for a more dramatic send off though.
  15. Yeah I don’t know whether to be satisfied or not.
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