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  1. Some older models of launch monitor/simulator fix the smash factor because they dont measure either ball/clubhead speed. So maybe whichever he is using, is simply older and calculates one or the otber based on a fixed smash.
  2. Sure it may heal faster but most ranges are not just one line of tees. They’ll have an acre of space to work with adjusting tees daily or every other day. Either way the tees will have re-grown with grass by the time the tees go back. So generally, youd still want the lines because of not screwing that spot up so quick that others that day can’t use it.
  3. Feel Ain't Real

    That was the key when I took lessons long ago and had to stop with that particular guy. In the lesson, he had me change this or that which I was able to do really well off the bat, but I did 3 swings and done. I couldn’t develop the feel of that change on 3 balls, so it never really stuck even with practice. When using a swing aid, some help with eyeing a certain path while other aids help develop feel. Every student has their preferred method, whether its eye balling it or feeling it, etc.
  4. When is it too cold to golf?

    In WA, right now I’m playing for a 7-10yd loss. Better safe than sorry too so I usually club up a little more sometimes.
  5. My Swing (phillyk)

    I’ll work on getting some good videos up. And I’ll try to get a video of the drill I’ll do.
  6. My Swing (phillyk)

    Well I guess the next step is to get my hips more open by impact. Last time I measured it, they were like 12* open when there supposed to be 25* I think. That would help reduce the flip. I did some work on it last winter, so I know how to approach it.
  7. My Swing (phillyk)

    I don't have an answer, really. Thinking about it, all I can say is that I'm working on tempo and remembering those swing thoughts I have. I don't have a good way to fight the flip. What I've done is think about the heel of the club at impact going out instead of the toe turning around. Also to offset the flip, I like to watch slightly ahead of the ball. Yeah, I suppose I get that flippy-hook once or twice a round, but I usually play the draw enough that it doesn't hurt me too much. Otherwise, the full swing has been really consistent.
  8. My Swing (phillyk)

    I managed to go out today and play. We had sustained winds of 16-18mph with some higher gusts. Not sure why I wanted to play in that, but it wasn't raining so there's that. Despite the wind and not having played or hit the range in a week, I hit the ball well and mostly consistent. Because of the wind and being chilly, I played the whites which is short but the course is plug-city too. I was -5 going into 17, but for some reason, I lost focus and doubled the par 3. I finished with par to shoot a 69 (no 6 round again). Disappointing finish, but happy with shooting a low score in those conditions.
  9. The Zone

    Well winter has really set in, here in Western Washington, with snow a week ago and now blustery rainy days that won't end until April. I've done a lot of reflection after the Newport Cup because of how well I played that final day. It was a good way to end my season. I knew that my swing had been coming around and that there were only a few swing thoughts I wanted to keep track of. I had a good warm-up that day, not doing anything special. Just getting finding the rhythm and the way the ball was flying. I know I've had rounds where I had flow from hole to hole or through a series of holes, but I never thought I was in the zone. The more I look back at the NC, the more I think I was firmly in the zone that last day. The first hole I can remember being in that zone was hole 12, a straight, longer par 4. I remember thinking about my aim point, on the tee, and just telling myself to swing the way you've been doing all day. I remember thinking the same thing on the next tee too and both were nearly perfect drives. I'm pretty sure, though, that after the first tee shot on hole 1, I entered that zone. Everything seems a blur now. No particular shots stand out. It was all thinking about my aim points and hitting them almost every time. It was a feeling of, almost, non-awareness. Just a aim and shoot, knowing that it will be just fine. It seems so strange, because I've never felt that way about a round. Every round is usually a battle to find the cup. I'm hoping I can retain that feeling and find it again next season.
  10. This is really what bothers me most about some instructors. No willingness to listen, think, and potentially evolve their views. Our mission is to grow the game, the people who play it, and our selves. How can you do any of those things if you will not attempt to look at data, to look at whats new and growing in the game? @iacas has gone through great lengths to grow the game in data-driven manner. You have your experience, which is great! But, over the last 10-20 years or so, we have entered a phase in golf where data has proven opinionated experience wrong. What you think you know, may not be true. But, like you said, take it for its worth.
  11. Warming up for a round, yeah, I would probably do more short game, because I need to get accustomed to the greens. Full swing is just getting it loose and seeing how the ball flies, not trying to do anything special or change anything. Practicing is different. But like we already said, if people understood how to practice effectively, they would see quicker improvement (including in the short game).
  12. I would like to do this! Being in PNW in winter will give me a chance to measure it up for moisture capabilities against other towels.
  13. My Swing (phillyk)

    Finally got out again yesterday after our snow storm last weekend. Shot a no 6, 73 with 3 bogies and 2 birdies. It was a blah round. Off the tee was fine, I just couldn't put my approaches as close as I'd like. Just need to keep playing/practicing and taking each round seriously. The minute I lose concentration on a shot is the shot that goes way off.
  14. Joining A "No Match" league

    Off topic, but I just want to add my thoughts here. I've also played a ton of competitive golf. In almost every one of them, someone has a crappy attitude. I've played with plenty of cheaters too. I played in a US Open Qualifier with a guy who had the worst attitude I've ever seen in a golfer. He was a good golfer, couldn't sink a putt that day. He missed the cut by one, cursed out loud on the course multiple times, left without going over the scorecard, was rude to all golfers and volunteers there. I think that absolutely reflects on his attitude outside the course too. Back to the topic, sometimes joining a group of guys comes down to meeting the right people. The best person to talk to about finding a group of good guys to play with, is the local golf pro or whomever is in charge of the shop. He'll give you the times guys come out and such.
  15. Reviews - Snell My Tour Ball

    Ratings (Out of 5) Durability: 5 Value: 5+ Quality: 5 Most of the other rating metrics are relative to other balls and because the ratings are based on experience, I don't want to give a bad rating for a ball because it is in relation to something else instead of on its own. Durability: The ball on the right, I played 2 rounds with at my home course without losing, which is astonishing with all the hazards we have. The ball on the left is practically new, I think I played a few holes with it. So you can really see that there isn't much difference. The white brightness went away a bit, but I'm sure I hit a cart path or two with the ball on the right and it barely got a scratch. Quality: MTB is a 3-piece golf ball, but with premium characteristics like the lower compression and urethane outer layers. I'll get into value a bit later. To start off, I play exclusively ProV1s. So I will detail my experience of the Snell against the ProV1. I'm not saying that any of the following is a good or bad thing, it is just how they differ, if at all. Yesterday I played with both my ProV1 and the Snell MTB to determine distance differences, spin differences, and how it feels. I started with how it feels first, and the Snell does feel slightly softer off the face than the ProV1 on full swings. This difference would not be noticeable by the average golfer. Spin-wise, the reason I play ProV1 is the control around the greens and how the ball reacts on firm greens. I can stop it on almost anything, it seems like. The Snell MTB reacts similarly, but it doesn't quite have the same stopping power and spin. The difference here, again, is very small that may not be noticeable by the average golfer. If they played rock hard greens, they might see a difference, but for every day play, no noticeable difference. In regards to distance differences, I'd say they are the same. If anything, I thought the Snell had bigger driver carry and shorter iron carry, but within a few yards difference, so really nothing noticeable. So finally Value. You will rarely find a better deal for a premium golf ball. Forget the $50 box of ProV1's, and go get a box of Snell MTBs!

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