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  1. phillyk

    My Swing (phillyk)

    Since baby, I haven't really played any rounds, but I've had time to practice a bit at work in our sim and outside for a few balls a day. I was perusing through the sliding hips thread a couple weeks ago and there was a video that struck a sort of "ah hah" moment. It talked about a method for the slide and this pic still sums up the feel I've been working on: I've typically had problems, I think, with getting my hips rotated enough by impact and weight could be further forward. When people talk to me about starting forward with my hips I try the weird bump thing and it just doesn't stick. But this idea of the upper body very slightly sliding with lower body has created better feeling contact and I think it's getting me rotated a bit more as well as getting my weight further forward. I need to take a video of some swings to confirm, though. My other swing thoughts I've been sticking with are: shoulders feeling level at address, looser right hand on grip, and upright/better plane takeaway Yesterday, I played in a scramble with a couple guys. Considering the amount of practice and not having played on course for 3-4 weeks, I'd say it was a success. Ball flight is a straight-draw, distance was on point, flight consistency was good. I had a few bad judgments on what club I needed because pins were tucked (I set up the course so I should have known better). But those shots were so close to being right, but being "so close" was still off green and in these events you need birdies. Chipping, which I expected, was the most in need of improving, but driver was great, putter was awesome, so can't really complain.
  2. phillyk

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    Even when I play crappy, I'd rather be golfing than doing other activities. Golf is fun regardless of how well I play. Obviously I want to play well, but having fun is 1st priority even in big tournaments.
  3. phillyk

    The Great Experiment

    How fast your arms move will remain the same regardless of going lefty or righty. The difference will be the mechanics of going lefty, but eventually you will be able to swing about the same speed. The thing that may stop you (regardless of left/right) is the injury. Most people are very cautious when returning to golf and will swing that way until proven otherwise. New neuro pathways? Not really. Think about it. Start at the green. After learning to play right handed, could you not switch to putting lefty and do decent? How about chipping? Maybe a bit tougher but you could do all right. Bigger swings you could still do and most likely make contact with the ball. Learning to play from a certain orientation is also teaching how to play the other one, a bit. You know how to swing fast, you will want to swing fast again when you feel healthier. Regardless, I wish you well in your journey.
  4. I don’t remember who first said it. I thought maybe Mickelson, could be a lot older than that. But they said that while playing tournament golf, it was important to make sure you are having fun. Otherwise why play? Its helped me focus on playing my best but also enjoy myself and don’t get upset at bad shots. I don’t watch for anybody’s swing or play style.
  5. For both off tee or going into a green with water/trouble nearby, I will typically aim to have the ball land on the fat part away from the trouble. Eg. A pin is tucked right, like 5 paces from the water on right, I will aim to have my ball land 1-3 flagsticks left, depending on how far away I'm coming from and how much room left there is. Once I see what trouble there is, I'm pretty good about ignoring it when I'm in my routine. I don't want to try something special unless it's absolutely necessary. So it's always a stock shot and just aiming slightly away from trouble. The curve really doesn't matter here, it has always been a pick your aim point and go. If you let water or trouble start influencing your shot too much, you will start to do funky stuff and have some misses.
  6. phillyk

    Pinehurst Dec 2 2018 Weekend

    Yeah, I like mid-south for it’s options off the tee too but it does require being able to hit the ball pretty far to hit across some of the doglegs. That second tee shot was scary because I had to aim at the homes on the right and slightly curve around a tree. A super low drive and Im paying for broken windows. I did catch that shot slightly low on the face but i managed to clear (kinda) water anyway. Have fun out there!
  7. phillyk

    My Swing (phillyk)

    Posting a life update. Golf game may start to suffer a bit and I don’t have plans to do many more bigger tournaments for a while. But, I’ll try to keep it up at work. My future pga tour star was born last night 😉 he’ll get a club in his hands quick! Already has a good grip. I don’t know, maybe me just playing instead of tinkering so much will be good for me. A good force.
  8. 2 golfers with 2 different ball flights and both longest drivers (2018/2019): Rory McIlroy and Cameron Champ Last year Rory had an average 11.9 launch angle, 319yds, and 2239rpm of spin. 121mph club head speed and the driver he uses is a 8.5 degree M3 This year Cameron has an average 7.3 launch angle, 328yds, and 3517rpm of spin. 130mph club head speed and the driver he uses is a 7.9 degree G400 Rory is a launch it high and let if fly, positive attack angle and low spin. Cameron has a negative attack angle, thus producing a bunch of spin and low launch angle. Based on Cameron's swing speed, he is costing himself distance off the tee, maybe like 10-15yds. Not to get off topic, but tour players like to swing down, usually, to try and gain more accuracy. They do this more in high winds. How this relates to you, go for something that gets you around 10-12 launch angle and around 2200 rpm. It will get you the most distance out of your swing speed.
  9. phillyk

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    Maybe Tiger can try to hit a green this time. Its only 93yds after all.
  10. phillyk

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    Thats what i was thinking. Some slope behind the hole. Just a jump one hop or something would be good.
  11. phillyk

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    I’d like that
  12. phillyk

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    He didn’t want to potentially win from a missed 4ft putt. They want to win from playing good shots.
  13. phillyk

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    Well at least the finish should be good. Yeah. Unless they get rid of announcers completely or something close, I won’t buy in to something like this again.
  14. phillyk

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    Indeed. Disappointing announcing and planning and the golf hasnt been special. Theyve both struggled today. Not expecting anything to change though
  15. phillyk

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    Haven’t seen Tiger really try and go after one off the tee. Seems unusual. At least that tee shot on 12 seemed more laid off.

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