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  1. I’m pretty sure I told this elsewhere too. One of the rudest guys I’ve played with was in an US Open qualifier. He was a mini-tour player trying to earn a living. In some ways I get being upset if you get paired with a new guy who just made the handicap requirement and he blows up with a 90. Heck I was one of those guys that blew up several years ago. But this dude basically hates all golfers worse than him and he talked about it for several holes. We weren’t even paired with anybody bad, he was playing poorly from the get-go and wanted to talk trash about everyone except himself. He made a few birdies and a few more bogeys. By the 12th hole, he took out his phone to look at the leaderboard to see if he even had a chance if he managed to play really well from there in. Didnt matter that they explicitly said no phones, the guy doesn’t care. 13th hole, a short downhill par 3, he puts it above the hole in a spot you just can’t be in. He chips it and the ball rolls past the pin, down the steep hill and to 40ft away. He throws his club, walks to his ball wacks it with his putter and that was it, a chord broke. I feel like he was rather pleasant to play with after that, because he finally wasn’t talking. 😂 oddly enough, I played well despite his behavior and attitude.
  2. It still looks like you haven't rotated the lower body enough on the backswing. From DTL, it's hard to say for certain but it also looks like you are not getting nearly enough weight left by impact. You look like you're almost falling backwards after swinging. Try the Gary Player walk through or hit with feet close together to feel hip turn and finishing left.
  3. 8ft birdie putts that are flat/straight but feel they should break a little bit. I hate it. At least they are in my head right now. A more realistic trouble spot is a severe uphill fairway/tight lie where you have to pitch it 50yds. They usually occur from those little mounds near greens. I can’t get myself to make clean contact.
  4. When I was younger, I cared for some reason. (In the voice of Pinocchio) I'm a real boy! I think I needed to prove myself by more than just a score; I had to be the biggest hitter. Now, I just play golf and do my thing. Sure I can hit it, but my goal is to hit the shot I'm envisioning, nothing more than that. I do find the rants amusing now and can laugh at myself for being the same way several years ago.
  5. If he is hitting as high as he says, a kick point adjustment is likely not enough. Could stiffen the shaft or increase weight of shaft. Certainly booking a lesson with a pro and launch monitor, who can teach and fit clubs, will give him the best way to go.
  6. Ok, did some practice today and I’m moving in the right direction. Got a good feeling going with short game. More consistent contact, repeatable, and controllable. I knew I was moving around too much before, with the main issue being that I was leaning back somehow. The old move was more straight back and through and “high” with the clubhead or something. The move I worked on today was to feel like bringing the clubhead to the inside a bit on backswing. I think it made me rotate more and block me from trying to move backwards. The downswing I didnt try anything special other than to swing down softly and make good contact. I got my weight on my left side more, I believe. I need build my confidence a bit more and work on distance control. Full swing is going really well. Main feel is to try and get my hands more over my heels instead of toes at A4. Haven’t taken much video to confirm where it’s really at but it feels really good. Hopefully I can get it going this year, and pull some good rounds together.
  7. Ugh! I don't like courses where it forces hitting irons on the tee for par 5's and most par 4s. Yesterday, I played Plateau Club and it was straight target golf, which should be easy for me, but I can't just sit back and play smart. So, I played a little too aggressive on several holes and paid the price (basically hitting a little too far on a dog leg). The main problems that I have with the course are the blind tee shots on every hole. You hit to what looks like an easy fairway, then you get up there only to see that there is a massive hazard that sneaks out to the middle of the fairway. It's one of those courses that you'd play the second round completely different than the first round. It is what it is. I like where my swing is taking me, but I need one flight. Either the cut or the draw, having both show up is not giving me good birdie chances. My long irons are drawing a bit while the short irons are straight to cutting. Driver is both which is really annoying. Other than the holes that I played too aggressive, I hit the ball ok, but once again short game failed me about half the time. Flipping a lot, no trust in the stroke at the moment. Putting is better. Normally I don't like hitting on the range, but I think it's time to hit the range a few times to get back to one flight and work on pitching. This year has been a massive struggle so far, hopefully I can turn it around at some point.
  8. I used to play more regularly with a guy that would always find his ball no matter how certain everyone else was that his ball went OB or in a hazard. He always found it, not necessarily finding it in a spot with a shot to the green but good enough. If I ever play with him again (for money or with something on the line), I'll have him use different numbered balls when he changes balls or hits a provisional so I definitely know whether he's lying. I played against a kid in a high school match that did that. I didn't call him out, but it definitely bugged me.
  9. Golf isn't like other sports, you are right @FLOG4. There isn't another sport that a nobody could go play with someone like Tiger Woods and actually have a match with him. There isn't something like the Pebble Beach Pro Am where you could play duos with a touring pro versus other guys in a tournament setting and be competitive. Handicap is a wonderful thing to have, the hundreds of millions of people around the world, that play golf can all compete in the same tournament if they wanted to. No other sport could do that, but maybe they should. Sure people take advantage of the system every once in a while, but it'll check back on them.
  10. Nah. Ive played north bellingham enough to not let strong winds bother me.
  11. Ok i need to amend my “just swing” comment, because today my “just swing” was a tight draw most of the time. My goal was to take practice swings, feel it, and feel what ball flight the swing produced. I got a out 85% of them right on the feel, and shot -2 for 9 holes. Been a while since I shot a few under, so it felt good. Definitely missed a few birdie putts, but it was decent. I’ll work on the predictions and make them tighter, but so far so good.
  12. To start off, short game is coming around nicely. Definitely feeling it. Putting has faltered a bit but I have ideas and it’ll just take a little practice. Full swing, In the past when I decided to just swing without trying to hit a draw, it would go straight to a slight cut. But when I try to make that my “norm”, it always went to slicing. However, I feel that with my changes I’ve made in the last year with sweet spot control and lower body turn, I can give it another go. The other day, I decided halfway through a fun 9, to just swing. Every shot from then on, I stuck them tight, via a straight to slight cut shot. Drives were money, wedges were money. I’m going to try it, but I’ll probably film my swing soon while it’s going good so that I have something in case things goes sideways. Before posting this I looked at my last post about trying to hit a cut and failing. So, I want to specify. My trying to hit a cut before, was to use the inside out draw swing but aim way left and open the face barely more than the path, therefore it starts right but then cuts slightly. It worked sometimes. This “just swing” style, I think, is a straight through path with a very slight open face. So definitely different and like I said before the drives I’ve hit with the “just swing” have been really good.
  13. Bad instruction is more like self instruction. Will it make you better? Sure. But the question isn’t if, but how much. Good instruction puts you on a better path, less band aids. Bad instruction/being self taught can take you much longer to get to the same spot a good instructor could put you. More to original topic of type of swing. Funky looking & good looking swings of pros have several commonalities. A home built swing is fine, but eventually it will need a bit of fine tuning to make things a bit more consistent.
  14. Here's a golf swing with no GRF. The only thing missing in this swing is friction with the ground, aka GRF. His torso swings one way, his legs move the other. Put something, like ground, to stop the legs, and he has a normal golf swing. Your torso muscles moving are the original force, which translates through the legs and into the ground to create the opposite force.
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