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  1. A nobody always arises for 2 rounds but falls off. Im rooting for dj. He just needs his putter to be favorable and he'll do all right.
  2. My trick would be to get a team of low handicaps and let them do the work and I can sit back and drink beer and fireball , I'd still get the god of golf status by hitting the long drives or my short game (if I'm still sober enough).
  3. I play a 44.5in driver and I still grip down about 1.5in. I still hit roughly the same distance but with much better accuracy. I also grip down on my 3 wood for the same reason.
  4. A lot more courses these days throw top dressing on greens every couple weeks to preserve a sandier top layer than years past. This allows them to use smaller tines/non-core tines for normal aeration and the time it takes to heal is cut significantly.
  5. Like @DaveP043 said angles, flexibility, timing, and lag create power. Just a quick glance at the video, to me, shows you are not quite getting the hips turned enough by impact and you are releasing your wrist hinge too early. The late release of that hinge is big for power. Try those orange whip or training aids that "snap" when you release.
  6. I have another scramble this weekend. It's to support a local college golf team. No tough pins or tee boxes, just lots of booze and mulligans to be purchased. I'll try my best to set a realistic goal for each shot I take. It's in my blood to always want to win, so I can't help that.
  7. I don't have kids yet, but from a worker standpoint, I'm generally ok with kids driving carts so long as the adult is in the cart watching and ready to take over if need be. But, with even the slightest change of conditions like weather, hills, bridges, etc. the adult should take over. I've had way too many experiences already where kids were driving and they hit a bridge rail and nearly tipped, where they're driving on wet grass and do donuts, parking carts where they shouldn't without pressing parking brake and the cart slowly went down a steep slope and did somersaults, etc. But, golf carts are good places to start to learn to drive and safely, so I'm usually good with it.
  8. Depends on weather. Good, calm, warm conditions is a driver. Cold, wet, head wind, I'll take my 2 hybrid down the right side of the bunker. Driver in warmer conditions is 295+ for me, which will put me past trouble. I'd also aim it slightly right of center bunker just to be safe in case I miss it. 2 hybrid gets me 240 on fly as a low bullet so it'll leave me an easy 52* from the right FW. Also depends on whether I need a birdie for a match. I have a better chance at putting it close from 50yds than 110yds.
  9. It is an exciting finish for these two unknowns! I'm very close to Masters mode. I do want to watch Bay Hill though.
  10. Well, I had an epiphany with my driver this morning. When I was hitting it well a couple years ago, in my back swing and at the top, I'm still looking at a spot 4-5in behind the ball. As I swing down I'll move my eyes to the ball. The point of this is to keep my swing center in the same spot. My tendency when I stop doing that is my swing center gets too far to my left and my clubface is left wide open at impact. I hit a couple shots in the simulator and it definitely made a difference. Just need to bring it to the course and see what happens.
  11. I'm still waiting for Finau to go and blow a field away. He needs to put it all together somehow.
  12. Yesterday was the annual Ball Buster at my course. This is where you tip out the course, if not longer, and put pins on the middle of a slope and/or the edges of the greens. Course played tough, but was even harder because of the weather. The first 9 holes were played in a windy, rain storm. After 9, the rain stopped and the wind picked up even more. Greens rolled well, but fairways are soggy. Every winter, the fairways go to soggy messes. Scrambles are always fun to play in. I enjoy playing with friends and having a few drinks, BUT I hate it because my swing always seems to go away. I'll always continue to play in them. Maybe next time will be different, and it never is. I just don't perform in scrambles. OR maybe it's that I do perform the same but it looks worse because I expect a perfect shot every time or my team expects a perfect shot every time from me. I'm the big stick, so I'm expected to hit the big drives in the fairway and then I'm the pickup guy when everybody misses the green. I'm the guy who watches everybody else's putt, and is expected to make it from 30ft because someone lipped out. I succeed on some of these challenges and fail at the others, but if I was to succeed at all these challenges, I would be on tour or better. I can't expect myself to be perfect, because I'm not. But it doesn't make me feel any better. We came in 4th net and got our money back plus a little, so we finished well. I like golf because there's only one person that can effect your score and that's yourself. No one to back you up if you miss. In some ways there's more pressure because of that, but in other ways it's less because you accept the outcome of your successes and failures. On a team, I can't control how a player hits his ball, what he's thinking on a putt, or whatnot. When you succeed, you get birdie shots of fireball! When we fail, I feel like blaming myself for not making it better. When I play my own ball, I feel more relaxed.
  13. You have the artificial lawn and then plant trees/shrubs with just enough room in the turf for the trunks to grow. hmmm, i may have to try it, without my wife knowing... makes picking up dog poop easier tho!
  14. Have an artificial turf yard. Good for practice and easy to maintain.
  15. Catch or blow up? Get some fish nuggets.