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  1. He's my go to guy right now to always be in the running. Such a powerful player and he kind of stays below the radar, which seems to be working for him.
  2. There are a lot of swing aids that are good to help build a swing, so long as they're used correctly. I'd also suggest they get a big mirror, tape some lines on there, and do some slow swings while watching yourself. Video is good, but can be hard to change something without a mirror or something to help enact the change. With simulators/launch monitors and other similar tech, you can get instant feedback and can be very beneficial. The biggest thing is to just develop something that's consistent. I've seen 30 slicer swings be single digits, but they won't get much better than that.
  3. You are not yet 40, so yes you can definitely get more distance. But, it will come down to a couple physical factors: flexibility, muscle control, muscle speed, and coordination. It sounds like you have some coordination and control, you just have to learn how to properly let the club head go and know how to create ideal launch conditions. A pro can certainly help. You don't have to be fred couples or john daly to hit the ball long. At 8 months, you most likely don't fully trust the swing yet. Once, you start trusting yourself more, you'll be able to let it go more and get some distance.
  4. I was watching todays round at Colonial, when Jon Rahm was in a bunker. He went to his ball, built a stance, but backed off because a spectator was talking or who knows. But, he did back off after having addressed the ball and built a stance. After the altercation, he went back and finished. Now, I thought I remember the rules saying that once you've built a stance at the ball that you can't back off and do it over again, because it would be considered testing the sand. I don't remember if a penalty was applied or not because I'm at work and didn't see the outcome of it. But should there be a penalty? I tried looking in the rules book, rule 13-3 and 13-4 but those and the decisions weren't very clear to me. @iacas @Rulesman
  5. To add to this a bit, I think the shoulders closed will have more effect than the feet being closed, on producing a swing path in to out. This is well and good so long as the club face remains in the same orientation as before, which would make it closed to path in this example. I still remember watching T Woods hitting range balls at the US Open at Chambers with a 3wood. One after another, closed stance, open stance, draw, fade. Back and forth for 20 shots it seemed like and every single one looked perfect. Too bad he had no idea how to bring that to the course.
  6. I have way too many driver breaks but they are the typical ones. My favorite break story would be my old 3 iron cobra. The set originally came with 3-9, pw & sw, but within a few months the 3 iron broke. I brought my buddy to a driving range to wack some balls and for the fun of it, I decided to do a happy gilmore shot with my 3 iron. I swear, I hit that ball square on the face and I hit it really hard, problem was the head snapped perfectly at the hozel and went 200yds to the middle of the range. I have no clue where the ball went but it had to have gone far. I never went after it because the grass was long and I never hit it well. I got a hybrid soon after. It was a weird feeling when you are really going after one to finish with a really light club.
  7. I thought it was within 8 strokes. Either way, I think he'll be good.
  8. The leaderboard. Can't remember @Pretzel name though.
  9. I always find it somewhat interesting the scores that make it through regional qualifying. In WA state, you just need even par and you can make it to sectionals, but east coast states sometimes need several under par. I wonder if it's the way the course is set up or what. When I played, they definitely put pins on edges of ridges and other tough spots while rolling the greens at 13 or 14. Is that the same everywhere?
  10. This hole is the fun hole during the Boeing Classic. I just played The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge yesterday in a pro-am and I had no clue what to do on the tee shot. I'll set it up. You get to the tee, and whip out the range finder to get some of the distances shown. You don't know how wide the fairway is and you could only approximate how much added distance you'd get from the drop. It is about a 50-75ft drop I'd guess, and you have a wind from behind of 5-10mph. The fairway to the right of the bunker (when looking from tee box) is partially blocked, so what I measured was 220yds to carry it versus 200yds. 4iron for me might clear it, and I assumed my 2 hybrid may go through the fairway. I could aim more towards the green but the fairway gets skinnier and more hillier. Or I could take 3 wood and go for it. I thought what the heck, just go for it. I practically topped the ball into the crap, I was scared to hit my 3 wood full. Then took 4 iron and smacked it to the middle with 130 out and put my wedge 2 inches away from the cup. I thought I might've holed it, but it lipped out. When you get down to the FW, you do realize how wide it is. Then at the green, those green side traps are pot-like deep but manageable. How would you play it? Safe or go for it?
  11. I played in a pro-am yesterday at The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge, site of the senior tour Boeing Classic. It's an interesting course. We played the blues at 6500yds. The course off the tee wasn't terribly difficult except for the one par 4 that goes over the canyon. The greens, though, were weird. They rolled smooth and at a reasonable pace, maybe 9 to 10, but they didn't hold. I typically put a ton of spin on my wedge shots and play them past the pin to let the ball come back. But I didn't get any of that, it was slightly annoying and I never really adjusted. I ended up with a 77. I'm disappointed and pleased. Disappointed because I was +4 on the par 3s from putting 2 balls in the water. Both of them were less than 1yd from being fine. Just under-hit them by a tiny bit. I also couldn't hit my long irons to save my life. I kept chunking them, but they didn't really hurt because I only used them on par 5s for my 2nd shots. I'm pleased, because once again my driver was nearly perfect all day and my middle irons and wedges were going the distances I wanted and to the degree of accuracy that is acceptable to me. I did have 3 missed putts from within 5ft that were not on par 3s. I got scared of them or something. I had 13/18 greens in regulation. It's just that my misses cost me more than normal. This year, so far, has been pretty consistent. I've been between 68 and 77 every round, including both recreational and tournament. Some rounds with little to no mistakes and others with 1 or 2 mistakes. We'll keep working to get rid of those mistakes and start making a few more putts.
  12. Use what ever native grass is in your area. You'll use a sand/seed mix like you see in golf carts. Get a rake or something that will keep the surface smooth (if you have a dog, good luck!). Most grass will regrow on its own so long as the divots you take aren't deep. Using the sand/seed mix to re-seed will definitely speed up growth, but to get back to hitting conditions, it'll take 2-3 weeks maybe. It'll depend on weather, how much you water, if you want to use fertilizer, etc. You'll want to have a reel mower to have better/lower cuts too.
  13. I haven't been charged in the past for practice rounds of qualifiers. At most maybe $40 like you said. $125 for practice is ridiculous.
  14. Make sure to take note of the greens. They will put pins on edge of ridges or in spots that are guarded and hard to get to. They try to make you really think about how to play your approach shots. Good luck!
  15. June 11th is not available for me, but if others are good with that date, I can still try to help set it up if need be. Boy, Chambers Bay in the summer would be fun but it gets quite pricey. I may be able to get us a decent price but it's still high. I'm good with that if others are, though. Are there any other courses people would like to try and play? And what months/days are people open to?