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  1. phillyk

    2019 Genesis Open Discussion Thread

    Been a train wreck for a few of the leader board guys. JB taking advantage though. Would be cool to see him win, it's been a while, I think.
  2. phillyk

    2019 Genesis Open Discussion Thread

    I assume you are watching it delayed then, huh... 😉
  3. phillyk

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    So the $200, or whatever it was, that he makes on a normal round? What is market value here? Or is it quality of service? He wasnt going to be paid the same as a normal caddy because he could no where near give the same quality of service. He should’ve been paid a bit more, yea but no normal 8-10%, imo. I still think Kuch made a dick move to try and take advantage of the situation. But this whole Kuch makes this much money, this caddy makes such and such a day, so he should get paid more thing is BS.
  4. phillyk

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    You kidding? Fine let me caddy for him and make 5G’s for 4 days work. I can take off a month and a half of work with that. Yea, it could’ve been more. But like I’ve said he paid the agreed terms of service. This is not chump change for working folks. $5000 is a lot.
  5. phillyk

    Adam Scott Begs For Slow Play Penalty

    I don't. It's based on what I wrote before. This morning on hole 10 (only 306yds) at Riviera the players are teeing off, then waving up groups so as not to create a bottleneck later in the day, so they address pace in a way, but that is more of a functional pace fix (design). The formal pace is the players themselves taking their time. I don't know that there is a downside to taking their time on the course, they have only to gain. The fans will stay, the players have no where to go (it's their job), the tv's will stay. So why enforce any pace standards?
  6. phillyk

    2019 Genesis Open Discussion Thread

    It's been quite fun watching hole 10 so far. Bunker to bunkers, chunks, bad tee shots, all over the board so far this morning.
  7. phillyk

    Adam Scott Begs For Slow Play Penalty

    Eh, I've gotten put on the clock at a US Open qualifier pretty fast after falling a bit behind. We started off having to call an official because a guy didn't know his options for an unplayable. I tried to help, but he preferred an official tell him the same thing I did. Anyway, we also had to look for a few balls, and by the 5th hole, we were one hole behind and the officials told us we were on the clock. They measured our times and stayed with us for two holes before leaving. The USGA and PGA Tour are different in administering rules, but I'm 99% sure that the Tour is intentionally not following the pace of play rules. A couple possible reasons why: more time playing means more money for almost everyone involved(tv time, people buying stuff, etc.), the Tour is run, really, by the players and if they all want to play slow then they play slow. I think it would be great if they started to enforce pace, but I doubt anything will happen.
  8. phillyk

    2019 Genesis Open Discussion Thread

    Hahaha Mickelson did a classic Mickelson on 10 at the suspension of play. Driver into bunker, then 3 bunker shots and makes par...
  9. phillyk

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    This. I can't believe how blown up this whole thing is. My first thought when I saw this thread a while back was "who cares?" Honestly is none of my business how much one makes or doesn't make, doesn't matter if he won or MC'd. They had a contract, Kuchar fulfilled it's terms. The caddy just wants more than what he signed on for, which makes sense, but it should not make Kuchar look bad at all.
  10. When I went to high school, all I cared about was distance. I could hit it over 300yds but shoot in the 90's to 100's. I'd have my fair share of straight ones, but it's the misses that stacked those strokes up. Once I started to care more on consistency, I retained my distance but started getting the rest of my game nailed down. Took about 3 years in high school to figure it out as I was in the low 70s by senior year. Now, I've had rounds where I averaged 320+yds, with the longer drives out at 390yds. I can also go out and average 280yds with the long ones around 295yds. The difference? Location. In the Western part of WA, I won't average very long because the ground is usually really soft, as in less than 5yds of roll and the air is heavy. But go into Eastern WA and you hit the desert; dry air, dry rolling fairways where the ball will carry a long ways and roll a long ways. The point here? Someone saying they hit the ball 300yds doesn't mean much to me without context. Clubhead speed is a good start, sure. But the "where" also carries some weight.
  11. phillyk

    Poll: Bermuda Or Bent Grass Preferences

    So long as the greens are cut to a decent speed, they play practically the same. I haven't had any issues playing from poa to bent to bermuda. The main issue is controlling spin coming into the greens.
  12. phillyk

    Adding Sims to my Existing Bar/Restaurant

    Please be careful here. If you are going to get a golf simulator, get one that is accurate. We got a 10yr old AboutGolf sim that runs windows xp. Sure, its fun enough but the inaccuracies drive me crazy and we can’t sell the use of it because people hate that it’s inaccurate. We can’t upgrade the system without paying another $10,000 or more. Yes, the ones that use our sim are golfers, but even the non/very occasional golfers who gave it a go notice that its not accurate and didn’t use it again. If I had a choice to start over and spend a little more, I’d go with the Foresight. You can get a brand new system, cage, mat, all courses, teaching software for $25,000 or so. I also looked at a flightscope attached w e6 simulation. Similar enough pricing but foresight is meant as a sim and flightscope is a launch monitor. Slightly different packages was why I’d prefer foresight. There are more affordable launch monitors that calculate some stuff based on measurements and can be hooked up with e6 simulation. Unless you want to spend quite a bit more that has the radar above you or Multidirectional unit without a piece on ground (like aboutgolf or TruGolf), yes. But its pretty simple to move. The new foresight is an all inclusive package, instead of having an extra attachment to measure ball speed. @Vader, if you have a higher end restaurant/bar, I’d look into the higher end sims that dont have a floor measuring unit. If its a middle of the road business, go with foresight or flightscope. At least that would be my recommendation. People who are spending decent money at a decent place would spend money for a decent system.
  13. phillyk

    My Swing (phillyk)

  14. phillyk

    My Swing (phillyk)

    Definitely turning a bit more. Hands aren’t getting into plane like I originally thought. I know the face on view doesn’t have a ball but I didn’t have my foam ball this time. Got some work to do, but I think this is a good direction. Ok one min. My videos did not upload correctly.
  15. phillyk

    Golf League Handicap

    I do the handicapping for my 9 hole league and it seems fair enough. Out of their most previous 8 league only scores I will average their lowest 5 for handicap. If starting out new. I take straight average weeks 1-4, week 5&6 would be Average of low 3 scores, week 7&8 average low 4 scores, then 9 and after low 5 of most previous 8.

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