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  1. I don't remember when it specifically happened, but PING did change their fitting system in the last year or two. At standard length, nothing has really changed, but when you add or subtract length on the shafts, the appropriate lie angle has changed (I don't recall the specifics about what that really means though). Anyhow, maybe you were fit for the i200s from the old way? Each club maker will be slightly different in how they fit too. So you may always get slightly different answers.
  2. phillyk

    My Swing (phillyk)

    Well, finally got a video of my latest swing. This was with a 3-iron that went around 240yds. Hole is labeled at 270yds, but I cut across the corner a bit and ended up a couple yards shy of the green. This was a push draw. My long irons, I believe, have a more in to out swing than my lower irons but I still like where I am at the moment. After yesterday's 63, I played with a co-worker today from one tee further back, and wanted to see if I can keep things going. Well, I think I did. Shot a -4, 68. This was with another eagle and 4 (yeah 4) bogies. Ugh! A couple bad holes and a 3 putt. Could've been another incredible round. I like the slight grip change, it's keeping me loose.
  3. phillyk

    My Swing (phillyk)

    End of the season is here for me, unfortunately. Regarding my last post about trying to straighten my path, it has made a big difference. I have gained much more accuracy and consistency with my irons. Not having to rely on some big draw is nice. I honestly, don't remember what I was doing before to cause the in to out path, but my current swing thoughts are: slightly open stance (what feels open to me is straight on or slightly left), lean right at set up and imagine swinging the low point past the left side of the ball, straight back take away and "high," and then "stay back" to allow my hips to turn and get through the ball. I added one tiny grip adjustment today, but I'll get to that in a moment. I played in my fall fling last week. 3 pro ams in a row. I went +2 and even the first two days. Both those days, the greens were bumpy and tee to green was getting better over the couple rounds. The 3rd day, the greens were faster and smoother, and my tee to green has been getting good. I decided to walk, because my dad was with me. (I usually ride because at the course I work at, it is cart mandatory). I was -5 through 12 holes on a shotgun start and on the turn, I started thinking. Ugh, why do I have to starting thinking. Didn't feel right on the 10th tee and hooked one hard into a bunker and ended hole with a double. After that, I also got tired from the walk I think, because my pre shot routine felt not sloppy, but not all there. I could manage my pars but it wasn't the same as in the beginning of the round. Finished that 3rd day a -2. Disappointing, but overall, a decent round. This morning, I was thinking about my grip. I want to keep my right palm parallel with the club face. I feel like I can control the face more when it is like that. During that 3rd round, I had moments where I couldn't get it to feel right. Today I messed a bit with it and felt like my fingers on the right hand were going underneath the shaft a bit more and then allowing my palm to wrap around. It made me feel like the right hand wasn't gripping the club as hard. I played 18 holes today from the white tees at my course. It's quite short, but with all the trouble we have surrounding the course, the yardage doesn't do it justice. Right away, I knew I was carrying the ball 5yds further. Slightly off shots on the first few holes were still traveling the overall yardage I wanted. As I started hitting better, I adjusted my strategy with distance. I only missed 2 greens today. I had 1 eagle, 1 bogey, and 8 birdies. My first two holes both had reasonable birdie putts that I missed, but then I started draining them. I had 3 other missed eagle putts, one of which I 3 putted for par. So yeah, a 63!! My lowest round EVER! No witnesses, but I don't care. It felt great to just have everything hit my mark and shoot a low score! Good end to the season!
  4. Our Ping rep stopped by today to talk for next year and in the bag were the new G410 drivers. They... look... sweeeeeet!! 🤩 Can’t post pics, unfortunately. But they did add a moveable sliding weight to back end. Release, I think, is February. Not 100% sure.
  5. phillyk

    Is a lower body swing key essential

    I played with a guy a couple years ago and prior to the round stated his strength was short game. Turned out his strength was only that because of the people he regularly played with. He rarely got up and down but because it was better than his buddies, he always thought it was good. He didn't think that anymore after our round. You can state a strength but if your only comparison is against buddies who you are already better than, it's hard to know how that strength actually stacks up against everyone else. I would assume @hespeler knows his strengths because he's been taking lessons. Back to topic, I think a lot of people, when beginning to try and start the downswing with the lower body, exaggerate how much of a "bump" they need at the top of the swing to get the hips started. It is actually a small amount that you need, but it's usually enough to complete that hip turn by impact. The thing is that the hips move slower than the arms, so by starting the lower body slightly earlier, they can release with the arms, instead of the arms passing the hip turn right away.
  6. phillyk

    Assigning Credit and Blame in the Cups

    Players are around 90% to blame and the captains, 9%, and course maybe 1%. I don't want to blame the course for anything because every player is playing the same exact course. If you are playing in the ryder cup, you should be able to play in any condition and score reasonably. But, I'm sure there is always something one could blame. Alternate shot is where the captain has some responsibility. You want to generally match players with matching games, so they'll have shots they would normally have. Then again, like I said, they are the best players and they should have any and all those shots in the bag. But, you still want to match strengths with strengths, not strengths with weaknesses. Best ball, you can be more flexible with because they can all go out there and make birdies/pars with their own ball. Ultimately, it's the players who either have their game that week or do not.
  7. phillyk

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    https://www.rydercup.com/news-media/usa/ryder-cup-2018-scores-live-updates-france pairings are out. Wooda vs rahm will be interesting. Rahm had been hot for a while, so if he can get going. Itll be a hot match if woods shows up. I also like rickie and garcia. Both kind of underdogs but can be explosive.
  8. phillyk

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    Edit: from PGA Tour app.
  9. phillyk

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    I tuned in to watch DJ miss a 3-5ft'er and then a double cross on the next tee. I'll take a break from my 5 min of watching.
  10. phillyk

    2018 Tour Championship - FedExCup Finale

    I must admit I was rooting for Tiger to win it all, but for Rose to absolutely pound his drive on 18, after struggling most of the day, was cool to watch! He's been so solid all year, he definitely deserved the cup and prize!
  11. phillyk

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Someone asked me today if I was watching the Seahawks game, I started laughing. 😂 Not when T-Woods is on screen and winning!
  12. phillyk

    2018 Tour Championship - FedExCup Finale

    My gosh, I mean I like DJ, Rose and JT, but It'd be sweet if Tiger magically takes the Cup. Rose keeps going the wrong direction.
  13. phillyk

    What driver brand do you use?

    I have the Ping G400 LSTec right now but I may be switching to the Srixon Z 785 soon.
  14. phillyk

    Keeping a Second, Imaginary Score

    I don't keep a secondary score, but I do go over in my head shots that I messed up and bad breaks. Sure, my score is my score, but I do this to figure out how to improve and not make the same mistakes twice. Maybe it was being overly aggressive off the tee or rushing my pre-shot routine for stupid reasons or hit a putt from off the green when I should have chipped, etc. Its only like a 5 or 6 stroke difference, at most. I don't do this for every round, it's usually after a tourney of some kind.
  15. phillyk

    Srixon 2018 Iron Lineup

    I was staffed with Srixon/Cleveland/XXIO last year and I will be with them again, most likely, for the next couple years. Their players MB iron will be coming out in February I believe. I plan to wait 'til then to update my gear. I'm really looking forward to the driver. They finally put on the thinner face and took off the weird grooves from the face to make it look nice. They also can come with the hand-woven hazard shafts instead of mass produced ones, which is cool! I'm in the same boat with my hybrid, just hooking it. I plan on going with the U85 2 iron. I guess it's been a big hit on tour?

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