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  1. Wish granted, from increased demand and popularity, prices skyrocket. I wish I could sleep in past 7am on my days off.
  2. There are those red winged black birds that harass golfers a lot. I just carry my PW around them and wave it through air. They stay far enough away not to get hit. Idk that I'd do that to a hawk though. An umbrella is a good idea.
  3. This is true with most of my golfing buddies. Whereas me, I was already playing golf nearly everyday when I met my wife. She knew what she was signing up for when we got married. She is the type that doesn't like to teach or be taught by siblings or close friends. She's afraid of getting upset or angry because of frustration with learning the skill. Although, I've taught brand new golfers to experienced ones, she thinks I won't have the patience for her. At the end of the day, she told me that golf is my thing. She may go out and drive the cart around as I play, but she has no real interest in playing golf, except for mini golf. I'm hoping that one day I can convince her to do it.
  4. Well we can play all year here already, so it probably isn't that. I like the concept, I'm more interested in why they chose the spot that they did. It doesn't make a lot of sense. Cost and target audience. If the what they offer really makes a statement for a reasonable cost, then it will succeed but they need a bigger draw to go there than just being next to a mid-level casino.
  5. Being as close as they are to the Canadian border, they are looking for that audience. Courses around there get almost 75% of their play from our northern friends. But with the Canadian dollar still kinda crappy, they may not be willing to try it very often especially with a few courses around there with standard simulator play available.
  6. I live about 30min away from Silver Reef casino so when it opens I can check it out. That's an interesting spot for them. Its about 1.5hrs north of Seattle and 15min from the Canadian border. I wonder why they didn't want to be closer to Seattle. Silver Reef isn't that popular of a spot. Hopefully this will draw a crowd, otherwise it won't last very long.
  7. I see a lot of single digit guys who can hit the ball very well, but their putting is very inconsistent. Their setup is wrong. I've seen some who setup a couple feet left of where they want the ball to start and intentionally push and some who do the opposite and pull it. Take an hour to just go practice with a ruler or something to get your alignment straightened out. Or sometimes they just don't take their time to read the green and just walk up to hit it without thinking. Putting isn't a hard skill to get better at, just take some time to get it right.
  8. I'd caddy for either Dustin or Adam Scott. Dustin because his play style is similar to mine, and Adam Scott because his swing looks good.
  9. When it comes to score, I prefer the round that I hit good shots and but couldn't finish versus the round I score better because putts were dropping from places I wouldn't normally drop it. Eg. my two best rounds I had a 64 and 65. The 64 came from sinking putts from 20-30ft all day. I hit a lot of greens, sure but I wasn't in places that I'm thinking this putt has to go in. The 65 came because I stuck my approach shots close a lot and had tap ins for birdie. It felt better. In practice, I prefer a round that if I'm hitting my shots like I want to as in within 5-10ft of where I want to end up, I'm happy no matter what the score is. Yes the score is what counts, but it's just a score. What counts is what I have to work on next. That 64 and 65 was great, but I still missed shots. I'm super stoked to have those scores, but I also want to make them better because not all my shots that day were good. In competition, the score absolutely is what counts. If you hit a good shot, good, make the next one good also. If you hit a bad shot, too bad, move on and make the next one good. And finish as strong as you can.
  10. I hope they check those footballs from the 4th quarter...
  11. Players do get fined for cursing out loud, except on #13 tee at Augusta since nobody gets to go back there. I assume if they actually chucked a club, like Rory did into a lake, they may get fined but not sure on that one. A simple toss of the club to the bag is no big deal. When you're on the biggest stage, everyone wants to win. Players get frustrated when they suck on a shot or two and caddies definitely know and understand that. If anything the caddy is thinking about why their player hit a stupid shot.
  12. Pick a random par 3 to be a KP challenge for the point. A yellow or pink ball side game thing sounds good. Give a point to the person who had more birdies in the match (but that makes you have to hole out).
  13. Everybody has their own goals on the course. Some want to get a quick 18, others a long 18. There's no easy way for both to get what they want on a busy-ish course. The other side is what the course wants, and most of us want quicker rounds to get the most people on the course as possible. So ultimately it is down to getting them around the course faster. Not to where you're sweating to just get to the ball, but just a bit faster. So, any tech that can help that minute or more per hole disappear will be nice.
  14. I'm thinking about random terrain changes like stumps, rocks, pumping lines that leave little dents in the fairway that could knock the cart off balance. Can this tech avoid/adjust/go over with ease? I just imagine it sensing the stump then having to adjust for 2 minutes to go around it. What we really should do is get drones with seats to carry you around. That would be fun!
  15. There's a few issues I can think of like how it drives and safety. The cart will have to be able to discern course conditions, obstacles, where a person's golf ball ended up, etc. And the cart will have to be able to know when the people are in the cart and ready to move or if there's someone trying to grab a club and the thing drives off. The only way right now are tickers saying speed up and the course pro will do the rest if the group doesn't. They have developed technology to remotely control carts from the pro shop if deemed necessary, like if they went too close to a green or something. But still some safety concerns can come from that too.