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  1. Had yesterday off from work and the kid, so I went to play somewhere nice and expensive (relatively), Chambers Bay. As most know, they finished re-sodding their greens to Poa this winter. They didn't roll too fast, but they were completely smooth. I shot a 76 from the tips. Wasn't my best round. Off the tee was decent, it was mostly around the greens that screwed me up. I hit 11/18 greens with 33 putts. I had two terrible pitch shots. It's very rare that I play courses with such tight fairway lies and I couldn't make it work. One was from 45yds when near green in two shots on the par 5 4th. I skulled it past the pin into a collection area of green and 3 putted... stupid. Overall, I had two birdies and 6 bogies. One thing that I'm sure took away a couple shots on the back was that my range finder died on the 10th hole. Hole 11, I had no idea what line I could take to stay away from bunkers but clear the big sand dunes, I chose wrong and didn't have much of a chance to recover. Regarding my putting, I need to practice more overall. It's weird, inside 8ft, I'll make nearly everything. But, give me a reasonable 15ft and I'll never make it. I know my reads are good because in recent scrambles they'll hit the exact line I saw and make them, but when I putt, I don't. I know what the percentage makes are and I'm pretty sure I'm far below outside of 10ft. I had a lot of reasonable putts around 15ft for birdies and a few pars that I missed yesterday. I know I won't make all of them, but even if a few dropped, it would have made quite the difference. Once again chipping/pitching. It's funny, I found that I was getting too handsy and not turning my chest enough with the shot, and so I've been practicing that recently. But, yesterday, I must've completely forgot about it, because thinking back on it, I never thought about moving the chest more with the shot. Positives from yesterday, driver, 2 iron, full wedges and short irons. I did have a few shots that I fudged on because I rushed the routine and forgot to swing at my target (I'll turn over too much/flip). But for the most part, those clubs were solid. I'll need to practice a bit more short game and keep with the full swing.
  2. Sounds like you already know how to get in the right mental state for golf. The problem is commitment. Like you said, A) you have to have motivation to be practicing/playing, if you don't pack up and go home for a few hours until you do; B) When it comes to playing golf, whether recreational or tourney, it has to be just you, the ball, and the shot when you are at your ball, all other thoughts have to be put to the side. That last point is something you can practice; for pretty much any activity, don't fall into the "I can multitask" BS, focus on the task at hand (think of "the field" from Legend of Bagger Vance). I have a friend playing college golf right now and wants to see how well he'd fare on Mackenzie Tour. He shoots around par or under in most tournament rounds, but that's still not good enough. He gets more than enough birdies, but he falls into his own traps on a few holes.
  3. Tiger used the same club as the other two in his group. #12 has swirling wind with a small green, that's why it's so tough. I think this time the wind was in the face a bit, but they didn't know or feel it?
  4. Somebody hurry up and knock on wood...
  5. Man, I am getting chills. Just like the Tour Championship last year coming down the stretch. This is super fun to watch! Just a bunch of great golf out there today!
  6. Nah, they can just move current ones around to block the avenue.
  7. 😱 I thought 3 wood was supposed to be better!
  8. Has Tiger under-read every break so far today? Man, I want to see a charge from someone today.
  9. Most courses would prefer to nearly bake out the greens before the tournaments (to make them super firm) but a lot of rain doesn't help that. But more to your question, for me, I don't care about difficulty that much. I like watching guys go super low at Augusta or anywhere known for typically playing super tough. I enjoy this West coast super early golf. The only thing that sucks is that it's too early to have a nice cold one and watch golf.
  10. No one talking about Day?! Idk why but I like him. Injuries plague him a bit yeah but he has a game when he gets going. Heck bad back and happening before round 1 and he is still tied for the lead. Rose missing the cut killed my pool. Can’t believe how bad he did this week. My other wildcard pick besides Day is Schauffele and he caught a bit of fire today. Im excited for this weekend. The only person I’d be ok if they ran away with it would be Tiger. I mean that would be really cool to watch.
  11. Did you guys see that stat about almost all his wins coming after shooting a 70 in day 1? He's in great shape, really. I mean there are a ton of people within a few strokes. Brooks' hat is terrible...
  12. Our chapter championship was at Sahalee a few years ago. 32 four-somes in a shotgun all taking their time to play well but enjoy themselves. 6.5hrs both days. Our director after the first round was like, guys we are better than this. But nope, did it again. Haha honestly it didn’t feel like it. Other than those two rounds, I had another 6hr round at a Chicago city course on a holiday. Not sure why we wanted to do that to ourselves. That one was brutal.
  13. 95yds, using a 52/56/60, doesn't matter. Put me around 100yds and I'm looking to knock it tight.
  14. Official coverage doesn't start for 20min on NBC. Golf Channel just does their pre-game look in and random stuff. I'm sure NBC will BS for 30min before they actually show golf, but really, who's surprised by any of this?
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