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  1. I know of a few private clubs that limit rounds played per day so walking on could be really easy. But beyond that, tee times are routine. I doubt many members at clubs actively call to make times because after a number of years, they are practically expected at certain times.
  2. Starting week 2. End of week 1, I found that if I keep my feet loose, I can swing a bit harder at it. Before, maybe I was too stiff in the legs. Anyway, speeds are at 132-125-120 right now. Up a few from beginning of week 1. Happy with results thus far.
  3. Are you using a phone or computer? I know I can’t get it to work on my phone for some reason but I entered with a computer.
  4. Managed to get out for 9 today too. Trying again tomorrow for more.
  5. I’m very interested. It’ll definitely do better than the ancient aboutgolf we have in the shop.
  6. 222yd 6 iron? 😳 maybe it’s smart strategy. Just wanted to give yourself a good yardage in.
  7. I have a good feel for getting a bit more hip turn around impact, which is to think about dropping my right shoulder in the beginning of the downswing. I have to remember to keep my hands ahead though otherwise I get the hooks. I have also started doing the Super Speed training. Club head speed when hitting balls was 115mph before starting this. I'd like it to be closer to 120mph. Next tourney round is Monday at Sahalee. Goal is to be conservative (for me) off the tee. Missing the fairways brings a ton of trouble. So, 2iron will likely be used a bit more off the tee.
  8. Yeah Semi is still considered a top 10 course in WA, along with Loomis. The only course I have played in Canada is Nicklaus North in Whistler of which I'd give a 4.
  9. It started with push carts on a tee box but then moved to even power carts not feeling terribly heavy. I commented to say that there's still a big difference in the effects of a power cart vs a push cart on turf.
  10. Need to change AoA. Could be simple adjustment of where ball is in your stance or it may involve a slight adjustment. After that it's going to be a combo of driver loft, shaft flex and weight. Curious how heavy of a shaft you play? My buddy who averages 126mph plays with a 85g shaft and a 9* driver. Too light of a shaft can definitely cause ball flight problems.
  11. It's not necessarily about the weight of a golf cart. Most carts have street tires instead of turf tires, people tend to stop fast and spin a bit on start, and damage depends on turf/grass type and quality. If we send golf carts over every tee box or green, we will develop bare patches and inconsistent turf. When my course goes to path only, we still have idiots drive right off into the FW on the 1st hole and start doing donuts as they lose control and eventually go off the edge and into the blackberries. We have a lot of ruts from people not following directions. It happens a lot from people that play almost every day because they assume they know which areas are softer than others and risk driving out.
  12. Just getting over the snow and may hit 50 soon. Hopefully I can get in my first round.
  13. I was going to say I’ve been to a few places that are anal about push carts on tee boxes. It is odd but whatever. Being a cart only course, I’ve seen way too many idiots do stupid things. Most involve flipping carts one way or another. Or driving into ditches.
  14. 1.5hrs no traffic (90miles) is my limit, unless it's special. That distance covers Seattle/Bellevue where all the nice private courses are. When playing public courses, I stay within 45min.
  15. PGA TOUR announces significant enhancements to pace-of-play policy After years of meticulous study and thousands of shots analyzed by ShotLink, and in light of a desire to keep the focus on the golf, the PGA TOUR is announcing major enhancements to its existing slow-play policy... Appears like it could be more than a media stunt. I hope we see the changes.
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