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  1. Ok, played a round today. Absolutely on fire... I would honestly say that 50% of my full swing shots today were pure. I also continued my streak of making putts. I ended with 7 birdies, 1 eagle and 1 bogey to tie my all time low round of 64. Although this one really felt like my best round ever. My bogey was from a slip, got careless for a minute and lost a ball into a penalty area. Approach shots were definitely the highlight, leaving shorter putts for birdies. Such a fun day. I need to do this in a tournament round though, to really make it mean something more.
  2. Accuracy counts So unless you are intentionally aiming off the green, those would not be pure shots.
  3. I hit some range balls this afternoon and man I hit the ball great. Based on the pure shot count thread, I hit 70% pure of like 50 balls. The others were really close too. Really liking the swing right now.
  4. That's why this question is tough. I may hit a shot and hit the green, but am thinking crap I chunked it, leaving a 30ft putt or something. While the guy next to me is saying great ball, I'm fussing over a chunk. As you get better, the misses are smaller or more "controlled" so while some shots appear solid, they are still misses.
  5. My original response was 1-3 shots, but that’s because I’m harsh on myself on what I consider pure shots/really good. I have maybe 1 or 2 shots a round where I really could not have hit a shot better. But, the question includes shots that are a tiny off but still really good and I usually have several of those, so 4-6.
  6. @Jim Venetos Gosh isn’t the whole point, as golf professionals/instructors, to help make golfers better and have them enjoy the game more? Claiming one way works better than another and then dipping out as soon as we try to ask why is the attitude of poor instruction imo. Defend your stance, maybe we’ll learn something, maybe not. But that’s the point. Share, discuss, and grow the game of golf.
  7. I’m scratch and I still 3 putt once a round. GIR is king, then its nGIR. One thing I noticed with some of my students is they don’t even know what lines to take the ball off the tee. Play to the safer side of the landing area. Don’t try to actively avoid rough. It’s not usually long enough to where it’ll hurt you.
  8. In a tournament, the worst I'd do is just cuss loudly, rarely though. When out playing recreational golf, I have had some very bad moments. Most of them were when I was younger. I've broken shafts around tree trunks and thrown clubs. The tipping point when I made a point to not let my emotions get the better of me again was like @Billy Z, I got angry over a missed putt and took a chunk of the green when trying to just hit the ball. I think I did well in the repair of it, because I didn't see the marks a few days later, but that was super embarrassing. I apologized multiple times to the other guys in my group. I haven't had any outbursts since then.
  9. I got a putter last year as a back up because the my older one was, well, old and rusting too much. Then this year I got the new Cleveland Elevado and played with that this year, but unfortunately the insert behind the face, I think, made my feel on distance off. I left everything short, no matter what. Or when I tried to compensate, I blasted it by. So I switched to the back up which is an O-works Odyssey. It has the same look and feel as my old putter but the set up is slightly different. Yesterday I played 9 holes at my course from the tips. I kept up with the same tee to green play I've been having the last several weeks, but with the putter switch, I MADE PUTTS! Gosh it felt good. Seriously, its been a problem for far too long. I hope it's not a one off, and I don't think it will be. I finished with 4 birdies and 1 bogey, probably the best 9 holes I've had this year. Took me long enough to have a decent set of holes this year. I have a couple of events left this year, so hopefully I can build this momentum more and keep it going.
  10. There’s a guy who owns a marijuana farm and plays at our course. He’s trying to start a cbd business to sell to golf courses. It would be something similar to gatorade bars, a before round thing, during, and after. Not sure how well it’ll do, but worth a shot!
  11. Thats an interesting one, because I think I remember seeing somewhere that Tiger is/was a person who wants to break all the records. So to him, it’s underrated maybe. I think the majority of media talks about it a lot whenever he wins or gets close to it but I wonder whether most people really care about that achievement. I’ll say overrated though.
  12. 75g driver shaft?! Wow, thats quite a bit. I mean its a trade off, swing speed can go down too much if the shaft is too heavy. I play with a 62g X shaft. Ive swung with a 76g X and lost 3-4mph swing speed.
  13. Washington State is a little different apparently. But, that can be mostly attributed to us also having the highest minimum wage. If labor costs go up, green fees go up. My course is a higher end public course for the area, and our most expensive rate is $80 Friday - Sunday, 9am - 1pm, which includes cart and tax (so GF is $56). Our least expensive rate is $38 Monday - Thursday after 3pm, which also includes cart and tax (GF is $17). There are other smaller courses that charge about $20 less than our expensive rate. With another $1.50 raise in min wage for next year, you can bet every single course is raising rates. There are a lot of discounts and membership options, so you can find ways to pay less.
  14. What's the point then of posting on a forum? The whole point is to discuss things, argue, debate, etc. What's even better about this site versus others is it's interest in using facts/stats to back up their opinion.
  15. Yeah I don't like the idea of "rolling" it either. When the face stays open sometimes people are "holding it off." I don't want the opposite so exaggerating the feeling isn't what I want to go for. I didn't really think about lead wrist orientation.
  16. If this is the priority, I've had people do toe up drills or feel the right palm/hand slap the back of the ball, then follow through over and behind your left shoulder. Sometimes I may strengthen the grip if this carries through the rest of the clubs. If you take swings using only your right hand, you'll see it's pretty easy to get the toe back up after impact. But use only the left hand and it's tough. Going a layer below this though, I see early leg extensions or people getting stuck in the turn to cause the face to stay open at impact, so my inclination would be to start there.
  17. I like Tiger and McIlroy but in a social setting playing golf, I think group 3 would be a lot of fun!
  18. Well haven’t posted any updates in a while. Game has been mostly good. My tee to green has been probably the best I’ve ever been or just about. Short game is mediocre. Putting is atrocious. Haven’t really played a full 18 holes in a while. I’ve played 9 holes several times and I’ve hit 7/9 GIR or better every time. Half of the greens I have birdie putts inside 15ft and the other times, it seems close but outside reasonable range. I’ve missed 99% of those putts for birdie inside 15ft (obviously it’s an exaggeration but it sure as hell feels like it). Today had 5 chances inside 15ft and made 1. Last time, I had about the same amount of chances I think and I missed all of them, including a 2ft 11in birdie putt I had after getting closest to the pin for the league night. Yes, it’s that bad. Most of them are short. Dead on in line, I think, but just barely short. When I try to put a little more behind it, I miss my line and smash it by. I’m going to try my older putter and see what happens. I’m just really annoyed. Every time it seems just right and it usually ends up short. I feel like I should be better than this for sure, but something is not clicking. I’ve started practicing it a lot more recently and I’m leaving them closer to the hole and reducing the 3 putts but not good enough to make more. Full swing has been so solid. I’m continuing my feel of a slightly flatter take away to get my hands in a better spot, but the main thought is to get my hands pushing ahead at impact and getting more hip rotation. Haven’t taken many videos but whatever it is, it’s working pretty well. Other swing thoughts include image of swinging down target line with long irons and driver and setting shoulders up a bit more square at set up. Chipping/pitching has been better but not where I want it to be yet. Mostly working on consistency of the stroke. Judging distance to hit has been pretty good.
  19. Go graphite shafts and higher bounce wouldn’t hurt.
  20. I ran a Cleveland wedge clinic a couple weeks ago and half the people there went with the CBX2 (several got chippers, so only 2 people got the RTX4). The comments I heard were that they liked the feel and forgiveness more than the blades. Between the RTX and CBX, it depends on your play style and what you want in your wedges.
  21. I'm with @DaveP043, there are definitely bad shots. Learning how to accept, learn, and improve upon the bad is tough but nice when you get it. My emotions in golf have changed over the last couple years, but I'm not sure I put my finger on it until now. Bad shots are bad, good shots are good, but for me, what I care about most is improvement, or at least the feeling of improvement. From week to week or month to month, I want to have some improvement. I do get more upset on the course when I know my trend has been in a slump. I'm more chipper when I'm in a good state of the game. These days I teach a lot, so I work towards trends of continued learning and the general quality of the lessons.
  22. I'll say 5mil. I have no sense for courses outside the US, but I assume there are more than I'd guess.
  23. It’s Coming…… The World Handicap System is set to launch in January 2020 The vision to unify the six different handicap systems in use around the world into a single World Handicap System required the commitment of, and collaboration between, many organizations. At least according to this, everyone plans to start it in 2020.
  24. I’m pretty sure I told this elsewhere too. One of the rudest guys I’ve played with was in an US Open qualifier. He was a mini-tour player trying to earn a living. In some ways I get being upset if you get paired with a new guy who just made the handicap requirement and he blows up with a 90. Heck I was one of those guys that blew up several years ago. But this dude basically hates all golfers worse than him and he talked about it for several holes. We weren’t even paired with anybody bad, he was playing poorly from the get-go and wanted to talk trash about everyone except himself. He made a few birdies and a few more bogeys. By the 12th hole, he took out his phone to look at the leaderboard to see if he even had a chance if he managed to play really well from there in. Didnt matter that they explicitly said no phones, the guy doesn’t care. 13th hole, a short downhill par 3, he puts it above the hole in a spot you just can’t be in. He chips it and the ball rolls past the pin, down the steep hill and to 40ft away. He throws his club, walks to his ball wacks it with his putter and that was it, a chord broke. I feel like he was rather pleasant to play with after that, because he finally wasn’t talking. 😂 oddly enough, I played well despite his behavior and attitude.
  25. It still looks like you haven't rotated the lower body enough on the backswing. From DTL, it's hard to say for certain but it also looks like you are not getting nearly enough weight left by impact. You look like you're almost falling backwards after swinging. Try the Gary Player walk through or hit with feet close together to feel hip turn and finishing left.
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