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  1. I was actually thinking put a screen in front of us and a username (like TST), and there is no initial, who’s this person? We get straight to the point on discussing whatever. In person and there’s definitely an opinion automatically generated regardless of who the person is.
  2. C, I think. I feel like if it is consecutively, then something is seriously wrong. If it is random, then it could be just stupid mistakes. Honestly if I shanked 3 holes off the bat, I’d be going back to the clubhouse.
  3. I do a lot more reading that commenting when it comes to the BLM movement. I grew up very close to the city of Chicago. While hanging out with friends playing football and basketball at the parks, I never had a situation with them in which an authority made assumptions and acted based on their skin color. Because of that lack of experience, it's hard for me to say that I know where they are coming from. I don't. They can tell me first hand things that happen, but I was never around. I see all their posts on FB about interactions they've had. It's sad to hear that they'd rather take care
  4. Pretty accurate for me. I think the point of the article was that not every drive is perfect. So it's likely less than people think considering their own club head speed.
  5. At my proshop, we've sold 5 pushcarts in 24 hours. Maybe we should raise the prices... 😉
  6. To add onto what @Vinsk said about a pre-shot routine; at the range, many people don't think about a specific target when in the moment of swinging. Bring that mindset to the course. Prior to the shot, you can think about the club selection and aim. But once over the ball, nothing other than executing the shot matters. It's just you, the ball and the swing, just like being at the range. There are no obstacles, trees, bunkers, everything. Get rid of all "noise." Train your mind on the course to forget you are on the course, when you are hitting a shot. You say that on the range, you can h
  7. Played in my first tournament of the summer. Felt a little nervous on the first few holes. Full swing and short game went well. Course management went poorly in a few spots. Was -4 going into the hardest hole on the course (#17) and I got too aggressive and hit my drive through the fairway, ended up getting a double and finished the round at -2, 70. Highlights were wedge shots. They were sticky all day. Swing is feeling good. Main thought recently has been to feel like the path is coming straight and then left after impact. For some reason, in my stance, distance from the ball has b
  8. Pins look pretty tough, but yeah I expected some better birdie chances on 3. I imagine there’s a lot of companies that wanted to be apart of this. So id expect a lot of commercials, unfortunately. All going towards a good cause.
  9. Has anybody else’s audio been breaking up or is it just me? Im using prime video.
  10. Interesting to see how long each takes to hit their shot. DJ doesn’t take any time at all. Wonder if thats normal or if its just because this is a for fun match.
  11. I thought it was worse than fowlers, but it maybe helped his drive on number 2. Ufta!!
  12. I think one of the questions has been, is the point of social distancing to try and stop the spread or slow it down knowing that anyone who is going to get it will get it, until a vaccine becomes widely available. It is possible to interact with people while being “safe”
  13. @Cartboy if a golf course or club had been a hot spot for spread, it would be investigated and we would know. Where I live, had that choir practice where something like 80% of the people got the virus from one person. We have to remember that in December to March, it wasn’t that widespread, really. A CC back then was probably ok. As cases increase and community transmission is obvious, then it makes sense to close. In the beginning, obviously, everyone were not taking proper precautions with the virus around. I guess my point is any single business could have contributed, not just a CC.
  14. Played 27 holes yesterday. #18 is a par 5 with a creek that runs across the fairway at 220yds from the center of green. I hit driver short of creek, had about 235yds to the flag. Decided on the cut 3wood over 2iron and hit it just about perfect. Landed softly and rolled to 5ft for a easy eagle.
  15. In WA, gov allows foursomes effective today. We were at twosomes only except family.
  16. It was updated. May 24th at Medalist Golf Club, front 9 is fourball, back 9 is a modified alternate shot.
  17. First google search says TNT exclusive on May 14th. Didn’t say specifically when
  18. Two swing thoughts have been working really well for me. 1) on initial takeaway, to create more flow, keep hands and clubhead still as I slide body right a little. 2) get (the feeling of) my left butt cheek back to the ball. The first one helps tempo and swing plane. The second helps with proper rotation. When I get tired, I can feel my hips not want to rotate to left side and I hit a snap. So that 2nd feel is important for the whole round. Short game, I need to let the clubhead fly a bit. I try to press to much. Putting, move weight over left foot a touch. Hoping to get ou
  19. Golf 2K is coming: Preview released for new video game, more details to follow - Golf Digest 2K studios released a preview for Golf 2K, with more details to follow on May 14. nice!! Still playing a lot of hours if COD warzone right now though.
  20. A good stat to follow, I was told by a Virologist, is the % of tested that’s actually infected. In WA, I think I remember it starting around 4-5%, went up to 9%ish and has been dropping since, and is now at 7.1%. It’s hard to say what specific precautions are enough to a) stop the % from growing and b) reduce it. When do you stop precautions all together? I feel like what we are doing is a bit overboard, but idk. But obviously, more and more testing needs to be made available.
  21. Maybe the question that needs to be asked and what hopefully the USGA has already thought of, is should courses be required to change the cup height, temporarily, so that everyone is playing with the same safety precautions. I guess this assumes there is a measurable and significant stroke difference.
  22. I don’t know, probably won’t have time to play. But I might wonder around padden, maybe hit a few balls.
  23. Shouldn’t you be out at a course somewhere? 😉
  24. I always make sure I’m the one driving down that hill. But more than crashing a cart on it, I’ve been more afraid of wiping out while walking down it, on those wet days. I hate watching people drive like idiots on the course. I mean when they sign for the cart and I get to give them the $1000+ invoice for parts and labor, it sort of makes up for it. If they steal the cart and I catch them, which has happened before, that is fun...
  25. We got rid of golfnow because they simply didn’t drive the business they thought they could, especially at the price they were asking for. Eventually we talked to the people who bought those tee times and offered them the same price but buy through us not golfnow. If you don’t use the applications/programs golfnow gives in return and the people who use it don’t spend any extra money at the course, then it doesn’t do any good to have them. Their reps were persistent too to try to get us back.
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