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  1. I think society needs to move past "curse" words. They are words that most of the time are used to emphasize emotion. Why is showing emotion unprofessional? We always say you aren't good enough to be mad. But the ones who are good enough can't be mad and show it?
  2. Played a tournament yesterday and swing was definitely better but right hand feels a little funky. Need to get used to it again. Funny and weird how the right hand got as weak as it did. The feel is to get my right index finger parallel with leading edge, which will keep the right hand in a good position. This feel works with irons and 3wood but driver will need a little more work. It hooks hard with that finger there. Had one terrible shot go OB early on which led to a double. But I also had 5 birdies and another bogey, so finished -2, 69. Still left a lot of short game shots out t
  3. Going to college. Virtually non-social, hot head, but good player.
  4. I agree. That may be, but doesn't really change my thoughts about this practice. Beyond jr golf, is anyone promoting this?
  5. Are we sure the AJGA thinks this action should change as they get older? It'd be odd for them to preach something like this and expect it to change later on. At the time, I wasn't sure that my way was the "right" way. I really hadn't seen this action widely done before. But obviously he has a different experience. He did get all my scores right, except he forgot one of my birdies. So maybe the "new" way is start walking but peak at the player you scoring for to attest? I don't necessarily like this way because it hurts the social aspect of the game, I think. The green is where
  6. I felt same way, but for $5, eh. Nothing better to do today. Coverage on TV doesn't start for 5 hours. I'll turn off my subscription after this week.
  7. He did not talk much. He did more yelling at himself than anything else. Great player, but has some emotional control/expectation management to do. Not drinking age yet, a beer or two probably would’ve helped.
  8. That was it too, he would stand on the tee and wait for for us to get there. If he had honors, he may not have even tee’d up his ball yet when we get there. Pace wasn’t going to be much affected.
  9. Going to the bag or cart within 15yds or so is fine, I get that for putting stuff away and marking things down. But walking 50+yds out of much eye sight is a bit extreme. Maybe he does peak to see if we make the putt or something, but regardless, it’s odd to me.
  10. Played last week in a men’s league at a local course, shot -3 on 9 holes. Full swing was really dialed in. Missed a couple putts, but was overall pleased. Move to the last two days in a tournament, full swing was not dialed in, at all. It was consistently inconsistent. I don’t know what it is about tournaments this year, but I can’t seem to get my game going in them. The greens at this course were nuts. Super firm and super fast. Realized that the lack on bottom grooves on my wedges would significantly hurt me, and it did. Many short game shots could not stop at the hole. I don’t
  11. I know on the PGA Tour, some pros will walk off to the next tee early, but it seems rare. They usually hang out on the edge of the green when they finish, to wait for the other guys. I played in a tournament recently, and it annoyed me a little at first, but then I sort of got used to it. The amateur that I was paired with (kid headed off to college golf), when he holes out, will immediately walk off the green and head to the next tee. Doesn’t wait for us to finish or anything. I would understand if it were a pace issue, but the rounds were played is 4.5hrs or less, which was nice. It wa
  12. Obviously the priority is put it on the green. Since the tendency is to get cute and stab, make sure to follow through a bit. Depending on how long the grass is, i might go for the toe down, chip like swing to give it a little pop. Probably not a flop. Don’t need to go far and if there is uncertainty in the thickness we don’t want the face closing.
  13. Ill have to collect soon!
  14. I got elected today! Started the program in May 2015. Glad to see it finally here. I love what I do and I hope to continue!
  15. WA is phase 2 and double riders with masks, where this thread started. Im playing in the state and section open in the coming weeks and they sent emails about encouraging single carts but said riding solo would mean paying the full fee, $36 per day instead of 15ish. Of course they are bringing in nearly a full fleet of carts for 2 days (total of 120 carts are at the state open with section open likely being same). So price reflects normal fee plus what it takes to bring in extra carts. If a course were to bring in extra carts for daily play, price will skyrocket.
  16. If I am limited to 20miles from my house, Bellingham courses are out. I only have Avalon and Skagit G&CC, the other local tracks are not worth playing (Gateway and Overlook), for me. One of these days I’ll play Swin. If I include Whatcom/Skagit counties as my “area,” I’d rather have Eaglemont on there but it is closed. So definitely Semiahmoo, Loomis Trail, and Bellingham G&CC. I generally like North Bellingham, so I’ll put it on there. Skagit G&CC would likely come next, but it’s closely grouped with Avalon, Sudden Valley, Shuksan and Lake Padden.
  17. Lake Padden conditions now rival that of the other Bellingham courses. Our new superintendent has done a great job! We average 200-230 rounds a day, so not bad but always want to do better. The population of whatcom isn't enough to fuel all the courses that well. The border closed has made a big impact. Padden has a great practice facility actually! Probably the best range around now. Range sales have skyrocketed this summer, been blowing past our goalposts every month so far. My picture is my “schools” view of the range. Padden also has a chipping/pitching range separate from the puttin
  18. With Loomis owned by Lummi, I doubt it’d close. Homestead has to be hurting, I agree. Not sure what they’ll do. Bellingham does have quite a few courses, but skagit valley doesn’t have many now (with Eaglemont closed). So that has and will continue to help the b-ham courses. Seems a lot of Eaglemont regulars went to Sudden Valley and others went to Skagit CC. Rumors have been flying that Eaglemont will be picked up by the Stilliguamish. They’ve been negotiating but I don’t know how far they’ve gotten. I am now the Director of Instruction at Lake Padden GC. Work some in the shop for
  19. I've seen rider fees range from $15 to $25 per seat, making it $30-$50 for the whole cart. I assume most courses would want the full rental fee when giving out a cart to someone who doesn't want to share, not half of it.
  20. We haven't yet. Our course is very walk-able and our regulars do tend to walk more. On weekends, with more non-regulars, we have gotten close to running out, but we haven't yet. One of the local club pros has his own rental fleet. You must rent in groups of 10 carts at $50 a day per cart. Easy to do with a tournament group, but not very realistic for daily play.
  21. A cart is typically $30+ to rent. But most courses charge by the half cart fee. So giving out 4 carts for 4 players without an upcharge would lose the course potentially 50% of what they could bring in. Golf course book keeping is interesting. Obviously there are off season's where you just trying to minimize losses and then the in season where you are trying to get as many players (and revenue) as you can. It depends on what part of the country you are in, for how the off season is taken. So in season, you are not just trying to make a little, you need to make enough that covers the
  22. Where I work at Lake Padden. I’d guess a few others in the area do it too. Grandview has a lot of problems, but yeah border closure definitely doesn’t help. I guess the way I see it is it could potentially take away from someone else later in the day if a course runs out. So as the course, they’d want to cover what they can.
  23. $16 normal and $25 to ride solo at my course. Only have 50 in the fleet so we’d be out almost every day if we let everyone be solo. Its tough, no doubt, but it is what it is.
  24. Are you blading it? Is the sand firm or soft? Tough to say without more info. Common mis-hits I see are people not following through, they tend to stop the swing at the ball or the leading edge drops in the sand too much. Could be flipping to try and help the ball get out. Imagine teeing a ball up a half inch on the range and using your sand wedge to try and hit the tee under the ball. You don't need to take a lot of sand or go deep. Just need enough to pop it up and out.
  25. As a scramble, 4 scratch golfers would shoot around -9 or so. I've set up ball buster (tip n tuck/super's revenge) at my old course that ran at 74.8 rating. We set course up longer than rated, placed pins sides of hills (couldn't stop a ball within 20ft on a few greens), and played in wind. A group or scratch/near scratch shot -7 still. So place pins in doable positions, no matter the wind, it will be very doable as a scramble. I hate the idea that somehow pga tour pros are inhuman. While scratch golfers are still several strokes from the pros, they still can play good golf.
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