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  1. Because you have strength doesn't equal out to explosiveness. As a freshman in high-school, I benched maybe 120, and I still had a swing speed of 110. My strength had nothing to do with explosiveness. It's flexibility and torque that maximizes explosiveness on the ball. Regardless, I wouldn't worry about power as a freshman though, build up consistency first. Make sure you can hit the ball the same way every time before you think of trying to hit it far. Plus, better ball striking comes with more distance.
  2. The difference between an R9 and a new driver isn't much. I'm still using the original speed drivers from Cobra, so 6 years old or so now, and I'm still averaging 290 off the tee. A more current driver won't change that much. Even for a shorter hitter, it wouldn't matter too much.
  3. Well, if you are hitting low iron shots then I'd say your not hitting the ball fully solid. When your at a grass range next, try intentionally hitting a little more down on the ball making sure you have good contact and the divot comes after the ball and compare your ball flights and see if there is a difference. If you start digging some divots, you have a better chance of hitting more solid iron shots.
  4. To break bad luck, a possible way could be play a round with a couple guys you know you can beat and play for a couple bucks. All you need to do is make yourself feel better about your game. Be confident that you can do well in any situation.
  5. I bought one similar to jamo's and after usage of half a summer, I drilled a hole right through it from hitting, luckily it didn't hit my neighbors. haha! So, that ended that. I'd definitely go for a more heavy duty one if your going to be using it a lot so it doesn't brake on you, regardless of the time it might take to set up.
  6. phillyk

    Nemesis Hole

    My nemesis hole of all time also happens to be my favorite hole of all time (very odd I know). It's a par 5 520 yards. Water lining both sides of the fairway all the way to the hole from the tee. The fairway also leans toward the water, so you have to hit it straight. You also, on the tee, have to carry the water, 220 yards to the beginning of the fairway from the tips. As way their is water going across the front of the green! Walking with a par is a feat in of itself. Funny thing is, this hole is where I had my only albatross, so I can't hate it too much.
  7. Yeah, 210 is not nearly far enough to be straight every time. My most trusted club is my 4 baffler which I hit 240. So, if I know I need to be straight, that's what I'd use. But, normally, I use the club that gets me to a certain distance regardless on how consistent I may be with that club.
  8. Oh you lose a lot of distance with range balls. The best range balls, that still lose some distance are the practice ProV1's that pros use at tournaments (i think, not really sure if that's true). But range balls are made to be cheap, easy replaceable, and renewable. So they sacrifice a lot of distance, especially when beat up. So, can be anywhere from 10 to 20 yards i believe.
  9. It might be a good idea to start out with lessons or find a book or dvd series giving you a good idea of what you want your swing to look like and what to feel for when you start up again. Once you have the basis mechanics of your swing, hit the range and hit day and night... practice, practice, practice.
  10. I was under the impression, even though I don't do it, that you want a loose grip or do you want to grip it tight but have loose wrists?
  11. A great tool for me that I've seen work on the few people I've helped out is as your doing your downswing, try turning your hips a little bit more than normal while keeping your hands EXACTLY as they would be normally right as your bringing the club down (this is the key to the power, you must keep the hands in the same position). You should feel a lot of tension, which is the torque building up, between your side and arms. You can still have the same swing path you normally have, but that added torque will help speed up your down swing. The follow through can be your normal one too. I see
  12. I've used a lot of golf simulators at stores and other places and generally, they seem accurate with general direction. I seem to remember hearing that most take 10% of the total distance off for some reason, don't know if its true though. But, determining the actual spin of the golf ball when hit could differ a lot based on what kind of simulator. Prolly goes as predicted in that the more expensive you go, the better they are more likely to be. I think getting one might be a cool idea, but I'd definitely have to go with the ones that are more expensive to get the best results, because I w
  13. Ask Pacioretty who just got his head slammed into the stanchion. Plus this wasn't just an elbow to the head, it was putting someones head in the way of a metal pole as your skating... Pretty sure that would hurt more. Albeit, both hits were indeed nasty, but this was worse in my opinion.
  14. Actually, hitting into the wind with no spin causes the ball to be thrown around a lot more and goes shorter than with spin. If you tee the ball low and hit the ball with spin, the ball flight will stay low and penetrate the wind. The ball won't rise all that much if you start it out low enough, so it's better to hit the ball with spin. But, you have to make sure you're starting it with a low ball flight.
  15. I think your friend is BSing you. With no spin on the ball the wind can destroy its distance. My normal drive is fairly low normally, but with wind in my face I try to put backspin on it, because it'll cut into the wind and keep the ball in the air longer giving you more distance. I don't know if that works with other people, but I know putting back spin on it works for me to get distance into the wind.
  16. Did you see the hit Chara did on Max Pacioretty?! That was a cheap shot indeed making this hit seem like a baby.
  17. Gah, my Blackhawks stopped their winning streak! They lost to Florida yesterday... how does that happen?! Then they lost in overtime today, but now we go next week versus caps, which should be a decent game. We just have our ups and downs, and Crawford is actually a decent goalie. He is showing much potential to become a great goalie. We just need defense to hold up more, and our offense needs to show better chemistry. We look like we can play hockey again, but after losing all our great players at the beginning of the year, we've slowly began to bring back team work.
  18. Yeah I have the best of both worlds as well, only I'm living on west coast in Washington. Ski Mt. Baker with tons of powder on it, and next day hitting the course up on the coast... as good as it gets! haha!
  19. I like the idea of skycaddie, but I'm a "traditional" golfer if you will. I like to rely on my own perception to tell distances, that way if I misjudge the distance I know it's my fault, not technology.
  20. Whenever I start hitting the ball not where I want it or not the way I to, the first thing I look at is balance throughout the swing. First check that your not leaning into the ball and leaning away from the ball. A easy, yet very effective way to check balance is swing normally with your feet together. You should be able to swing without falling over and still get plenty of distance on your shots. Next, I'd look at swing path to make sure it's what you want. If you still are hitting under it after those checks, I'd make sure your head isn't moving too much through the swing, because if yo
  21. Like they have said, be patient with it. At work, take a pencil/pen and practice the overlap grip. Get your hands used to the grip so that its automatic and you don't have to think about it. Once your grip is second nature, you can work the rest of your swing.
  22. Switching around with your grip is fine, but it probably started hurting because you were squeezing too hard. Regardless of the grip you take, you want your hands to be soft and lightly gripping the club. Too much squeezing can also lead to inconsistency from getting too wristy. So, loosen the pressure a bit, and you should be fine.
  23. I love everything about golf greatly, but it's hard to play at my present, because I still have schooling to get through... but once I'm done, it's all golf... and actual work...
  24. I thought I hit the ball far....... My longest drive is 390, I have one 380ish, and a couple 370's, but I can't even imagine 400 yard drives consistently...
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