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  1. A good stat to follow, I was told by a Virologist, is the % of tested that’s actually infected. In WA, I think I remember it starting around 4-5%, went up to 9%ish and has been dropping since, and is now at 7.1%. It’s hard to say what specific precautions are enough to a) stop the % from growing and b) reduce it. When do you stop precautions all together? I feel like what we are doing is a bit overboard, but idk. But obviously, more and more testing needs to be made available. 

  2. It is interesting just looking back a month to see what the consensus was regarding the virus. Yesterday, a study came out saying sunlight, hot weather, and humidity do indeed hurt the virus enough to lower the chances of passing it on. 

    Its tough for everyone when something new comes out. People look to scientists to have the answers. Well, science can only use other similar viruses, initially. Nothing is certain until many studies can be done to conclude certain points. So stories change, and thats the point. But people don’t like that. How do you create policy on something no one really knows anything about?

    A couple interesting articles/comments I saw were about certain blood types being affected more than others, and another basically saying length of exposure to someone who has the virus has a correlation to the severity of symptoms one experiences. 

  3. I've been having a few meetings with a sports psychologist who wants to have lessons for golfers.  One of the, not revolutionary, but different ways of thinking about performance for every time you play is to try and beat your average, instead of thinking about beating your best or your handicap (at least it is different to me, and I guess makes me relax a bit more instead of trying overly hard to perform). This way, the goal is more achievable and yet serves the same purpose of trying to get better. A lot of these lessons talk about recognizing mental states, using certain methods to control heart rate, cancelling noise (trees, hazards, etc.) when starting your routine for hitting the ball, "embracing chaos," and making sure you stick to your routines to push you through the tough situations.  Nothing in these sessions have been brand new, but the perspective from which he talks about helps put them in place.  He has one hell of a resume, working with Navy SEALs, Olympians, and plenty of professional sports teams, so to hear about these examples and how they address their performance really helps.

  4. 12 hours ago, iacas said:

    It's not about the contact. If it hooked 20 yards, you probably failed. Key #5 is about clubface control, not solidness of contact.

    Oh I know I failed it haha! I planned on the hook, so it ended up about where I wanted it, but I knew I wasn't going to keep it straight.

    9 minutes ago, GolfLug said:

     I think I have gotten fairly good at spotting a hook or a straight push coming on mid way through the downswing. 

    While not much I can do mid swing clubface wise that would prevent it but I instinctively let up on 'pressure' to minimize damage. I still hit hooks and straight pushes regularly but not as many result in jail or OB as they used to. Definitely a learned instinct.

    This is me.  I am screaming "NO!" as I hit the ball when I know it's a bad swing.  I can't change anything mid-swing.  I have to stay committed.

  5. 1 hour ago, nevets88 said:

    I did exactly what I said, left strong, right weak but straightened out on the next try. Those are severe positions, it hurt a little.

    After my two shots, the extreme weak position kind of hurt.  My wrists aren't that flexible and don't bend like that.  Thus the weak grip shot sucked.  The strong gripped one was actually solid.  Sure it hooked maybe 20yds, but I had good contact.

  6. I've already begun to see that there are a lot of bad instructors around here just from the way they view the swing and game, some don't even attempt to use technology.  I've watched and worked with several of them in clinics.  I know of one place to watch a good instructor, though.

    I've definitely filtered out a lot of information from the manuals.  The teachers mostly ignore it anyway.  I'd like to say that I'm learning the proper way to teach, but it's hard when there's really no one to talk to that I fully trust around here.  I'll definitely look into the program that you offer for instructors.  I'm still putting my foot in the door right now and want to wait until I settle in more.  But my plan is to do a lot more teaching in the future.

  7. I've been thinking a lot about this recently.  I see a lot of people move too far right in their backswing so that the left part of their right foot lifts off the ground, and thus can't get their lower body moving left in time to hit the ball well.  To create a stable lower body at the top of the swing, I talk about a more centered turn but sometimes this means pivoting on the left.  So I guess I'm only using this "pivot style" to create a stable and powerful lower body in the swing.

    It's weird, since then, I always look for stable and powerful positions now.  When golfers lose that stability at the top, they can't get any power or movement in time, thus use an all arms swing causing either a slice or dead pull.  I've had good success with just moving their pivot, to stabilize the lower body so that the right foot is ready to push their body turn on the down swing.

    I haven't done much with the trail arm dynamics in terms of how their swing might go.  It would go over the head of anyone I tried talking to.

  8. 1 minute ago, GolfLug said:

    @phillyk, if you want to maintain your 'god of golf' status the trick in this format is to find players to play with who suck so bad that they are truly grateful that they have someone like you in their team who makes contact with the ball every time on their very first attempt..

    Never underestimate the power of low standards.. :-D

    My trick would be to get a team of low handicaps and let them do the work and I can sit back and drink beer and fireball :beer:, I'd still get the god of golf status by hitting the long drives or my short game (if I'm still sober enough).

  9. Update:  I talked with him a bit today and he mentioned that today he maxed out at 152mph club head speed.  He didn't drop below 146mph either.  His thought on what he is doing is that he is bringing the club back more vertically and wider, and feeling more of a whip for his downswing.  Next, I'm going to bring him to a simulator to see some numbers on launch angle, back spin, and peak height to see what adjustments should be made.

  10. 27 minutes ago, billchao said:

    Is he interested in competing? 144 is damn good; what's his ballspeed?

    He wants to eventually compete.  He says there are a lot of mini events around here that he'll participate in.  His device doesn't have a ball speed measurement so I'm not sure what it's at.   At a local track, he said he had at least one drive go over 400yds from a slightly elevated tee.

  11. 2 hours ago, JonMA1 said:

    Might be a dumb question, but does Ping replace the driver when this happens?

    The first thing I thought of while reading your post was that a damaged driver might be the reason I'm only getting 220 yards of carry. It couldn't be a poor swing.:whistle:

    Good luck with the tournament on Monday.

    Yeah i should be able to get it replaced at no charge. 

    1 hour ago, CarlSpackler said:

    Two cracks in the same place? Sounds like a design flaw to me. Good luck Monday!

    Thats the first thought i had yesterday when i saw it.  Im considering asking ping to just upgrade me to the G LS TEC so i can try to avoid this in another several months. 

  12. 7 minutes ago, iacas said:

    @phillyk, just my honest assessment, but the PGA does almost nothing for instructors. The instruction content in the PGA levels ranges from horrible to bad. You're better off just getting through the levels, but seeking actual instructional training elsewhere.

    Yeah I didn't learn anything in the first level except business stuff.  But I think the PGA still gives a good platform for the members to share knowledge about instruction and new ways to help students, even if they don't share all that in the levels (because they don't care to try and update the program every year).


    10 hours ago, RussUK said:

    Quick question. In regards to an instructor becoming  an instructor, do they have to pass exams to atain a certain level? i know it may be a stupid question but im sure a lot of these "youtube" instructors have no formal training.

    For those that are qualified maybe its not what they teach that is the problem but how they teach it and nore importantly how they communicate with their students. I read a lot of posts on forums saying a persons instructor taught a certain swing and that it was "their way or no way" with no flexibility or thought of an individuals needs. Maybe as part of training instructors need to go on a custmer service course or something?

    While anyone can call themselves a teaching pro.  Most golf courses I know will hire those who want to become PGA or already are apart of it as their instructor or golf professional.  Don't get me wrong, being a PGA doesn't guarantee you to be a good instructor, but you'll be better than that average joe who just calls himself a pro.  The PGA prepares you for the basics of being an instructor while you go through their program, but the PGA also provides a ton of opportunity to grow if you're willing to go find it.  I'm new to the PGA program and I only have a few students, 1) because I want more information/education and drills before I feel ready to teach more and 2) I want to take it slow as I get going, to make sure I am teaching the right things.  I know a ton about the golf swing sure, but I want to be able to communicate it in the right way for the right reasons. 

  14. I definitely over estimated, but I'm also re-learning how to play in tournaments again.  In high school, I played in tournaments or matches daily but its been a while since I last played in lots of events consistently.  Back then, I loved the pressure and hitting a certain shot when the time came.  Now, Im shaking in my boots over an easy bunker shot... I feel stupid after the fact.  But it just takes getting used to again. 

    I have several things to work on, but it'll come along as I play in more events.  Just got to learn to trust myself again.

    I have a couple matches coming up in winter time and Chambers Bay is giving us a good deal to play there.  So, I still have a few awesome courses with events coming up.

  15. ufta.... didn't follow through too well, unfortunately.  This course is beyond brutal for missing the fairway. To make it worse, this course is the only course I've ever played that will punish you for hitting the wrong side of the fairway!  They have several holes that have massive trees that cut out and block the green from certain approach angles.  I can count many times that I was in the fairway but a tree still blocked my view of half the green or more.  I won't say it's unfair, because I loved the challenge it presented and I'd played it again any day.  But it's a lot tougher than a paper can say.  It's also a course that supremely fits the definition of, having to play it first to know where to hit the ball.  But,the winner shot a 64 on the first day and something similar the next day, so it is a course that you can certainly score on.  BUT, you have to know the course well first, which I didn't at all.

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