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  1. Had a crazy 9 holes recently to add in birdies and an eagle.  Front 9 had 4 birdies, an eagle, 3 bogies, and 1 par.  Also played the back 9 a different time and eagled 11.  About the only highlight there.

  2. Today is my 10yr anniversary on TST! Geez I’ve gotten old.

    Got my new ZX7 driver with a Ventus Black 6X shaft on last Friday. Hitting it really well so far, definitely better flight. So I now have the full new set of Srixon/Cleveland gear. Zx7 driver, 3wood, and irons. Zipcore wedges and a cleveland putter.

    Putting has gotten better. I had to change my right hand grip as I kept using the wrist too much. Stroke feels smoother and I’m hitting my lines. Still need a bit more work on distance control. 

    Full swing still feels solid. Main swing thought is to feel extension on the backswing. Otherwise I have a tendency to close the clubface a bit quick.

    First pro am of the season is March 15, so looking forward to that. But I’m really excited to be traveling to Bandon to play Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes and Sheep Ranch on March 23/24.  Definitely want to play well there!

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  3. Similar to #3, I'd suggest bringing your old club(s) (6/7 iron or driver).  Some golf stores with launch monitors may buff the results a bit to make it appear you are getting more distance. But, if you are comparing to the current clubs, you will see the real change.  I've had several people at my course complain that they just bought new clubs because they were going 15yds further in the store.  Then on the range, they went exactly the same distance as their old clubs.  

  4. I tell this story often. At a previous course I worked at, I was working shop/carts for a big-ish tourney. A brewery sponsored a hole and had 2 guys with 2 kegs on a tee box. Obviously they weren’t going to just sit there and not drink.

    Anyway, end of the day, they are packing up and driving one of the course gators back. One of the turns to a bridge across a small stream is a bit sharper turn than first imagining. Mr drunk, isn’t paying attention and doesn’t quite make the turn and everything flips. Luckily the left over beer wasn’t on this trip of theirs. They walk out of it ok, obviously shaken, but the gator is totaled and leaking oil/fluids into the stream, which had already been on watch for conservation and chemical leakage.

    I hadn’t been on job very long at this point. Go find higher powers right? Well head pro is out for day. Super is out for day, but the assistant was playing in this event. I go up to him saying there’s a situation, that I assumed he want to get on top of. And he says it, “Not my problem. I’m not on the clock.” Well get on the dam clock and go do the f***ing job. Nope. I was supposed to call the super and have him drive in to take care of it. Ok fine, but I’m still ticked off at this point at the response from management. Super says to put rags and stuff under the leak to try and prevent further damage, which I had done. 

    Next day, I get called in by the boss and he says that I’m supposed to apologize to the assistant for asking him to work. Unbelievable. I had to do it.

    I don’t know about how you all think of this, but thats straight BS in my book. If you’re management and there is a potential emergency on the course and you are on site, get up off your ass and go help, or the excuse had be better than “I’m not on the clock.”

    I get it, you want to play and have a day off because you work a lot. But as management, you are supposed to carry more responsibility. Well, brewery ended up buying the course a new gator, and I didn’t stay long there. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Zippo said:

    Yes, it is. And, it says "USGA GHIN" when I open the app on my phone so it's either official or a darn good foreign counterfeit!

    Interesting, pro golf must have some sort of deal then. Most clubs are charged $36 from WA state, or it was before, for every member they sign up. I get mine, now, through my PGA section for $10 😁

  6. Well, Patrick Cantlay is most hyped for this week, I believe, and he is not disappointing. -8 through 11 holes right now. Always an interesting event with the AM’s joining in. Other big topic is how will Speith do after last week? Off to a reasonable start. 

  7. I have a pair of k2 twin tips that I like and bought in 08’. I have bindings a but more centered on them. Ski technology these days don’t get as skinny in the middle, they stay pretty fat throughout. I want an upgrade myself but don’t go often enough anymore.

  8. 11 minutes ago, StuM said:

    Neither Jordan nor Xander golfing well enough to win.  Still 12 holes left so they are not out of it but they need a few good holes real quick.

    I really want one of them to win.

    Yeah leaderboard is certainly shaken up now.

  9. 54 minutes ago, Double Mocha Man said:

    I'm playing today in a swamp because it's the last day before nine straight days of frozen tundra, with the courses closed.

    North Bell could open in the tundra. At least they have before.  I'll play if there's no wind... I suppose that could say I don't know when to say that's too much golf...

  10. 17 minutes ago, StuM said:

    Spieth is looking much better than he has in a long time. I hope he keeps it up, a win can help shake off the some of the stress of the past few years.  

    Yeah, guy is on 59 watch. (Oops i lied. Either way, its a good round) Needs to birdie 18. He said he feels good tee to green now, just needed more putts to fall and he’s clearly getting it today. 

  11. I was a bit confused watching the coverage, because they were focusing on only two groups. Then I noticed that the title of the coverage is featured groups only and normal coverage starts later. Interesting, but works for me.  Fowler's SG Approach and Putting is awful and it's showing today.  Schauffele is tearing it up.

  12. Seems right that this tournament should start the return of fans to the course. The buzz for week was on PR and the USGA’s and R&A’s areas of interest. So, It’ll be nice to get back to live golf and of course all the WM commercials.

    I’m rooting for Fowler and Schauffele this week. 

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  13. 43 minutes ago, boogielicious said:

    We are letting our emotions color our view of the incident.

    I don’t think anyone is “emotional.” It’s historical implications versus look at it for what it is. History can cloud judgement but sometimes for good reasons. In this case, what it is, is a non-issue. 

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  14. 5 minutes ago, Sandy Lie said:

    I watched real-time and it definitely bounced.  I think he cheated. 

    But let’s talk Rory here.  When the announcers were talking procedures and penalties. I believed they said that a plugged ball cannot be cleaned.

    With that said, in Rory’s replay it is very clear that his caddy cleaned the ball and tossed it back to him. In essence rule 16.4 was broken.  Did anyone else see that?

    16.4 Lifting Ball to See If It Lies in Condition Where Relief Allowed. ... The player may lift the ball to see if relief is allowed, but: The spot of the ball must first be marked. Continued), and the lifted ball must not be cleaned (except on the putting green.


    It can’t be cleaned when you are checking to see if its embedded or not. Once embedding is confirmed, then you can clean it. 

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  15. 4 minutes ago, Golfingdad said:

    These guys watch their balls like hawks,

    Not all the time.  Well hit shots or shots in the general “good” playing area, they are usually picking up the tee of doing something before the ball touches the ground.  When hit towards hazards or tracking the pin, they’ll watch closely.  I’d say amateurs likely watch their ball more often than pros.

  16. 4 minutes ago, Double Mocha Man said:

    If the snow gets any deeper you could always claim the embedded Boogielicious rule and toss yourself aside to Florida.

    We could go out today and play in our 3in of rain. Rule in effect would be standing water more than embedded though. 


    1 hour ago, iacas said:

    Ken Tackett said “uh no, that’s not correct.”

    I laughed.

    I laughed at that one too. I mean hasn’t balls moving on a green been a consistent topic before and they still don’t get it? Sad really. 

  17. I have mixed feelings. Ultimately, if he and whomever never saw a bounce, then it's reasonable/somewhat normal to see if it plugged.  So, he's ok here from the rules.

    Now to plugging on a bounce.  In Western WA, we are known for being consistently wet and soft in winter.  Courses definitely differ for plug potential. Some courses, there will never be a bounce this time of year, you will only see the top 1/8in of a ball in the fairway.  Normal cut rough, maybe half ball in.  Long fescue like grass, almost never, unless it's in a puddle.  Other courses, like mine, you could be dry in one spot, walk 5ft in a direction and its beyond soft, but only because it's now in standing water. If the ball bounced on the fairways and rough around here, I have yet to see a plug mark where the ball ended up.  A bounce in 6in of thick-looking rough on a slope is not going to plug unless it's then in standing water, which case it's a different ruling.  Even Reed himself said it's impossible for a bouncing ball to embed and he would never have checked had that been the case. 

    Like @Golfingdad said, it just doesn't smell right.  He definitely followed the rules as written, though.

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