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  1. 7A57DCC0-89AE-4475-A752-5188CFC1D107.jpeg

    Got my mevo plus! I hook it up to a 55in TV to see the data and play golf. Really liking it’s data so far. Seems super accurate. 

    Game-wise, my short game has finally come around.  Feel is to have left shoulder come up at impact, just needed a little rotation. Putting I was missing my line on many left to right putts. Found my eye line was too far over the ball so I’m sitting into my heels a bit and I’ve been making many more putts. Full swing, I had been in a really good place but now am starting to hook it. I know I’ve always had ball position well past center, so I moved it back a bit which made me feel like I have to stay back and turn more versus my forced lean turn. It feels better but will still need to hit a bunch of balls to dial it in. Got a good toy to help!

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  2. 16 minutes ago, David in FL said:

    Well, there you go!  For those that “survived a fear-filled year”.

    I’m glad someone cares about those poor souls.   😁

    I'm not necessarily responding to you as much as the living in fear idea (I assume you were being sarcastic but I know there are opinions out there like this).  Why is it wrong?  Living in fear is better than death.  People are afraid of many things and that is perfectly normal and ok.  Isn't concealed carry out of fear?  Isn't locking one's car door or homes at night out of fear?  We take many things for granted, but there are many who have strong experiences.  The virus has effected a lot of people and their families.  It is ok and normal to be fearful of it.

  3. 60819e174becb800190f68bb?width=1200&form

    One dose of a Pfizer-BioNTech or AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine reduced COVID-19 infections by...

    I was interested in this as my wife got her first dose but the clinic didn’t automatically schedule a second like mine did. You got some time to get that second one in. This also provides a different path to vaccinating a population, if resources are available. 

  4. 6 minutes ago, Chris223 said:

    He probably is, he’s boring to watch.  He shows zero emotion.  It’s almost like he’s bored himself out there

    I like some emotion on guys too.  But, more guys are coming on tour showing less emotion, because of trying to remain in a stable mental state.  It depends on the person, but expression can sometimes wind them up too much.  I always liked Tigers rule.  He allows himself to be emotional when near the ball, then forces himself to move on after a few steps from walking on to the next shot.  

  5. 2, 3, 4.  PGA gets in Masters for free, I get clubs for free already, and I don’t really need to play with John Daly.  Playing with Tiger and at Augusta would be great! Free beer was just the next best option, and I do enjoy beer. 

  6. Just now, Double Mocha Man said:

    Your caddie probably didn't realize how long you can be off the tee... he's caddied for too many guys who hit it 220, not 320.

    Yeah, the tough part is saying what my distances are. I try to be realistic, but they still look at me like I’m crazy.  The starter at Sheep Ranch shook his head when I said I was playing back.  I think he was serious, and it actually annoyed me quite a bit.  I get that most people shouldn’t play back, but it was more of how he said it.  This is a golf resort, maybe act like it.

  7. Realized I didn't post anything about my trip to Bandon Dunes. 

    Day 1 - (more like evening since the day was mostly driving), my dad and I went to the punch bowl.  One of the 18's was reserved for a party.  We played the other and it was fun.  Nice to have the drink shack right there, start off the trip right!  Beat my dad, but it was close.  Greens there were ok, bit bumpy, but not unexpected considering the traffic that must go through there.  That evening we went to a crab shack and met with a former co-worker who lives down there and helped build Bandon Dunes.  

    Day 2 - we played Bandon Dunes with a caddie in the early am.  Weather was sunny and high 30's at tee off, and low 50's at the end.  Wind started a little calm then picked up to 20-30mph by the end.  The wind definitely screwed with me at the end, as I finished 4 over on the last 4 holes to shoot a 77.  Played the back tees at 6700yds (they didn't have the championship tees set up). My first impression was that I didn't like the course too much. I'm not sure that having a caddie helped that feeling.  He gave me some iffy advice on where to hit and where a better miss would be.  Because of the rolling hills, it's hard to know if being short or long of a pin/green is better, without knowing the course.  He told me some bad info, but maybe we didn't quite understand one another.  There were also holes, I could've cut off some distance.  Looking back, I would enjoy playing another round there, knowing now where the hills are and how to manage the course.  

    In the afternoon, we played Sheep Ranch, no caddie.  This is the windiest course on their property, and it did not disappoint.  Winds were likely 30+mph.  Couldn't swing my driver without it feeling like it was blowing around. Balls were oscillating on the tees and greens.  Greens were slower because of the wind expectation.  The course itself, is very unique, and I think that's why I enjoyed it so much.  Every hole was designed with the summer wind in mind. 450yd par 4's down wind and 320yd par 4's into the wind.  I had to go driver, wedge downwind, but driver, 7 iron into the wind on those respective distances.  Certain holes had cool design features, like the volcano par 5, and gorse bushes that come into play.  There are no bunkers on the course as far as having sand, but there are definitely places they could go if needed.  My score is not worth mentioning, as I did not feel that I was playing golf anymore with the wind as high as it was.  I was playing, "what punch shot should I try next?"  I played driver off deck, normal drives, 2iron stingers.  It was all in my head obviously, but I couldn't get myself to relax out there.  Interestingly, their signature par 3, 16th, is starting to sink/slide.  Half of the tee box has dropped about a foot recently, you can see the turf tearing.  Not sure what will happen there.

    Day 3 - we played Pacific Dunes in the early am (we drove home after this round), no caddie although the guy we played with had one.  This is my favorite course of the 3 we played.  I think it is because it was shaped out almost like a traditional course (because of the trees and gorse), but obviously still links.  Weather was overcast with drizzle at times, but wind stayed calm 5-10mph.  It started raining harder on 18, so we finished just about in time.  No real surprises to this course, although I would've liked to go for it on 1 (about 330yds or something), but I had no idea what it looked like around the green.  There was another par 4 I did go for it on, but ended up just short.  The green was quite raised up from the fairway.  Ended up shooting a 73 here.  The greens were the faster of the 3 we played and also rolled very smoothly.

    Overall on the trip, my tee to green was great! Short game was horrific.  3 putts were annoying but not unexpected with the green sizes.  Chipping/pitching was unbelievably bad (sand shots were still good).  I couldn't hit a clean shot to save my life.  Everything was a chunk or skull.  The firm, sandy, grass got into my head.  If I tried to hit down, fat.  I tried to use more bounce, skull.  Seriously, I was a head case.  Bandon, I lost maybe 4-5 strokes from bad shots. Pacific, I lost 3 strokes.  It costed me a lot.  I'm still recovering.  Only found a little confidence yesterday in the stroke.  It's a good thing that I've been hitting almost every green in regulation on my last few rounds. 

    If/when I go back, I would like to do Bandon Dunes again, so I can play it my way, Pacific Dunes as it was my favorite, and I want to try Bandon Trails since it looked like a fun track.

    My latest tournament, Pro-am, was at Meridian Valley last Monday.  I ended up shooting a 70 (-2) with 16GIR. One of my misses was in a bunker, which I put to a foot for a tap in save. The other miss was after getting the LD for pros and chunking my 65yd pitch shot (mental struggle from bandon).  Putted from well off the green because I was scared to do it again, and made bogey. The greens had been aerated a couple weeks before, and still showed. The morning wave, likely, had smoother greens, but we were in the afternoon.  I had so many birdie opportunities from inside 20ft, but couldn't get anything to drop. I had two 3 putt bogies which didn't help. My last hole, though, I made a 15ft eagle putt.

    I've since worked hard on short game and finally settled on a shot.  I knew what I was doing but couldn't stop.  Hopefully, my tee to green continues to stay strong, I have a couple simple swing thoughts that have been working.  Short game will come back, I know it, but got to keep practicing to get my confidence up.  Putting, my 3 putts have all come from hitting the initial downhill putt wayyy too hard, so I'll need to focus on those a bit.  I'm excited for the summer, though.

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  8. 39 minutes ago, DaveP043 said:


    I do resent the "sheep" comment earlier, it was out of line and impolite.  All of us take in information, from any number of sources, and then make decisions.  You certainly have your basis for opposing vaccines, for opposing masks, for believing as you do.  You're following the advice of certain people, but that doesn't make you a sheep.  I've made a different evaluation, following the course recommended by different people, but that doesn't make ME a sheep either.  We can disagree, but on this forum we should always disagree with respect.

    I don’t. I’ll gladly follow the advice of a Ph’D who has been working in virology for 20+yrs.  @TRUCKERI bet I know more about trucks than you because I drive a stick and have google, despite your experience... see how ridiculous that sounds?!

    Seriously, does one’s profession really mean so little these days?

  9. 18 minutes ago, TRUCKER said:

    Is that the same science that said it was ok for hollywood to continue life as normal, and still have there catered lunches, but tell the restaurant next door to close. The same science that said if you gather at restaurants and have a party your going to kill people, only to find out that's exactly what they were doing. The same science that said if you drive from Kalamazoo,Mi to your second home in the U.P. you were going continue the spread, but said it was ok for a trucker to take a load of bicycles there for Walmart. The same science that said if we don't shut down we'll all die, but MILLIONS of truckers, truck stop employees, Walmart, Amazon, Target employees, local gas station employees, all the shippers/recievers, could stay open. Why hasn't there been a massive uncontrollable outbreak of truckers getting this, or the truck stop employees? There should be if you "follow the science"

    Science is NOT static!!!!!! It’s based on data we have and how we analyze it. Thus, many things change over time.  We are more than allowed to say one thing then update it to something different in the future based on additional data. Also understand science has and will never tell you policy. It can definitely recommend something highly. 

    Other side of the coin is how much we as a society and we as individuals are willing to risk. There in lies the who can stay open (other than essentials).

  10. 1 hour ago, Double Mocha Man said:

     I still won't sit inside... outside is chilly but works.

    Just got back from sitting inside at Lorenzo’s and had a big margarita. They have things spaced out a lot. 

    It’s a no from me on having vaccination requirements to go places. While I think everyone should get it, who can, it should still be a choice. 

  11. 8 minutes ago, KelvinPDX said:

     I find it strange that we have to twist our wrists and arm position to get into the traditional address position. Seems like a formal position and not bio mechanically developed. 

    Huh? I feel like the position that you are said to be starting in is much more of a twisted position than conventional.

    24 minutes ago, KelvinPDX said:

    In answer to “how do you make the backswing”... one does it similar to the conventional swing except where you start. I suppose there is the 45 or so extra degrees the hips need to rotate in the backswing since the hips are set up around 45* open. 

    45* is a lot of extra rotation.  Not saying it can't be done, just that it takes more work.

  12. 3 minutes ago, KelvinPDX said:

     Just put yourself in (or close to) the position you happen to be when you actually hit the ball and start from there instead of all square to the ball. Video would probably help. Might try but that pretty heady stuff for my first post.

    I get what you're saying.  It is a good drill to help people get into a good impact position, but it does reduce power and sometimes a lower ball flight. The question, really, is how you make the back swing?  Think of weight and pressure.  Conventionally, backswing brings pressure to right side with somewhat centered weight. Impact brings nearly everything to the left.  If, you are starting with everything left, are you making a back swing that tries to keep it there or are you moving it?  Keeping it there is simple but reduces power.  Moving it adds a lot of extra movement that would require good sequencing to make consistent.

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  13. Think of 2 shots. A ball that starts low and climbs high then looks like it drops out of the sky. Another where someone says, “oh I must’ve put top spin on it.” One has really high spin and the other low. You want the shot that looks like a bullet, Starts up and just goes not climbing or falling. 

    2200rpm is good for high swing speeds. Up towards 2600rpm is good for slower. You want a positive attack angle into the ball. 

    Launch angle, centered-ness of contact, and club head speed are the big impacts on spin. 

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  14. 15 minutes ago, Braivo said:

    You still have not offered an argument on the topic at hand. Still stewing over words, tone, inflection, etc. I'm focused on facts. Are government mandated restrictions worth it? What is gained and lost when we intervene in such a way that restricts private businesses from operating fully? What do we lose when we keep kids home from school for a year? Is it all worth it?

    Facts for your question really won’t be known for a while yet. You can’t simply say, we’re open, you’re not, therefore we are better. Loss of life is the main fact right now. Everything else is just a guess, until everything opens and then some. 

  15. I have a glock 40, .22 bolt action rifle, and 12 gauge with an extended magazine. My father in law, who I shoot with sometimes, has quite the collection for me to use as well. One of my favorites of his is the ak pistol.

  16. There are a few situations of playing partners that annoy me.  The sulky one after a series of bad holes that will take 15min to walk to his tee shot.  Last time that happened, my partner and I requested to play ahead of them, because we said the pace was bad and it was a quiet day on the course.  It was bugging me, but it bugged my partner more.  If there was no chance of playing ahead, I would just continue doing my thing.  I wouldn't push him along unless we were losing sight of the people ahead.

    Another situation is the drunk that yells profanities at kids.  We got cut off by the high school team, and they proceeded to play slow even though they knew we were on the tee behind them.  I went up to them on the next hole and asked to play through, and they said yeah.  That would've been it, except the guy I was playing with is an a**hole.  He went on to berate them.  After he left, I apologized to the kids.  I haven't played with him since.

    This last one was at a tournament qualifier.  He was a mini tour player from Arizona. It's a tournament, so no leaving and what you get, you're stuck with.  He knew where he stood after 12 holes or so, and after one last bad hole, basically said f*** it, and started being dick-ish.  He didn't cause any pace of play issues or anything.  It was easy enough to ignore, walk ahead of, and never talk to.  Didn't want his negativity to infect my good round. For a mini tour guy, he was terrible at managing emotion.

  17. Had a crazy 9 holes recently to add in birdies and an eagle.  Front 9 had 4 birdies, an eagle, 3 bogies, and 1 par.  Also played the back 9 a different time and eagled 11.  About the only highlight there.

  18. Today is my 10yr anniversary on TST! Geez I’ve gotten old.

    Got my new ZX7 driver with a Ventus Black 6X shaft on last Friday. Hitting it really well so far, definitely better flight. So I now have the full new set of Srixon/Cleveland gear. Zx7 driver, 3wood, and irons. Zipcore wedges and a cleveland putter.

    Putting has gotten better. I had to change my right hand grip as I kept using the wrist too much. Stroke feels smoother and I’m hitting my lines. Still need a bit more work on distance control. 

    Full swing still feels solid. Main swing thought is to feel extension on the backswing. Otherwise I have a tendency to close the clubface a bit quick.

    First pro am of the season is March 15, so looking forward to that. But I’m really excited to be traveling to Bandon to play Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes and Sheep Ranch on March 23/24.  Definitely want to play well there!

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  19. Similar to #3, I'd suggest bringing your old club(s) (6/7 iron or driver).  Some golf stores with launch monitors may buff the results a bit to make it appear you are getting more distance. But, if you are comparing to the current clubs, you will see the real change.  I've had several people at my course complain that they just bought new clubs because they were going 15yds further in the store.  Then on the range, they went exactly the same distance as their old clubs.  

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