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  1. willgolf

    FAKE R11

    il tell you in a week or so
  2. willgolf

    FAKE R11

    il put up pics of them when i get them. i dont even care really if they are fake can wait to see how it hits the ball and i have the R9 anyway dont know why people are getting so worked up about this its only 110 euro
  3. willgolf

    FAKE R11

    i dont remember saying they were fake
  4. willgolf

    FAKE R11

    better than payin 360 euro for a new R11 Or 230euro for the putter
  5. i have 100 euro on that he wins 2 or more majors this year. fact and he will
  6. i am 5 foot 11 and i feel my 4 iron is 2 long for me how much distance will i loose if i take of an inch??
  7. oh yeah forgot 2 say wilson Ci7s are the best game inprovement clubs in my opinion thats what iv been playing since i was a 16hcp they are 260euro thats all i know ..these clubs got me from a 16 hcp to a 8hcp
  8. Fair play 2 ya man ,i would not be happy if i shot over 80.i started when i was 13 im 24 now went for many first round this year yesterday i shot 81 and i was not happy at all with my round.but its class when you first break 100 then 90 then 80 im trying 2 break 70 this year. Alot more practice and you will be breaking 90 next .Practice from 80 yards in and around the greens and you will be breaking 90 in now time..
  9. willgolf

    FAKE R11

    My friend is in china and he is getting me the R11 for 80euro and a scotty cameron newport 2 putter for 30 euro What the chances they are not fake? And my friend wouldnt know if or not it is fake .dont mind if they are cos thats pritty cheap but there goin in the bin if they are no good...................
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