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  1. I'm back too. It's been 4 months since my last log-in. I'm in Florida and don't have an offseason, but in September after the PGA Championship is over my attention turns to my other obsession college football!!! With the PGA season gearing back up, I'll probably be posting here more often.
  2. I'm so glad others noticed this and are annoyed as well. Couple the constant switch from HD to SD with Johnny Miller's obnoxious commentary and you have an almost unwatchable golf tournament. I would almost have preferred that NBC not tease the viewers with an occasional HD shot and just broadcast the whole tournament in SD (almost). It makes me long for CBS' all HD coverage along with Feherty and McCord.
  3. As a fellow lefty, I can tell you that I am certainly not athletically-gifted. Nothing about the golf swing feels natural and I constantly struggle just to break 100. Which truly left-handed athletes do you think are particularly gifted (i.e. not Phil, not Mike Wier--both rightys disguised as leftys)?
  4. From: http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/117736 "The song your asking about is a studio cut done by a group called "Black Ryan." It was only cut as a 30-sec spot, specifically for the Bridgestone Golf commercial. This is not an excerpt from a full song, just a studio band 30-sec cut that was written and performed by the same studio band."
  5. I carry two Ping Rapture hybrids (21 and 24 degrees). They are a little pricey, but they are very easy to hit and have real nice feel. These are the go to clubs in my bag and I would rather hit my second shot with these than my irons.
  6. I agree that MetroWest is a very good course and more reasonably priced than the courses near the convention centers or attractions. Its where I play the most. If you are willing to drop some cash, I would also recommend you check out: Orange County National (Q-School finals will be played there in November) Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes (Greg Norman designed) Grande Pines (Nick Faldo designed) Falcon's Fire (same owner as MetroWest)
  7. Man, I was all set to post a link to this blog and you beat me too it. "Gouge" makes a great (though visceral) argument for banning long putters.
  8. I dip my clubheads in a bucket of warm, soapy water. Then scrub the grooves with a copper wire brush and the rest of the clubhead with a toothbrush. I rinse the clubheads in clean water and towel dry.
  9. Soap, water, toothbrush, scrub vigorously, dry with towel.
  10. Does everyone use the same type of grip on all their clubs? Personally, I use GP Tour Velvet Wraps (corded) on my woods and hybrids; GP New Decades on my irons; and GP Tour Velvets on my wedges.
  11. I seem to recall reading that the average golfer has a driver swing speed around 90mph, so your speeds would be above average. I think Tiger swings his driver about 115mph (130 if he is really going after it).
  12. I had my irons fit with the Golf Pride New Decade grips. These grips are multicompound: the top half is a tour velvet corded crip and the bottom half is a softer uncorded grip. The top half keeps your gloved hand securely on the grip, while the bottom half allows more feel and response for your lower hand. I really like them and I have seen several pros using them recently, including Sergio.
  13. The Foot Joy rain gloves are essential.
  14. Several months ago, I took some lessons at a nice club in Orlando called Metrowest. The associate pro I worked with charged $90 per hour, but that included video swing analysis on an advanced computer program. The head pro there charges about $200 per hour (he is currently Se Ri Pak's coach). On the other hand, I am now taking lessons at a public course closer to my house. The course and driving range are nothing fancy, but the pro I'm working with only charges $50.00 per your. He does video swing analysis as well, though we view it together on his camcorder at the driving range. While the accommodations are not as spectacular, the price is much more reasonable and I think the current pro I am working with is better than the "associate" I worked with at the nicer club. Bottom-line, more expensive does not always mean better.
  15. I think when someone votes in a poll, it bumps the thread to the top of the list even though the person didn't post a message.
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