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  1. Dustin johnson -14 Luke donald -13 Rory mcllroy -12
  2. Outside of golf, hunting and fishing is my life. There is nothing better than sitting in a treestand or boat all day. On top of that I also enjoy shooting, hoping to start shooting in the local idpa shoots this summer.
  3. Mine is playing with someone that takes multiple mulligans on every shot.
  4. Woods- 276 Mcllroy-277 Day-278
  5. I will second the nike vr wedges. I have the 56 and 60 degree and love them.
  6. Maybe it is just the area I am in but I would say at least 75% of the people on any given day, or any given course in my area, are wearing jeans. Especially early in the season. The couple times I golfed with the pro at a course, he was wearing jeans also.
  7. Unfortunetly my putting is what's holding me back. I'm to inconsistant with it.
  8. My natural shot shape is a high draw, but the first couple rounds this year my driver has turned into a hard hook. I adjusted the face 2 degrees open and now i have a nice fade going with the driver. It seemed to give me the confidence I need off the tee.
  9. I believe they are the most underrated golf company in todays market. I played there fat shafts up until this year, and I hit them great. I picked up a nice set of used pi5 this winter and I love evening about them.
  10. I love playing aggressively, But i had to put a little of both If im feeling it that day or have been executing good shots I get very aggressive, but if it is one of those days where it seems I cant pay for a good shot I play very conservative and try to grind it out.
  11. I was finally able to get out for the first round of the year today, and I shot suprising well. I just picked up a used set of wilson pi5 irons over the winter and am amazed at how much better they are than my old set of fat shafts. I shot a 80 on a par 71 course, and that makes me have a good feeling about my golf season this year. I had 1 birdie, 8 pars, 8 bogeys and 1 double bogey.
  12. I play golf because no matter how stressed I get it always relaxes me and I feel better when Im out on the course. Also, I played basketball and football in high school and Im very competetive in nature, so this is the only sport that i can really go out and compete and play without having to try to gather other people up to do it.
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