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  1. Been playing for about 1.5 years. Shot 71(+1) and 73(+1)
  2. What about the UST Proforce v2 hybrid and wood shaft? It seems like for a long time they have been a really popular shaft for players looking for a good mix between price and performence. Would it work for my swing though? I've heard it works better for people with more smooth swings though?
  3. Hey, I'm looking for a new shaft for both my nike SQ hybrid and my TM Burner 3-wood. I would like to keep it below $100 per shaft, so a decently not expensive shaft, but I definately want a good shaft that fits me. What shafts should I look at? Just some info so you guys can help me... The reason I'm getting a new shaft is because I have been hitting these clubs too high, so I want something with a lower ball flight. I'm not a smooth swinger, more of a fast-tempo. My SS is around 105-110. My handicap is about a 5. Thanks.
  4. I had a TM burner 3 wood and was hitting it at the range and started hitting it weird. I looked at the face and there was a crack in the face. I sent it into TM and they were good about it, they just gave me a brand new one. Send it in to TM and they will either fix it or give you a new one. Good luck.
  5. At home I just use a wet towel and wipe them clean. Honestly, on the course, I spit on the clubface and use a brush to clean out the grooves, then wipe it off with a towel.
  6. I semi-recently got the titleist 755's 4-pw. When I bought them I wanted a 3-iron, so I asked them if they could order one for me. No joke, for 5 minutes the cashier tried convincing me not to buy a 3i because it was "worthless" in his opinion.
  7. srixon soft feel is soft, but really doesnt spin too much
  8. Hey, I dont know how far away you are, but it sounds like you are closer to san jose. my home course is crystal springs. i also like to go to santa clara muni, shoreline golf links, and a good practice center is mariner's point in foster city
  9. I have the burner 3 wood, and i abosolutely love it
  10. I weigh 145, and can hit it 270 yards. 1.86
  11. I was in a similar situation to you, except I was the 755's vs the TM r7 TP's. I got the x-forged, but they were a little too unforgiving, so i just picked up the 755's today. i played a round and loved them. my vote is for the 755's. good luck
  12. Now that is admirable right there. Still though, read Stuart Appleby's interview in the latest Golf Digest, and he talks about the stuff Phil does that makes him one of Sports Illustrated top 10 most least-likeable athletes.
  13. ya, u can become a really good ball-striker for this thread if you want
  14. I searched, and didnt find a thread like this. If you guys could have a dream bag, with 14 clubs of whatever you wanted, what would they be? For me... Driver: TaylorMade r7 Superquad 460 3 Wood: TaylorMade Burner 19* hybrid: Titleist 585 H Irons (3-pw): Ping i10 52*: Titliest Oil-can Spin-Milled 56*: Titliest Oil-can Spin-Milled Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport 2
  15. So I ended up going with the x-forged. i took em out to a short par 3 course near my house. they were easy to work, as it was expected. Another thing that was not surprising was when you didn't hit them right on the screws, you could tell. a reason why i went with this decision without really thinking too hard was because you can return the clubs within 90 days with a full refund, which is pretty amazing, so i might use them for about 2-3 more weeks, and see what i think after that. if i dont like them after that, i can just take them back and look what else they have. i have been tempted, a
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