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  1. The difference would be "apropos" of something, regardless of when impact occurs. Something must explain the difference in rate of vibration, right? Furthermore, as the original poster did not relate shaft vibration to ball flight, I'm not certain your use of apropos is grammatically correct. "Immaterial" might have been a better choice of words. Regardless, I am certain your post was incredibly condescending.
  2. I'm thinking of finally taking a lesson. Every so often I hear someone say that so-and-so is a great instructor, or that you've got to talk to Joe somebody at this course over hear. How to decide, without just trying them all I suppose??? Money is a big issue, so I would prefer to not drop $ on a bad instructor. Anyone have thoughts on what makes a good instructor? I've always read that you should stay away from anyone who immediately tries to change every aspect of your swing. Any other thoughts? Also, what do instructors charge in your area? Instructors at the public courses around
  3. Yes, to win the tournament you shoot the lowest score in order to beat the rest of the field. Golf 101. I think everyone would agree to this point. But we are talking about another concept in discussions of par. It has to do with the psychology of the game. I would try and reiterate the point, but after reviewing the thread again, I think Iacas made the point pretty well:
  4. I think you are both making solid points. With regard to your point, yes I agree that the winner could finish at +6, therefore theoretical "par" is irrelevant to final score. But I think the original speaker is also making a valid point. To complete 18 holes, you have to go a certain distance, right? You've got to go 7600 yards, and you've got 71 strokes to do it in. Par is relevant, because the pro's are going to expect to make par. Which means they will expect to be on a green in regulation, which means they will pressure themselves to make high quality shots. So par is relevant. If y
  5. I'd say you missed the boat on this by about 15 years. Just like all of the ~22y.o.'ds getting their real estate licenses right now with dreams of easy $$$, you'd be catching a "falling knife". There are too many courses as it is now. Within 60 miles of where I am sitting, I can think of 12 public courses and twice that many private courses. I can also think of 3 of those that are in dire financial straights, and I would think I could guess the next 6 that will follow. Now consider the fact that water resources are only going to become more scarce...I don't think you want to be in the gol
  6. There was an article in the New York Times last year comparing golf to poker. The premise of the article? The rush that a single good shot brings to the average golfer is very similar to the rush a habitual gambler feels over the occasional winning bet. They thought is was an addiction. I think the game is a challenge, and the method of scoring creates an intense desire to get better. And for those who are not great players (i.e., they shoot high scores that are not worth keeping track of), there are so many other "objective" challenges in the game: - how far do you hit your drive? -
  7. Rolex Air King...what a gorgeous watch. I'd never drop the $$$ for it, though.
  8. Cool...thanks for the input. I'm going to have my 8-iron re-gripped just to see how it performs. Pretty good reviews here: http://www.golfsmith.com/products/18723 I started playing with a set of hogans that had reminder cords running along the bottom, so I guess I'm somewhat accustomed to the feel...hence the affinity for the TM's Thanks Rob
  9. I love the grips on Taylormade's clubs. For lack of a better description, they feel like tapered rubber. I guess they have a guide in the back, to assist with the player's grip (muscle memory, etc.). I'm thinking about replacing the grips on my clubs with these grips. Has anyone tried this? The only thing is, I haven't hit a ball with one of their clubs, so I may not like them on the course. Anyone who plays TM's with these grips have an opinion on them? Thanks, Rob
  10. A basic point regarding your swing: you aren't getting much of a shoulder turn. Because of this, your hips are not turning much at all. Ideally, you want your belt buckle pointing 45 degrees to the right at the top of your backswing. Your left shoulder should be directly under your chin. Your left arm is pretty straight in your swing, which is good to see. Practice a full turn with your shoulders and you'll be generating much more power. Try this: take a broomstick (or your driver) and place it over your shoulders. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, facing a mirror. Keeping
  11. And realize (as Hogan says in the book) any grip change is going to take forever to feel "natural"...
  12. Same here. I have an i-pod, and I love music. Always listening to music..always. Use it on the range and while playing in regular foursome. Don't use it if I'm playing with anyone else, though. I plan to be jamming to Mercyful Fate when I'm on the driving range at age 90, so I always keep it on the lowest volume setting. Hear others fine...it's just that I love to have music accompanying my thoughts. Classical, jazz, metal, thrash, pop...whatever, so long as it is good. As far as others taking offense? Seriously, get over it. It doesn't affect you at all...and frankly, if you have a
  13. Interesting. Also, I put my swing style in just as info. I would think having an upright swing would be even more of a negative for going with longer clubs. I would think that flatter swingers could accomodate longer shafts more easily. Does this make sense?
  14. Yes, I agree with fitting. I guess my question was more focused on whether, assuming I am best fitted for a standard length shaft, the additional 1/2" in length would be incredibly detrimental, or if it would be a wash (ie, I could grip down, etc.). And I should stress that these are used clubs. If they were brand new, I'd insist on a full fitting process. But if I can get a deal, I will accept a little hardship in the near term. So you can just cut the extra length at a later date?
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