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  1. Asher has some stuff on sale this week, including their Leather Birdy glove for $5. I bought four of these last yr when they were on for $5, great glove! http://ashergloves.com/collections/2012-blowout/products/birdy
  2. You're welcome. I have a friend who works at Golftwon and the cheapest he could them was $425 + tax. I almost bought this set of the ebay seller, but then my wife bought me new irons, and that is the only reason I didn't get them.
  3. I have heard good things and I went to took at them in person, and I think they're a super nice. One thing to consider, they are $500 at Golftown plus tax, so total of $570. There is a very reputable seller on ebay selling them for $345 plus $36 shipping. They use USPS, and I can tell you from tons of shipping from U.S. to Canada experience, that oustide of taxes, I have never been hit with any additional fees when using USPS. So at worst you would pay $345 plus tax, $393 plus $36 shipping, so a total of $429, which is a $140 dollar savings. It is a buy it now item, so the price will not
  4. Obviously were talking the original SF, not the 2.0 right? Even still, the original is still selling for $200 bucks, so yes, pull the trigger!
  5. I just bought new irons and was considering the X-24s, Wilson Staff Ci9s and the TM R9s. I quickly eliminated the Callaways as they just don't sit well for me (thick top line, and the the Callaway irons always seem to have such a long head), plus the wear issue. So it came down to the Staffs and the TMs. Ultimately went with the TMs as they are really nice at setup, just the right amount of offset and head size (for me), but the Wilsons are super nice too. Haven't hit them on course yet, but they are said to be crazy forgiving and long, but still workable. I'm about a 12 hdcp, so they jus
  6. I have read on several forums that the finish does indeed wear off very quickly. I looked at a brand new set at a local store that were on the rack, never hit. The finish was already wearing just from people handling the clubs. They look good brand new, but again, I researched these irons a little while ago, and one of the universal points that always came up was issues with how quickly the finish wears off.
  7. Just another example of prices online. Just bought a set of R9 irons 4-GW for $420.00 from a reputable ebay seller. They are currently on sale for $698 at Golftown (Canada's biggest retailer). So after taxes I saved about $300. Hard to argue with that!!
  8. and was comparing the TM R9, Wilson Ci9 and Callaway Hot X-24 irons. Had kids in tow, so was only doing an esthetic check today. Didn't like the X-24s, like all Callaway clubs, just don't like how long the heads seem to be. Also don't like the uniflex shaft and the grips were less than good. Also noticed that the clubs had wear evident to the finish, just from sitting in the rack and having them handled by customers. Now the TMs and Wilson's were very nice in the flesh. I compared every club side by side and reports seem true that the Staffs are 1/4" longer. The heads were v
  9. Just did a quick google search and the word "counterfeit" came up a lot, not good!
  10. Anyone heard of or bought clubs from here: www . golfclubs365 . com/category-88-b0-Irons.html I stumbled across this while looking for iron reviews, and the prices are ridiculously low. If this is for real, this really is quite the find. Anyone have any experience??
  11. Hard to feel sorry for you. After rain all day Wed and Thurs which melted all the snow (Toronto area), got hit with another 5 inches or so Friday!!!! So while you're waiting for your club, I'm just waiting for the damn grass to appear!
  12. Hi all, thinking of upgrading to one these sets and looking for any feeback. From all the reviews it seems like the TM and Callways are long and forgiving, but not so workable. CI9 seems to be more workable, but maybe not as long or forgiving since it is kind of a mix between a players and Game Improvement club. I can get all for similiar price right now, so cost isn't really a determining factor, but the Callaways do seem about $50 more. I'm a mid handicapper (10-12ish) who doesn't really struggle with control. Would I like more distance, sure. One thing I found with
  13. I don't why, well maybe price, but I really seem to like clubs from the not so big companies. I currently have a nickent hybrid and driver, Wilson Staff putter and fairway wood, and Macgregor MT Mid irons. Seems like the only big name clubs I sport are my Vokey Spin Milled wedges. Now I know all these companies were very big at one one time, but that is no longer the case. It seems that these companies have all the technology and features of the bigger boys offereings, but because they have little or no tour pro representation, prices seem to be much more manageable, and performance does n
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