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  1. I would like to hear your opinion on long putters. Have you tried to convert to them from the standard putter? Whats good and not so good about them? I am trying a new approach with putting my Odyssey Teron. Its a 35" putter but i'm holding it more like a 'long putter' (but bending over since its a short club) with having my left hand on the top part of the club and putting my right hand to the base of the grip and either pointing my forefinger down or partially. I like the motion and feel of this and having better results with distance control. So, i was wondering if i should just
  2. Shot 90. (Lowest Score) 6th Game overall. First Birdie. 9 DIF, 3 GIR, 35 putts. Very happy with the putting stats despite 5 3-puts. Another step closer to achieving my goal this year...to shoot in the 80s.
  3. I'm gonna check these out in an upcoming demo day and will look for the Tour versions.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely try it out. I was thinking of going with the Adams iron hybrids but i hit the Tour Edge Bazookas really well. Will try their longer hybrids though. I only bought 5-P. I wish i had tried the Cleveland hybrids HB3s earlier. They may be good. Are 7W/9W usually for seniors? I'm new to Golf and am not a senior. Seems like I need a 5W and a 2 iron Mashie. I've been running into situations where i'm too long or short with clubs.
  5. Any more opinions on the Mashies? I need something that is longer then a 5 iron and shorter then a 3W. I know i need to get a 5W but should i go with 7W/9W direction or go with Mashie type of club?
  6. Short par 4 around 330 yds. Tee shot went 300 yards close to the outer ridge of green. It was my longest drive (5th time on a course) and it was straight.
  7. Thanks for the review. They look like beautiful clubs. I somehow missed on these. The price is excellent. Have you tried the Cleveland Hybrid irons as well? Opinion on those?
  8. hehe......these look like Pikachu golf shoes. ;) I'm not into the traditional golf clothes or golf shoes. Athletic shoes is part of Golf. We are athletes.
  9. There was a thread earlier with some links to Sketcher Bobcat and Asics. These are athletic shoes with alot of traction but no 'cleats'. Here's another one. http://www.amazon.com/Bite-Trekker-Travel-Aztec-Wheat/dp/B000E0XZZS/ref=sr_1_83?s=golf&ie;=UTF8&qid;=1301682442&sr;=1-83
  10. I like jogging or sports wear. Adidas, Nike, etc. Workout clothes. Shoes......i forgot the name of the more cheaper clothes/shoes line....'Tommy..something'. I like his Golf 'tennis' shoes. Wearing a light jacket bothers me. Feel restricted.
  11. Yes, it all comes to what feels right for you. I tried the Vokey on a course and its great but there was something about the Clevelands and i went with their 52 and 60.
  12. I recently bought TourEdge: Hybrids JMax Gold Bazooka 5-P. Amazing price and probably best bang4buck with lifetime warranty. I'm a beginner. But my friend who's played for quite a while hit my clubs so well, that he also bought them over his Mizunos. At least check them out.
  13. Thanks for your advice Hacker. Tried this out on the range today. It was better. Trying to minimizing any 'swaying' and stay pretty much in same position and let the hips do the action.
  14. I have a tendency to hit behind the ball (fat). I think i don't turn my hips or follow-through the way i should. Do you have any tips to get out of this bad habit? My back-swing may be too much pulling me 'backward' and getting me out of balance. Would appreciate feedback on this. TQ.
  15. Hey guys.....i just realized my new pitching wedge has a pretty low 45 degree loft. So, what gap wedge should i get? I have a Cleveland 60 lob. Should i get a more standard 49 degree PW with a 52 or just get a 50 w/o buying a new pw?
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