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  1. my set up. bent too much over at the waist, causing me to be too far from ball. i end up at proper angle at the top of my swing, but have to bend back foward on the downswing.
  2. I'm sending mine now. I hope I got all the video stuff right... first time ever importing/editing video on my new macbook. Can't wait to see your response. Thanks alot :)
  3. I'm actually going in April to with my family.
  4. I mark mine sometimes. When I do, its 3 red dots in a triangle on the side of the number, or sometimes 5 dots over the company name.
  5. Its in Rotella's 'Putting our of your Mind' I think the story was about Faxon breaking a courses recorder putting looking at the hole all day. basically it helps you gauge distance and become more target oriented.
  6. i actually don't mind how it looks. the square part is kind of hidden and the sound and feel are definately improved.
  7. sboardz006

    Keep Stats

    i keep mine. last year i used the golf digest handicap thing to do it. prob try out the golf channel one this year
  8. i like both. golfwrx is huge and has a lot of stuff and here its relatively small and less busy. each has their plusses.
  9. LCD. basically because you can damage a plasma playing video games on it...
  10. i really don't have one right now since its freezing out and its really not worth it to stay outside that long. but in the summer i plan to only work on my full swing once a week. the rest is gonna be all putting and wedge play.
  11. well he's already won on the Japanese tour... I don't think there should be an age restriction.
  12. its cool to see some other fans of good hip hop, because i thought i was gonna be the only one lol. My list... (it always changes) Atmosphere- F*ck You Lucy Jedi Mind Tricks- Rage of Angels Cunninlynguists- Nothing to Give
  13. i wish i could go to the range, but its way too cold for me to be outside for that long. at the range, I have trouble aiming. I subconsciously always aim my body or the clubface square to the mat, even when i dont want to lol.
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