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  1. Food Thread

    I haven't tried the chimney steak yet. I've read that it's great for thin steaks but hadn't thought of it for sharing a thick one. I have cooked a bunch on the grill using the same method--cool side then over the hottest fire I can muster. I really wanted the grill to be better because I prefer cooking outside, but the oven/cast iron method is just perfect every time. ttps://www.seriouseats.com/2017/03/how-to-reverse-sear-best-way-to-cook-steak.html
  2. Food Thread

    Yep. Oven at 225 and then piping hot cast iron. Even managed not to set off the smoke detector this time.
  3. Food Thread

    Long live Kenji
  4. The USGA's Ten-Year Exemption Policy for Winners

    I agree with this. I like a lifetime exemption for the masters. But to me, the US Open is different. Anyone can qualify. Its a meritocracy. I'd rather see them eliminate the exemption than lengthen it.
  5. USGA/R&A Introduce "Modernized" Rules

    I haven't been following these changes closely but this one really sticks out: http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules-hub/rules-modernization/major-changes/golfs-new-rules-stroke-and-distance.html Not sure whether I like it or not. I like that it will remove the guilt I feel about my score when I decide to do that anyway to avoid causing delay. But a drop in the fairway seems really generous. Only allowing the drop at the ball reference point would seem more appropriate to me. Oh well, things change. I wish they'd just make the rules effective now. It'll be a bit odd to lose a ball and drive back to the tee knowing that next year, you don't have to do that. Of course, most will be tempted to just play with the new rule.
  6. Well, my family calendar filled up fast and that's turning out to be a busy weekend. Unfortunately, I have to bow out. Thanks, @DaveP043 for your generosity in hosting and putting this together. Hope you all have great fun.
  7. I'm 50/50 for golf Saturday. I'll pass on the clinics.
  8. Pelz explained his study in either his putting or short game book. And in an article on golf.com.
  9. Well some would. That's Erik's main point, I think. Personally, I could go either way.
  10. Yeah, you'd definitely need to spread the word. But I think Pros would adapt quickly and you'd hear announcers and everyone talking about it. I think word would spread fast. But you never know. And I definitely agree that the pull/replace dance is worse.
  11. I agree with Asheville re brevity. Also, I wonder if there's a bit of an inconsistency in arguing that the flagstick is almost universally beneficial to the putter and at the same time that you argue the new rule will slow play. Once players get this, won't they leave it in nearly all of the time? They would ONLY go through the pull/replace dance if the flag is leaning towards one of the players. And the Pelz article I found says a lean is helpful regardless of the direction, unless its so extreme that your ball won't fit:
  12. USGA/R&A Introduce "Modernized" Rules

    It strikes me as a bit strange that courses purport to set rules anyway. What authority do they have to tell me how to count my score? Most people out there probably don't play by the rules anyway (and that's fine). But they'll definitely start lateral hazarding trees.
  13. USGA/R&A Introduce "Modernized" Rules

    I bet a lot of courses will do that, since the rules are largely intended to speed up the pace of play.
  14. USGA/R&A Introduce "Modernized" Rules

    That's not what anyone was talking about. But I'm not going to summarize the progress of the discussion to explain that. Same goes for the other responses.
  15. USGA/R&A Introduce "Modernized" Rules

    I was talking about the unexpectedly lost ball. As I mentioned before, of course everyone should always play a provisional when they think the ball is lost. And the penalty needs to be such that players would have the incentive to do so. I'm not sure about the wrong ball scenario. What is the current rule? Replay from the spot where you last hit your own ball with a 2 stroke penalty? In your scenario I don't know how you'd enforce that either without knowing when you made the mistake. Well, again, I'm talking about the unexpectedly lost ball. So if you last saw it flying towards a thick stand of trees, then its not unexpected that its lost and you hit a provisional. But sure, the cavalier player who sees his ball heading towards trouble and is nevertheless certain it is not lost and doesn't hit a provisional. That guy drop it where he last saw it. So in your scenario where you see the ball "flying towards" the trees, did the player see it go in the trees then disappear? If so, he drops in the trees with a 2 stroke penalty. Or did he last see it land short of the trees and think it stopped? If so, he drops there, with a 2 stroke penalty. I suppose the "flaw" is that if you hit a terrific tee shot but can't find it, you might prefer to lie 3 from that spot than hit again. So sure, its not perfect, but I don't know anyone who would hit what they think is a great shot and be happy to have it count as 3. But this is just one idea. Perhaps some "reasonably certain" analysis as in the hazard rules could help. I'm not claiming to have the perfect rule. I just think there is likely to be a possible fair solution short of walking back to the tee. No, you'd hit a provisional just as you would now. The scenario you propose works no better under the current rule. Do you just hit provisional after provisional until you're able to see the ball come to a rest, then go looking for all your balls to see if you can find your first, second, or third? I would probably write it such that the ball is played where it is last seen. So your opponent can tell you where they last saw it. We're emphasizing the trust in your opponent anyway.

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