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  1. Playing isn't an endorsement of SAs. Playing supports SA. Both of those things can be true.
  2. You're confusing his intention with the result. His intention is the subjective part. I don't know his intention beyond what he said. But the result is the objective part. SA starts a PR campaign and asks DJ to participate in exchange for $. He agrees. He is then participating in and supporting the campaign. That's true regardless of his reason for doing it. That's not an opinion. I'm not assuming anything. I just read his words. That's the message he gave. I don't dispute his right to play. I never said he is required to explain. All I said is that his explanation is not persuasive. He says he's doing it because its his job. But its only his job because he is doing it. 🤯 First, I'm not using "support" to mean "express agreement." Support = help. Second, I did not say he supports murdering journalists. By playing, he helps SA in its PR campaign. That's what I'm saying is not debatable. And yes, when I buy gas for my car I am indirectly supporting, i.e., helping, SA. I mean, I think our gas is mostly produced domestically, but it still adds to overall demand and helps SA. I don't think that's an earth shattering idea. It sounds like you agree with me. That's the objective part. There's not really room for debate. The subjective part is whether I should buy that gas despite the fact that it helps SA. Just like the subjective part is whether DJ should play despite the fact that it helps SA. But its false to say that me buying gas, or DJ playing in this event, does not "support" SA. Of course it does. No, my point was that the subjective part--whether he should play--is open to debate. It was literally the first sentence of my post. But me buying gas and DJ/Phil playing this event are not apple to apple. They're both subjective and reasonable minds can differ on whether its the right decision. But where you fall on one does not determine where you fall on the other. My subjective decision is that buying gas for my car is worth the support that it provides to SA. I need it and the benefit to SA is pretty small. Some people will disagree with that decision and that's fair. I hope to be able to buy an electric car soon. When judging DJ's decision the calculus is different. The benefit to SA is a lot greater than me buying gas. That's why they sell me the gas for a couple dollars a gallon and pay him millions to play. And he doesn't need that event like as much as I need gas in the car. So no, its not hypocritical to buy gas for my car and still think DJ/Phil should decline the invite.
  3. Right, like I said, I'm not going to try to convince anyone that we're right or wrong. You don't know us, we don't know you, there's no point in debating whether we know how handicaps work, etc. But your last point is a good one. My impression is based mostly on the fact that when I play other similarly rated courses, even courses I've never played before, I score significantly better. (Again, not trying to convince you this means I'm right.) But since those away rounds are less frequent, they will appear as the outliers rather than my home rounds. And since the away rounds are less frequent, they won't make a big difference on my HC, and therefore the scores at my home course will be in line with my HC. So I guess the new system won't help settle this!
  4. Sure. I'm not trying to convince anyone that we're right. Particularly random people on the internet who will never play my course😉. I'm just curious about the new rating system. I'm looking forward to seeing whether it will prove us right or wrong!
  5. I suppose reasonable minds can differ on whether he should play, or whether we should care if he does. But its not debatable that he is participating in SA's PR campaign and helping that PR campaign achieve success. There isn't room for different perspectives on that. His explanation is not persuasive. He tries to relate to a working man who just does his job. But he is not a working man. He is not an employee who is told what his job is. He chooses which jobs to take. Like anyone else in that position, he weighs the pros and cons and makes a decision. That's the subjective part. He decided its okay to participate in the PR campaign if they pay him enough money. But to claim that his playing isn't supporting SA is not true. That's not a matter of opinion. Maybe he truly believes that playing does not support SA, but if so, he's wrong. Or maybe he knows its does but says this because he also knows that his decision is odious to some and he wants to minimize damage to his image. FTFY
  6. The consensus at my home club is that it plays significantly harder than its rating. I'm sure we're not the only ones telling ourselves that, but assuming we're right, and scores are consistently higher than handicaps would suggest, wouldn't that now show up in the daily adjustment calcs? And if it happens regularly, would that be a red flag that might prompt to the USGA to re-rate the course?
  7. A place near my office has a bunch. Want me to grab a 1959 for you? Haut Brion | 1959 | 750ml | Cellar.com Sale Price: $2,499.99. Free Ground Shipping on this item(Free shipping does not apply on mixed items). Château Haut Brion Cabernet Sauvignon... I'm surprised how many to players are going. Even more surprised by Phil's flippant tweet about it.
  8. Sounds like a nice way to honor your friend. Hope it works out for you.
  9. Why would parents and children need separate bathrooms? What do you think a father does if he's out with his daughter who is too young to use a bathroom alone? Protected from what? And you lived to tell about it? 😂😋
  10. This. I'm not sure how you can sell or give away real estate you don't own.
  11. Hurricane irene. It was my batchelor party so we stuck it out for about 12 holes.
  12. Practically speaking, how do you suggest someone goes about making a decision map? Enlarging and printing images off google maps?
  13. I think putter fitting can be very important. I went to Club Champion and had them for my existing putter to me on a Sam putt lab. They put a laser on the putter to show where I was aiming and I was a good 2 feet right of the hole. They cut it down to get my eyes over the ball and that's all it took for me to aim correctly. They also adjusted the weights to account for the shorter length.
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