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  1. If you have a GHIN or whatever you can put your WHS number into the Grint and they'll sync.
  2. I played there in August and it was in good shape. Really liked the course. If you're staying in Richmond, some of the best IPAs you can find outside of New England at The Veil.
  3. Its a conversation. The point to any one message evolves. I shared what what one course is doing, and said I don't like it. That was my point. When you told me I was wrong because there are no rules specifically prohibiting double carting, I cited a few. There, my point was that you're wrong. So you come back with, "well that's not what Mocha was talking about." Okay. Please, man. Don't respond to my post about a one-off example, make multiple arguments as to why my opinion is wrong, then act like I'm just droning on in a corner talking to myself about something you're always been too cool to talk about. Don't bother. They are just executive orders that specifically address golf carts. Save the time reading them and take my word for it. I just sent them because you told me, without qualification, that golf carts are "allowed," that you know that I'm wrong, that "onus" is on me to prove you wrong, and that nobody identified any rule specific to golf carts. There they are. And you're response is that you're really talking about something else, or I must be offended by your opinion about fees, or whatever. Lol. okay.
  4. I replied: If you're sick, stay home. It's not your right to get to play golf in your own cart. That's all I wrote. It's a general reply to the idea that people are entitled to a solo cart just because they feel like they're at risk or don't want to ride with someone else. I read the stated policy then, and re-read it again now: "two carts per foursome." That's clearly that course's policy, so why would you think you're entitled to violate it or ask for an exception? That course quite likely doesn't feel that they have enough carts to let people take a solo cart, maybe even if they pay extra, so if you want to play there, it's up to you to: accept that you might be riding with a stranger fill out your own foursome with people you trust/know play elsewhere for awhile Yeah, I followed you. I just disagreed. Especially with the "if you're sick then stay home" line. I think we agreed in the subsequent replies that's not how any of this works. I don't know about being "entitled" to an exception. What I said--in the very part you quoted again here--is that the policy is "off-putting" to me, given the realities of the pandemic. I understand its their policy. I'm saying its a bad policy. And later, I said it that seems to conflict with the law. Right that was the whole part were I referenced the executive orders requiring all businesses--including golf courses--to follow CDC guidance, and then the CDC guidance that says people should social distance during outdoor recreational activities. Its very possible that not the applicable guidance. But I don't see anything that fits better. I thought when you said I was wrong that maybe you were aware of golf course specific guidance? When the executive order says you must follow the CDC guidance, the CDC guidance is incorporated into the law. I'm not sure what you mean, but CDC link I included says to keep 6 feet away when visiting "parks and recreation" facilities. Outside is safer than inside, sure. But the CDC still says to social distance outside. In DC, where I work, you're even now required to wear a mask if you're outdoors and likely to come within 6ft of someone for more than a fleeting moment. Yeah, every place is going to be different. That's why I find it strange for someone to definitively declare the practice "allowed." Even where it is prohibited, it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't enforced. Our Governor is pretty proactive on this stuff. DC and Northern Virginia, too. BigC just told you that LA county has such a rule. Here it is: http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/Coronavirus/docs/protocols/Reopening-GolfCourses.pdf?utm_content=&utm_medium=email&utm_name=&utm_source=govdelivery&utm_term= Here's Mass: https://www.massgolf.org/play/safeplayguidelines/ Here's Wisconsin: https://content.govdelivery.com/attachments/WIGOV/2020/04/27/file_attachments/1436850/EMO34-SAHDialTurn.pdf Here's NY: https://www.nysga.org/communications-news/nysga-updates-regarding-covid-19 New Jersey: https://nj.gov/infobank/eo/056murphy/pdf/EO-133.pdf Many states, including PA, RI, NH, WA, VT, and ME, prohibited dual riders during earlier reopening phases. The PGA of America recommends single rider in "Phase 1" and double riding only with masks in "Phase 2." Funny, I started this because UMD said they'd only provide 2 carts. Further down on their policy statement they say only one person per cart: https://www.golf.umd.edu/-covid-19-policies That's not extrapolation. Its simple. Is golf a business? yes. It golf a recreational activity? yes. There's no extrapolation. That's how every law works. Broad categories and classifications.
  5. Okay. I guess you didn't read the post you replied to--which quoted the policy--before telling me I was wrong. Good talk. lol. I'd be interested to see that law or rule. Here in Maryland, all businesses are required to abide by social distancing guidance from the CDC and MD Dept of Health. The county where this course is located, says golf is "specifically allowed when done in compliance with applicable CDC and MDH social distancing guidance." Best I can tell, the CDC still advises to stay 6 feet apart, even while participating in outdoor recreational activities. Is there some CDC guidance that's more specific to golf? This is important stuff.
  6. Im not sure you're right about the laws/rules. I think places permitted to reopen here still have to abide by social distancing and other precautions. Providing solo carts is the golf equivalent of reduced capcity restaurants that we see everywhere. Its just not a use your own judgment sort of thing. We've seen how that goes. And I would have no problem with them charging a higher fee. But that is not the policy. They provide 2 carts per foursome. There is no pay more and get a solo cart option. I dont think courses should necessarily have to ban people from sharing--though my club and othershave done that--just because that could put course employees in a tough spot. But they should make solo carts available so their customers can play without violating CDC and state government guidelines. UMD's policy encourages people NOT to social distance. I think that is reprehensible.
  7. Never played Greystone, but that was built in 97 and intended to be a private club. I wouldn't expect it to have been in poor shape 20 years ago. Its also north of Baltimore.
  8. What a strange response. You know that people who don't feel sick can spread this virus. And that health experts recommend we all social distance, regardless of whether we feel sick. Of course I'm going to stay home if I'm sick. But even though I feel healthy, I'm still going to wear a mask at the grocery store and social distance and do all those things we're supposed to be doing. I would think that when the Governor reopened golf courses, with the proviso that efforts are taken to maintain social distancing and other precautions, that a state owned golf course would do better.
  9. +1 Why do we need nicknames?
  10. I'm a transplant with no allegiance to the Washington Football Team. I'm okay with shipping them off to Siberia, like you suggest.
  11. Totally inaccurate and unfair. Nothing exists west of Pennsylvania.
  12. Yeah, its named after the real Mt. Vernon. Its more like a hill.
  13. This is the policy at the University of Maryland Golf course, where I played last Saturday I think this is pretty bad. Particularly for a course owned by a public university. I walk almost all my rounds, but it was an afternoon event and the heat index was over 100. In the pro shop, they said they'd try to accommodate, but ask that we double up if we're comfortable. They ended up having enough and everything was fine. But I found it very off-putting that the course tried to encourage people to double-up as cases are soaring across the country.
  14. Hey now, I think the "real Washington" is the one that came 60 years earlier, where George Washington lived and worked, and that sits just up the river from Mt. Vernon! 😉😋
  15. #1 at Northwest Golf Course, which used to be #10, has maybe a 20 foot drop from tee box to fairway. This is like a riddle without the clues, but I'm hooked
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