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  1. Maryland's stay at home order today specifically closed all public and private golf courses. Most if not all were already closed, but this is more clear now. And he says he has instructed the police to enforce it, which most states have not done. DC & VA followed suit with stay at home orders, but they specifically ALLOW golf. Though all the DC courses are owned by the national park service and are closed anyway. I think most in Northern VA are closed, too. Our governor says we're about 2 weeks behind NYC.
  2. I don't know exactly how it works, but my course raised the cups so the ball falls down about a half inch and you can get it out without touching anything. Seemed to work really well. And then the governor closed all non-essential businesses yesterday and courses all closed. My understanding is that maintenance will continue. And its been suggested at one course I frequent that if we were to show up and "go for a walk" nobody would stop us.
  3. I think my course flipped the cups over? I didnt play today but this is what a friend sent me. The munis here put a pool noodle in the cup.
  4. NYT reports that 40% of cases requiring hospitalization are for people 20-54 yrs old. Apparently, in China the case skewed older. But reports in Europe and the USA show more younger people with severe symptoms. I think deaths still skew older, though. I have two friends who were sent home when coworker's tested positive. Today I learned that the head of my wife's organization--which has told employees to continue reporting to work--tested positive. The number of cases are doubling every 48 hours or so. It seems really silly to look at a snapshot early on in this process and conclude that this isn't very bad. New York is currently reporting 4,100 cases, up 25% from yesterday.
  6. If you check out their twitter, you'll see that they were critical before the first round was played.
  7. When I go to a news website, or turn on my TV, I see interviews with Dr. Fauci, government people, epidemiologists, and health experts. Or reports about the latest government measures that have been taken. Is that what the outrage against the media overreaction is about? That seems to me exactly what the news should be doing. Or are you all seeing reporters just going off the cuff or spreading things that aren't true? Maybe its just that I don't watch local news? I think NY, NJ, and CT just did that. I think the Wash. DC area isn't far behind.
  8. They're targeting golfers who like to have fun. You know, the ones who like snakes and dragons.
  9. Sorry, I meant that it seems likely to have a minuscule effect on actual handicaps. Assuming your experience thus far is representative. In which case, I'm not sure its worthwhile to bother including in the formula. I suppose they can always see how it goes and tweak it.
  10. Interesting. Makes me wonder whether its worth the trouble.
  11. Yeah, I get all that you're both saying. I'm not saying there should have been an adjustment. I'm not saying I don't understand why there wasn't one. I am not arguing about anything. I was just offering an observation about my first experience with the new system. I'm curious about how often we'll see adjustments and what the magnitude might be. I shot an embarrassingly high score, and the other 12 guys on the trip played poorly also (including some terrific players who shot 12+ strokes lower the next day, on a similarly rated course). The caddy had told us the wind was as strong as it ever gets there. I thought it might be a candidate for PCC and was interested to see how the new system might be different. In this case, it wasn't. That's all. As I said, " I thought maybe [our scores] would be indicative of everyone that day and we'd see a PCC, but it didn't happen." Apparently I was wrong. Maybe our scores weren't representative of the rest of the players out there. Maybe the wind stopped. Maybe it just takes a greater magnitude of differentials to hit the PCC threshold. Who knows? Just my observation that after five rounds, I haven't seen a PCC. I'm curious if others in places that don't have off seasons have seen any PCC? FWIW, the MSGA does let me enter scores all year. It just doesn't count them. For the out of season scores, it has a zero in the PCC column, as you would expect.
  12. I assume the PCC will show up regardless of whether the score is used for my handicap, right? I've just been interested to see how the PCC will work in practice. And what the threshold might be. Those 5 rounds are my only "in season" rounds since the change (I assume they don't adjust out of season scores) so I was curious to see if there were any PCC adjustments. With the wind and high scores from good golfers, I thought that might be indicative of a round that would see a PCC. Its one data point, but it suggests to me that it would take extreme weather to get a PCC. Perhaps. Then again, your 10th best round might be your 8th best two weeks from now.
  13. My home club is still out of season but I played 5 rounds in North Carolina last week. I was interested to see how the PCC shaked out, but none of the scores were adjusted. The day we played Pinehurst No. 2 it was really windy. The +2 in our group shot an 81 (followed it up the next day with 7 birdies and an eagle at Tobacco Road en route to a 69). Another scratch player shot an 89. I thought maybe that would be indicative of everyone that day and we'd see a PCC, but it didn't happen.
  14. Played Tobacco Road yesterday and I couldn't recommend it enough. Visually stunning. Like nothing else I've ever played. Every hole is so cool. Just accept that half your shots will be blind and enjoy the bold design. I wouldn't want to play it every day, but I couldn't imagine being in the area and not squeezing in a round there. I also absolutely loved Pinehurst No 4. Probably my favorite course on the trip. It felt like an easier, and maybe prettier version of #2. Of course, I also loved playing No. 2. Those greens are so cool and so difficult. I really wish there were more courses like Pinehurst with wide fairways and waste areas instead of rough. You really can't lose a ball out there and that goes a long way to keeping it fun when you're struggling to score. #3 and #8 were also really good, but 4 and 2 really stood out. I think we're planning on doing the other area courses next year, but I can't imagine going down there and not squeezing in rounds at Tobacco Road and No. 4. We stayed at the Manor Inn but didn't eat or drink at the bar/restaurant. We did go to the brewery right around the corner.
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