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  1. Sounds like a nice way to honor your friend. Hope it works out for you.
  2. Why would parents and children need separate bathrooms? What do you think a father does if he's out with his daughter who is too young to use a bathroom alone? Protected from what? And you lived to tell about it? 😂😋
  3. This. I'm not sure how you can sell or give away real estate you don't own.
  4. Hurricane irene. It was my batchelor party so we stuck it out for about 12 holes.
  5. Practically speaking, how do you suggest someone goes about making a decision map? Enlarging and printing images off google maps?
  6. I think putter fitting can be very important. I went to Club Champion and had them for my existing putter to me on a Sam putt lab. They put a laser on the putter to show where I was aiming and I was a good 2 feet right of the hole. They cut it down to get my eyes over the ball and that's all it took for me to aim correctly. They also adjusted the weights to account for the shorter length.
  7. That looks holed to me. I'd say less than half the ball is on the grass, so the center is over the hold and therefore the low point is below the top of the hole. Congrats!
  8. I've been using gamegolf since 2014 but may give up. Early last year the app started draining the battery incredibly fast. They let me download a beta of the next version and then it worked fine. Probably used it more last year than ever before. But towards the end of 2018 to early 2019, it stopped working reliably--it wouldn't charge, sometimes seemed to charged but wouldn't turn on, other times stopped working mid-round. A few weeks ago I bought a new live unit on ebay. It worked fine for a few rounds. Then I had a round where it tracked all my shots, but completely scrambled them. Shots on holes 9-11 were showing up as shots on the first hole. At least it tracked the spots so I could fix it afterwards. Next time out it didn't recognize/buzz when I tagged a club. Fully charged. Tried restarting. Never seen that before. Then the next time out, yesterday, it seemed to be tagging fine but I wasn't checking the app as I normally do after each hole. I actually didn't check the app once, just trusted that the buzzing was working and I could fix any errors at the end. But then I got to the end of the round and none of the strokes showed up. I'm sure I could contact tech support again and maybe figure out a way to make it work. But its just getting to the point where I'm spending too much time trying to get it to sync or otherwise work properly.
  9. Thanks! It won't solve my charging issue but I might as well do this to keep the unit as a backup. When I emailed customer support about the charging, they just offered me the discount on Game Golf Pro that they offered to basically everyone. But the Live is cheap enough that I'll probably just replace it.
  10. Hmm...I guess I was looking at the "smart grips" on their product page, which requires a $99 annual subscription. I may look into switching in that case. I'd hate to lose all my data, though.
  11. I need to replace my GameGolf Live because the clip broke and it does not charge reliably. Tagging the club doesn't bother me, but all else equal, I'd prefer not to tag. But without some sort of confirmation that the tag worked, I don't think I'd trust it. I don't think GameGolf has made as good use of the data as they should, which is really disappointing. I thought about trying Arccos, but I don't want to pay the subscription. I'll probably just buy Live again.
  12. I assume the pro unit can be in your pocket, rather than your belt. WIth the tagging verision, I figured they could just have an optional setting that, when turned on, treats your last tag with the putter as the hole location rather than a putt. But ultimately, if you want accurate putting data, you need to edit most of your putts anyway. So I dont know that it would help anything.
  13. Tagging doesn't bother me, but if I could do without the device on my belt, that's a big plus for me. I too got the discount email. $229 plus a year of smart caddie. I've used the smartcaddie before (they made me a beta tester b/c the regular app stopped working on my phone) and it doesn't really interest me. $229 sounds like a lot just to lose the tagging. I've also already paid $350 combined for Game Golf and Game Golf Live, so I'm not crazy about laying out another $229. Particularly since their track record is to aggressively cut prices after the initial release. And apparently, I'd have to buy new batteries for the thing (or more likely, Game Golf Tour Pro) in 2 years. However, I also recognize that they probably had to make a tagless version. I bet tagging is a major turn-off for people.
  14. Is there a way to know where the SS should be on your iron set? After not playing much for the past few years I'm rededicating myself and bought some dry erase markers as you suggest in LSW. I found that the shots that felt really good on contact seemed to be a bit on the toe side of center. I was wondering whether my i20s are just made that way or whether its something I should focus on fixing.
  15. I did Evolvr for a while and improved a lot. For me, I thought it was better than in-person lessons. Besides the great instruction, I liked that I didn't have to schedule a lesson. I could film and send in a video whenever it was convenient. Sort of how they say the best diet for you is the one you stick to, this made it much easier for me to keep up. I also liked that it got me into using video to analyze my swing. I only stopped because I had kids and ended up playing much less frequently. Now that I'm playing more again, I've been thinking of re-joining.
  16. Okay. Its pretty clear to me that nobody disagrees with most of what you guys are saying, including the guy you're arguing against. I guess I failed to solve the whole talking past each other thing. Oh well. Good luck!
  17. Right, she did not win a Monday Qualifier, and likely couldn't. Nobody has said otherwise. But it does not follow that she did not receive the exemption based on merit. Yes, the exemption could have gone to anyone. Including someone who did nothing to earn it. He is just making the point that in this case, they gave it to someone who they believed had earned it by her play and character. Therefore, in this case, they awarded it to her, based on merit. If you're unpersuaded that the word "merit" can mean something other than winning a Monday Qualifier then fine. But then you're just debating the definition of a word and ignoring the guy's point.
  18. Geeze, don't you guys get tired of arguing past each other? There are two ways to get in: (A) qualify based on golf scores or (B) get a sponsor's exemption. All he's saying is that she earned the sponsor's exemption on merit. He is indisputably right. She didn't buy the spot. She didn't get it because her daddy is someone famous. She proved herself worthy of a sponsor's exemption by playing good golf and being a good person.
  19. Yeah, but you could take 10 shots to get close enough. Maybe send out a forecaddy armed with a flag to signal a good shot 😉
  20. dsc123

    Food Thread

    I haven't tried the chimney steak yet. I've read that it's great for thin steaks but hadn't thought of it for sharing a thick one. I have cooked a bunch on the grill using the same method--cool side then over the hottest fire I can muster. I really wanted the grill to be better because I prefer cooking outside, but the oven/cast iron method is just perfect every time. ttps://www.seriouseats.com/2017/03/how-to-reverse-sear-best-way-to-cook-steak.html
  21. dsc123

    Food Thread

    Yep. Oven at 225 and then piping hot cast iron. Even managed not to set off the smoke detector this time.
  22. I agree with this. I like a lifetime exemption for the masters. But to me, the US Open is different. Anyone can qualify. Its a meritocracy. I'd rather see them eliminate the exemption than lengthen it.
  23. I haven't been following these changes closely but this one really sticks out: http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules-hub/rules-modernization/major-changes/golfs-new-rules-stroke-and-distance.html Not sure whether I like it or not. I like that it will remove the guilt I feel about my score when I decide to do that anyway to avoid causing delay. But a drop in the fairway seems really generous. Only allowing the drop at the ball reference point would seem more appropriate to me. Oh well, things change. I wish they'd just make the rules effective now. It'll be a bit odd to lose a ball and drive back to the tee knowing that next year, you don't have to do that. Of course, most will be tempted to just play with the new rule.
  24. Well, my family calendar filled up fast and that's turning out to be a busy weekend. Unfortunately, I have to bow out. Thanks, @DaveP043 for your generosity in hosting and putting this together. Hope you all have great fun.
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