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  1. COVID-19 stole my first hole in one! Pretty sure this would have stayed in but for the noodle. 140y downhill par 3 with a PW. Bounced out to 10 inches, so easy birdie.
  2. I'm working to schedule my fitting for the 0211 irons. The November special pricing is too hard to pass up, especially since I've been playing the same irons since 2005! If my fitter has Gen1 on hand, I may get fit for the driver too. Probably time to update the Nike Sumo driver too....
  3. Would be great to hear an update. Still loving the 0211s after 2 months?
  4. I'll second the recommendation of Ocean Ridge Plantation. The "Big Cats" are all pretty good courses.
  5. I'm from Southeast PA and agree with the posters above recommending Glen Mills (only drawback in no liquor license, but otherwise perfect), Wyncote and Broad Run for a 2-3 course buddy trip. This time of year, Glen Mills and Broad Run will be stunning with the fall foliage. You could get a hotel in West Chester, which is an awesome little town, and have excellent evening entertainment as well. If you wanted to go further south, you could go to the Delaware Beaches (Rehoboth, Dewey or Bethany). Baywood Greens in Rehoboth is a really nice course, and there are plenty of nice courses in
  6. "Standard" is generally accepted to be 38". Measurement is taken from the butt of the club, along the shaft and to the ground when the club is properly soled.
  7. As you've noticed, a heavier swingweight can give you a better of sense of where the head is during your swing. This is generally a good thing for golfers with a faster tempo and who are more "hitters" than "swingers." If the swingweight is too heavy, however, the swing can feel cumbersome and too slow. A lower swingweight is generally preferred by those who like the feel of swinging the entire club (rather than just the head) and who have a slower tempo. Of course, these are all just general rules and it really comes down to personal preference. You can experiment with your existing cl
  8. Nike Sumo (not the "tour") is 1/2 degree open, you could check that one out.
  9. Thanks for the compliments. My dad really took his time restoring the car and put a lot of love into it, but it certainly isn't concourse (but I don't care). It has the original engine, but has been converted to 12v, fitted with a big bore kit (around 1750cc) and is using Dell'Orto carbs. The Bursch exhaust gives it a great sound, kind of like flying a small plane It is amazing how "modern" the car drives when you consider that it is almost 50 years old. Thanks for the trade offer, but I have two five year old twin boys who love to ride around in the jump seats and they have already cal
  10. Okay. My Dad bought this car in 1974 for $375. He drove it as his daily driver for years and I grew up riding around in this. He spent ten years restoring it himself but then never really drove it much. Two years ago he decided I would "get more use out of it" and gave it to me.
  11. I never give swing instructions on the course, with one exception, my brother. And that's only because he's totally cool with it and wants the help during what he considers practice rounds. Otherwise, even if they ask "what am I doing wrong?", I'm not giving any advice. My normal response to a question like that might be "don't worry about it, you're doing fine." In my experience, and personal opinion, when someone asks that question it is more because they are getting frustrated and/or feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed about how they are playing. The point is not to try to fix their
  12. There are some significant differences in club values in those choices. The cynic in me thinks you should get the Raptures, Fusions or R7 CGBs and then sell them on eBay. Use the resulting money to go shopping for whatever clubs you want, plus maybe a nice driver and wedge. If you are looking to keep the clubs though, the clubs mentioned above also happen to be the most "ultra game improvement" of the bunch. If you are just starting out, any of those should work great. I used to have the R7XDs and thought they were great clubs. They are REALLY long (strong lofts, "hot" face and ultrali
  13. If you follow through with your plan (shoot in the 70s, enter some USGA tournaments and do well) that should help you build your playing resume. Then, I would start reaching out to the coaches at some schools where you might be interested in going, express your interest and ask for advice. Your playing resume will give them an idea of what kind of player you are and whether you are right for their program. Even if you are not right for their program, they will probably point you in the right direction. There are some DIII schools where you can just walk onto the team, no problem, especial
  14. Few questions: 1. Why, exactly, are you looking to play in college? Are you looking for the competition, the coaching, the facilities, etc. or are you hoping to get a scholarship to offset the cost of school or that golf will help you get into a "better" school? 2. Do you care what division you play in? Obviously there is a big difference between getting on a team at a DI school and a DIII school. 3. How would you rate yourself academically? 4. Do you want/need to stay in Texas?
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