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  1. 1. Troy Burne 2. Turtleback 3. New Richmond
  2. I went to Stout. Course was good back then with the exception of a couple holes. #1 is a terrible hole!
  3. Any other recommendations a couple more hours south(4 or less)?
  4. Anyone know if any of these will be open Thursday or Friday this week? We are thinking about driving down(8hrs)
  5. I have been hitting my irons to the inside of center and sometimes an occasional shank(not very often) I am actually hitting it pretty straight and decent. However, I am guessing distance is not as great. Any ideas on this? Standing too close? I have really been working on dropping the club to the inside and have really improved my striking with the exception of the clubface issue. Any help much appreciated.
  6. Hi Guys, I acquired one of these dispensing machines but having a heck of a time finding a manual on the darn thing. Any help? Thanks
  7. When I would setup to the ball I was cocking my wrists up and not straight with my arm. I am trying to keep my wrists straight with my arms but now it seems that i am digging the toe of the club at impact
  8. My brother and I are planning on driving south the maybe the Kansas City, MO area to do some golfing. Any advice on courses around there or should be possibly go more north or south? Thanks!
  9. I am struggling with having wrist cock at address of the golf ball. I had a lesson and the instructor set my wrists straight and it feels very awkward. Any drills to get used to this?
  10. I have been playing the AP1s for a couple years now and finally started getting lessons as I cannot get below an 8 handy by myself(should have done along time ago). Anyways I am deciding on Mizuno Irons for my next set. I am going to swing the JPX, 53, 58 probably. I am an 8 handicap but my ball striking is my poor point. Guessing he will recommend the 53s but not sure. I like the looks of them all. Any recommendations prior to getting fitted. Pretty excited to actually be fitted versus buying off the shelf.
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